Free Webinar: Taking People from Prospects to Paid Clients

A detailed webinar on how to take people from prospects to paid clients.

So much can go into a customer’s buying decision when they’re first getting to know you–or even after they’ve known you for quite some time. And you being you, all genuine and awesome, you probably don’t want to treat customers like a herd of dollar bills and analytics people who you lead mindlessly through a system just so you can make money. If that’s your aim, this is definitely the wrong post and webinar for you.

If however, you wish to build thoughtful systems that will link your real, human, loving, living customers up to services and products that fit their needs, it’s a good idea to learn:

  • how to build trust
  • what goes into your client’s thought/purchase process (whether you’re doing B2B or B2C sales–business to business or business to consumer)
  • effective and nontraditional (and non-sleazy) systems to help your customers decide to buy

When I sell (which btw–I have new packages open), I try to take a very human + natural approach to it. I hate when people use tactics. Tactics such as saying a certain product will sell out soon (when they know they have 5.3 million of those dang things in stock, give or take) or like sorta kinda stating a product will offer the same benefits to the consumer as it did to the creator–just NO. Not everyone who buys your course is going to make $18,000 per day while sleeping or watching cartoons. NO. You’re making the Internet a scary place people. Please stop.

Some things–like selling high-priced services and products–take good ol’ fashioned relationship building and trust. Especially when you’re just starting out. So, the three major conditions that need to exist before a sale is made are:

  • customer need
  • product fit
  • trust

And it’s these very factors that have helped me build a 6-figure business, and helped my brother net almost $20,000 this month–these factors plus the several other strategies, tips, and processes we want to show you in a FREE webinar. I don’t share income figures to seem too cool for school–I’m not. I share income figures because I want you to believe that reaching your goals is a real thing. It takes a lot of hard work–I’m not promising endless days of pajamas and Wiley Coyote reruns (those still come on, right?), but I am saying that there are concepts you can put in place for your business today that can make drastic, desired changes for you.

So, my brother and I are putting on a FREE, non-fluffy, non-icky, this-stuff-actually-works webinar on how to take people from prospects to paid clients.

From Prospects to Paid Clients (like a champ)
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What to Do When You Have “Too Many” Topics to Blog About or Teach

What to do when you have tons of topics you're passionate about and want to blog about or teach
One question that I’ve probably heard hundreds of times is: “What should I do if I have too many topics that I’m passionate about and want to blog about or teach?”

I’ve struggled with this. A lot. And I know several other people who have as well. So today, for my new ongoing series called Epic Office Hours, we are addressing this topic–specifically, I’m answering a question submitted by Sarah who feels seriously serious about writing on a handful of different categories for her blog.

I feel somewhat qualified to answer this question, because I come from a background of 12 different businesses, 100+ domain names, and 72 notebooks full of ideas. What I’ve come to realize is things play out two ways:

(1) Sometimes we’re only passionate about our ideas in theory–it’s like that guy/gal you have a crush on that you don’t even know. It builds and builds and you attribute all these extra qualities to the person or imagine y’all’s wedding, before you’ve even said 10 words. If you’d had more than one convo with the person you’d soon find out they’re not for you.

(2) You’re building ideas up in your head, and they’re actually a good fit for you, but you spend so much time building them up (instead of acting on them), that by the time you start to think about launching them, you have a new idea to move on to or life has “gotten in the way.”

No more of that, y’all. If you’re struggling with the 5-topic or 5-idea syndrome, check out the video below for my take on it. P.S. My answer is not the common answer I hear to this question, so you might kinda dislike it, but try to stick with me.

You are only passionate about something in theory, until you invest in it and build it.

P.S. Thank you for this question, Sarah. And if you have a question you want to end up on Epic Office Hours, my friend, you can head over to the contact page to submit it.

Blog Post Photo: Lee Avison

#GoIndependent: The Most Epic + Free Conference on Going Full Time

Go Independent: An epic + free online conference on transitioning to working for yourself full time.
Hey. Hey there. Want to attend the most epic + free conference ever? It’s called #GoIndependent and it’s all about going full time with your creative business and working for yourself. And whereas I do tend to embellish a bit in life, I really do think the experience is going to be pretty legendary. Why?

During this online conference (yep, no need to leave your couch/desk/tub/whatever) that lasts the entire month of August (yeah, I said it), you’ll meet some of my favorite entrepreneurs that I’ve been traveling around America to interview. Don’t worry: The UK version is coming soon. You will hear stories of how people transitioned, what they would have done differently, and how they dreamt up and launched some of their most awesome products.

Who will you hear from during #GoIndependent? Guys and gals (promise), designers, shop owners, coaches, photographers, infopreneurs, and more. See–I’m working hard on editing all the videos. There’s Maya of on the left, and Susannah of Feast + West and Garnishing Co. on the right.

Go Independent: An epic + free online conference on transitioning to working for yourself full time.

