33 Types of Blogger Collaborations (For Fun + For Profit)

33 Blogger Collaboration Ideas for fun and for profit

Yo, our week of celebrating Business Valentine’s Day (#BizVDay) is continuing with a new post to help you show your blog or business some love: 33 Blogger Collaboration Ideas. Some of these are just for fun (and to build community and blog traffic) and some of these can be done for profit (dollar dollar bills y’all and brand awareness).

So, I want to talk (1) reasons to collaborate, (2) types of free collaborations, (3) collaboration ideas for profit, (4) pitch etiquette, and (5) pitch “musts” in the form of a checklist.

Reasons to Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Collaborating with other content creators is about so many things beyond simply growing your blog traffic. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Collaboration will expand your community and your opportunities to connect with people who want and need what you have to offer. Collaboration will also connect you with like-minded people; these connections can go anywhere (from friendships and people who share your stuff to long-term profitable relationships).
  • Collaboration allows you to be seen in a different light. I mean this in two ways: (1) The person or people you collaborate with will present you in a different way than you would. Whether in an interview, or an introduction, or a promotional tweet, the other person can say things about you that would look ridiculous, conceited, or just plain weird coming from you. (2) You can easily collaborate on something that is a hop outside your normal content—this allows you to pivot into new areas of expertise or simply add to what you already do.
  • Collaborations allow you to expand your offerings. You can begin to establish new areas of expertise for yourself . . . or collaborations can simply allow you to offer more products + content in your original area.
  • Collaborations will shed light on the feasibility and opportunity of new products and content. If people go cray cray for something, make it a product. If it fizzles out, modify it or move on.
  • Collaborations allow you to make more of an impact than you might be able to make alone. Two audiences instead of one. Two sources of ideas. Two people marketing something. Two voices adding value. You get the point.
  • Collaborations allow you to see things differently. You’re an absolute genius ninja, that is not to be doubted. However, sometimes it can be a beautiful thing to see the world, or a problem, or a product, or an idea through someone else’s viewpoint.
  • Collaborations provide a built-in sounding board and “checks and balances” system. Here’s the deal: We all have outlandish ideas at times. We all think of epic brand names, product features, and ways to word things that end up being not that great. Your collaboration partners mean that you will have constant reality checks. You’ll have another entity or two that’s a part of your target market to go, “Umm, I don’t think that’s going to go over as well as you might want. But good job though.”

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12 Ways Creativepreneurs are Like Small Children

Creativepreneurs Are Like Small Children

If you know me a little bit, you know I love us creative types. But if you’ve read some of my post titles (9 Ways Bloggers are Like Drunk People and 12 Ways Creativepreneurs are Like Small Children), they might seem a little insulting. It’s not that I wish to be rude. I’m just trying to be truthful—and the truth is that owning a business sometimes makes me act like a drunk child. It probably does the same to you. Let’s just own it. Below are several ways you and I (probably) act like small children.

1. We just make stuff up and hope it all works out.

Here’s how it plays out with kids:
I’m not going to call my godson out or anything . . . but have you ever been playing a game with a kid, and they just change the rules on you without warning? They see things are not headed their way so they make up a completely new rule and hope it works out in their favor:

No, no, if you step over the blue line you have to freeze for 10 seconds and you lose 2 points.”

Wait a second kid, you didn’t tell me this rule to begin with. And since when did this game have a point system?”

But what can you do? Kids cheat.

Just kidding. < < Don't hate me parents.
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20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out

20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out, plus Business Valentine's Day

As you know, this weekend we celebrate Business Valentine’s Day (#BizVDay), and therefore, I have some cool treats for you and your business.

Okay. Okay. You make a fair point. How could you have known about #BizVDay, considering I just made it up?

But you can at least see where this is going right? A week’s worth of posts on how to treat and love your business, a couple of free eBooks, a free desktop wallpaper, and a list of ideas for you to celebrate the first annual Business Valentine’s Day on Saturday, February 28th . . . you picked up on all that right?

Listen, I don’t know if you’re having a slow day or if I’m just not explaining myself well . . .
But it’s probably not me . . .

Anyhow, I’ll try to make it more clear: February 28th is Business Valentine’s Day. I chose a day/date still in the month of love, so it’d be easy for us to remember, but I wanted to make it far enough away from that other impostor Valentine’s Day (on February 14th–have you heard of it?) that it would give people’s bank accounts a little bit of recuperation time.

To celebrate #BizVDay, I’ll be releasing multiple posts this week, starting with today’s (20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out), and then throughout the whole week >> ranging from blogger collaborations to protecting your business and getting search engines to love you. I’ll also be releasing two (wait what?) . . . two free eBooks this week for anyone on le good ol’ email friends list. There will be other various goodies shared through social media and other sources as well. On actual Business Valentine’s Day, I hope you’ll be celebrating as I will, by doing things that show love to our businesses (maintenance, cleaning/auditing things, planning, developing products, being epic, etc.). Don’t worry, I’ll share more as the week unfolds, but for now, just tweet me that you’re in.

Are you down with Business Valentine's Day? #BizVDay

Oh, and feel free to release some cool, free stuff for your blog readers and friends for #BizVDay too. I’d love to see what you come up with, so please Tweet me.

20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out
(and Attract the Right People to You)

1. Create a pretty archive page on your website, or create a “start here” page to direct first-time visitors to your best stuff.

As we get blogging, it’s sometimes easy to forget that new people are probably finding us every day, and that these new people are entering our sites from all sorts of links/pages/posts. Someone may come through a link to a specific post through Pinterest, someone else may have found your bio page through a Google search, and yet another person may have been sent a link to your services page by a friend . . . you never know.

So, having a beautiful archive page (that shows all your posts) or creating a custom “First time here?” or “Start Here” page can be the most welcoming, brilliant thing ever. You’re able to direct people to your best content (or your most recent content) in a super attractive way. I love how Lindsay and Bjork over at Pinch of Yum have fashioned their archives page.

Pinch of Yum Archive Page

2. Boomerang everythang.

It was important to use an “a” there, so it could rhyme. Don’t hate on that. That’s genius level stuff that no one has ever done before.
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Want to go from Blog to Profit? This Program is Your Jam.

A course and community that takes you from blog to profit.

As explained in my recent post on #50Workdays: Zero to Blog, several bloggers and I started on an epic journey earlier this year, and I want to tell you about it in case you want in on the fun. It’s called #50Workdays, and it’s a 10-week program (5 days per week) of videos, worksheets, lessons, guidance, and community support. It’s split into two pretty epic tracks:

1. Zero to Blog (if you’re starting from scratch or near scratch)
2. Blog to Profit (if you want to start making money from your blog)

So, in my most recent two posts on this blog, I’m giving you all the deets on these two programs. This post is about Blog to Profit, but if you’re more interested in launching or revamping your blog, check out #50Workdays: Zero to Blog.

Blog to Profit: The Details

April 6 – June 12, 2015

Whereas Blog to Profit doesn’t have its own rap song yet (so sad about this–see my post on Zero to Blog to understand what I mean), it does have a really cool schedule I’d love to share (and yes, you can join Blog to Profit even if you didn’t go through Zero to Blog–all you need is a blog you believe in that you want to start making money from):

In Week 1, you will: do a website audit of your static pages // do a design audit of your current blog // complete a blog post audit and action list // do a current monetization audit // fill out a blog stats + social media growth tracking worksheet

In Week 2, you will: do an overview of monetization strategies and methods // learn about various blog growth strategies // create your tentative monetization plan // do a blog business plan revamp

In Week 3, you will: look at affiliate programs in depth // review applicable associate programs in depth // learn the basics of incorporating affiliate + associate programs as a monetization strategy on your blog // learn about creating effective blog posts with affiliate links // create an editorial plan of blog content that includes posts that use affiliate/associate content

In Week 4, you will: learn about custom web advertisements and how to implement them // review PPC + PPV ad programs + strategies // go in depth on planning for social media growth // implement new strategies for increasing your blog traffic with social media

In Week 5, you will: take a detailed look at offering services on your blog // learn about email list growth // review tips for selling via email // discover the most common and effective sales platforms for services // learn multiple non-social media growth strategies
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Want to Go from Zero to Blog? This Program Will Help.

Want to go from Zero to Blog in 50 workdays?

Earlier this year some brave bloggers and I began the first ever #50Workdays. It’s a 10-week program (5 days per week) of lessons, videos, worksheets, guidance, and community support. It’s a pretty epic amount of work and is definitely a meaningful experience, and it’s split into two tracks:

1. Zero to Blog (if want to start a blog from scratch or near scratch)
2. Blog to Profit (if you want to start making money from your blog)

I want to tell you about both of these programs because applications are open again, and I want you in on the action if you feel one of these is a good fit. This post is all about #50Workdays: Zero to Blog, but if you already have a blog you love and you want to start making money from it, don’t forget to check out the post on #50Workdays: Blog to Profit.

Zero to Blog: The Details

April 6 – June 12, 2015

The first thing I want you to understand about Zero to Blog is that it has its own rap video.

If you didn’t think that was epic, I really suggest going back to listen to it again. I mean, just replay those lyrics in your head:

Learn how to select your brand name. Learn how to get in the blog game.”

Epic. And I owe it all to Jenny Kyles over at DishwasherRequired.com (launching soon) for introducing our Google+ community to Rapper Man.

Zero to Blog: The Schedule + Goodies

The second thing I want to explain about Zero to Blog is what the lessons + workbooks + resources + videos will address, and what you get to do during the program:

In Week 1, you will: Do Industry Research // Define Your Topics + Categories // Decide on a Brand Name // Get Organized // Create a Blog Business Plan // Pick Your Social Media Accounts // Establish Your Blog on a Content Management System

In Week 2, you will: Learn to Create (or hire for) a Brand Identity + Design // Get Together Your “You Identity” // Select a Blog Theme // Get Some Blog Organization // Make an Initial Content Plan // Set Up Your Social Media // Craft an Email Plan // Set Up Google Analytics + Learn Alexa
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How to Get Serious About Social Media

How to Use Social Media for a Blog or Business

Many moons ago I wrote a post on 33 Ways to Get Serious About Blogging, and even many-er moons ago I had a good friend, @WifeMomSWoman, try to tell me that I should get serious about social media as well. She even started my Pinterest account for me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the value at the time, but now Pinterest and social media (in general) are the greatest sources of traffic to my blog.

I even see that the majority of my product sales are from wonderful ladies and gents who come from social media platforms. In other words, serious social media pays the bills. I’m glad I had a friend tell me that I needed to start using social media with a serious mindset, so now I want to share with you the top ways I recommend to start authentically using social media for your blog or business.

1. Pick your platforms wisely.

Not only do you not need to be on every single platform to be effective, it can actually be an unwise use of your time (especially as a solopreneur) to try to be on each one. It’s really about where your ideal audience is and where you can be most effective for your brand. Try the free worksheets and questions in my post HOW TO DECIDE WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE BEST FOR YOUR BRAND as a starting point to narrow down what’s best.

And make sure that part of your narrowing process is clearly planning what you’ll use each platform for. Write it down. Make it real. Have a plan.

2. #EditorialCalendar it when stuff is important.

^^ That’s being used as a verb by the way. This simply means, when you have upcoming product launches, brand launches, important posts, challenges/giveaways you want to promote, etc., it’s time to make an editorial calendar of your social media content.

Did she just say that? That sounds like a lot of work.

It is. I don’t lie on this blog. Now my other blog is another story. All lies. But here I tell you the truth. It’s a lot of work, but it is so rewarding. Go ahead and click on the link (image) below and create a copy of the Google Sheets doc that pops up. This is the level I suggest you go to for any super important posts/products. Plan it out for 10 days or 30 days, whatever the situation calls for.

Ultimate Social Media Editorial Calendar

3. Research people before you respond.

How do all the cool, Snapchat-using kids say it? “I’m so over” people tweeting or commenting on social media before they’ve taken two seconds to check someone out. I’ve had people ask me the strangest things, way outside of what I do/know, and I really feel like the 10 seconds it takes to read my Twitter bio or click on the link to my site would have saved them the trouble. Also, you leave such a solid impression when you respond to people based on their needs + interests.

4. Unfollow junk accounts.

I like JustUnfollow, not for the somewhat middle school activity of unfollowing people just because they unfollow you, but because it allows you to identify people who haven’t used their accounts in like seven years. You can unfollow accounts on Twitter and Instagram very simply to keep the people you’re following to actual people who actually use these platforms. With other platforms, you may just have to do an audit of who you follow, and unfollow any accounts that aren’t really active or that don’t add value to your feed. Exceptions would be customers you want to interact with–they totally add value.
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Blog Income Report: The Tools That Helped Me Earn $16,000 Last Month

Blog Income Report, byRegina.com -- January 2015, $16,000

Let’s talk for a moment here. It was like this: I was having a cold and snowy Thanksgiving last year (#TruthBeTold I forget what we’re supposed to be celebrating on most holidays, so I typically just work and eat more food than normal on these days) when my Internet friend emailed me.

She’d read one of my Blog Income Reports and was debating whether she should start sharing hers. I encouraged her to do so because I really think they can be inspiring, and helpful, and such great learning tools, and . . . then she told me how much she’d made that month.


Here was my immediate thought process, in the order my thoughts occurred. And don’t worry, the true inner dialogue is included below:

  1. This woman is a superstar.
  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Gina, you’ll never make over $20,000 in a month. (Also, I sounded like Martin, from the show named Martin, when I said this in my head.)
  3. Okay, okay, maybe one day I can make that much. But it’s like seven years out. And hopefully by then I’ll have convinced people to call me by my favorite nickname: Regick. (I blame this one on my love for Chronicles of Riddick, and I blame my love for that on . . . daaaaang Gina . . . there’s just no excuse for that.)
  4. Wait, why does it have to take me seven years? Sidenote: Buy the domain name byRegick.com to see if people will start calling me by my nickname.
  5. Hmm, what if I can do it sooner than seven years? No, no, silly Regick, that’s only for other people, not you.
  6. But hmm, what if I CAN do it sooner? You’re sounding like a crazy person Regick, but I like it.
  7. Know what? I can do it sooner.

And something crazy happened. byRegick, or byRegina, whatever you want to call it, made over $22K in December 2014 (and note: the report below is about January 2015). Not because I’m the most genius blogger (I’m just not), not because I had 20 million people visit my site (would that break the Internet?) . . . no, I reached that income goal because honestly, for the first time ever I believed and knew it was possible for a normal person like me. Knowing that my Internet friend, who is normal like us, could reach that level, made me acknowledge the possibility of it in my own life.

Why am I saying all of this? Because I really, really want you to read this report below and know that your goals are possible. The mere act of believing, in essence, gives us permission to go for our goals. It’s important to reach for them, not only for yourself and your family, but because your achievements will give other people “permission” in their own lives.

On Facebook the other day, I asked you if you liked seeing income reports from bloggers, and so many wonderful people said “Heck yes.”

I asked this question because amazing bloggers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income inspire me with their reports, which is why I started these back in April of 2014. People like Pat have always felt somewhat unreal to me, but they truly are totally normal, real-life people. So, here is the income report of another totally real-life person, who would take you salsa dancing, rock climbing, or tequila drinking if you were in Austin right now.

Oh, and, P.S. >> Since I live in Austin, Texas, I feel I should be honest with you. We like to embellish and dramatize when it comes to weather conditions. It was probably actually 75 degrees Fahrenheit on the cold + snowy Thanksgiving I referenced above (with .2 drops of rain). And no, I don’t know what that is in Celsius; sorry, we the people of America don’t have logical units of measurement.

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