And not only will you hear from other amazing entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, creativepreneurs (you get the point–all the preneurs) multiple times per week, but you’ll also get weekend lessons + homework that will help you move toward transitioning to your business full time.

So, to be clear, #GoIndependent includes:

  • 13+ exclusive interviews with full-time creatives
  • an epic lesson on transitioning to working for yourself full time
  • lessons on content planning, video strategy, and more
  • prizes (such as books, tools, and my official Periscope kit–mic and tripod)
  • community, yo–we may just do a Twitter chat or Instagram party
  • epic office hours–you can ask me any biz questions you want

Go Independent: An epic + free online conference on transitioning to working for yourself full time.

Did I mention that you’ll hear from my super cool brother (the lawyer), Lisa of, and Lauren of Elle & Company (shown above)?

I’ve been all around the country (and still going–writing you from a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma right now) and talked to some of the savviest, most giving entrepreneurs I know.
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How to Write a Creative Action Plan You’ll Actually Follow

How to write a creative action plan (instead of a business plan) so that you'll actually follow it.
By no means am I all “death to the business plan!” or anything dramatic like that; I just realize that many of us feel overwhelmed by blog business plans and freelance business plans. Sometimes, we just want an action plan that tells us what to do and when to do it in the simplest format possible.

I get that. I love business plans, but I also love action and simplicity. So today, as a part of my blog series on going independent and transitioning to working for yourself full time, I’m bringing you action and simplicity. We’re going to make your Creative Action Plan by asking 10 simple questions and discussing lots of fun options/answers you can go with. Can I get a “Wooo hooo, planning is the best, and I really love Regina today for making me plan” . . . ? Huh? Can I get that one more time with a little more feeling? Thank you. Oh, and if you want to check out the first post in the series, that covers freeing up more time + money for your creative business, then yo, I support that idea.

What is a Creative Action Plan again?

I’m glad you asked. A Creative Action Plan (CAP) is a document that you add to and access regularly that contains action items in 10 key areas of your business so that you always have steps you can take to move forward.

Have you ever been sitting around and found yourself wondering what you should be doing to grow your business, or how to get more of your audience to buy from you, or how to streamline your processes? I think that most of us can come up with awesome ideas in these areas, we just need a little nudge, inspiration, and jostling of the creativity.

So, let’s get started. And yes, I have some worksheets for you. I’ve made this into a multi-sheet series if you choose to download it and follow along. You don’t have to hand over your email address or pay for it. And no, I know what you’re thinking to yourself right now, but please allow to me correct that thought . . . you don’t have to name your second-born child after me to get the download for free. Though if you choose to do the right thing, I want you to know that I’m open to her middle name being Regina; it doesn’t have to be her first name. I’m cool like that. You’re welcome.

Also, to be honest, I do recommend eventually making your CAP into a digital document (maybe Google Docs?) that you can access and change at any time. I know some of us creative types like pen and paper, or like to brainstorm first, so please feel free to use the worksheets below with the questions and ideas below below.

Creative Action Plan Worksheets: Develop a strong "business plan" that you can actually follow
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How to Free Up More Time and Money for Your Creative Business

How to free up more time and money for your creative business as you transition to full time.
Let’s begin a series on transitioning to your creative business full time, eh? And to kick it off, let’s go ahead and get into how you can begin to free up more time and money for your business.

Cutting expenses and creating more time for myself were keys to being able to finish my first book and launch I won’t lie to you–some of it was painful . . . truly difficult, but I’d absolutely do it again 17 times if I had to. The day I was able to leave my blah/meh/ahhhhh! job so that I could create materials that matter, was pretty much one of the largest turning points in life for me. If you’ve done the same, then you’ve likely felt this for yourself. If you’re working toward making the transition to full time, then I have a little story for you.

The video below is a smidgen of my story and some of the things that made the biggest difference in my transition. At the end of the video, I make a special call for help with a project I’m planning and launching soon, so please share if you know someone it applies to. But P.S. There’s a whole post below as well with some additional resources to help you with Step 1 of transitioning to working for yourself full time: freeing up more time and more funds for yourself and your business.

A story about my transition to full-time creative work

How to Free Up More Money for Your Creative Business

So, the first step of this process is to honestly and accurately assess how much you’re spending each month in life and in business. I want to take you through this process and give you some suggestions on how to cut back.

First: Look up bank statements, credit card statements, your PayPal account, and receipts from the last three months (for both your personal life and business). Use the spreadsheet below to total up all of your expenses.

Note: If a category is missing, add it. Try to remember any cash you spent as well. Only you can see this document, so try to be super duper honest with yourself. Click on the spreadsheet below, then select File –> Make a copy to create a copy in your own Google Sheets.

Life and Business Budgeting

As I said in the video, cutting back on the unnecessary stuff and only spending money where I had to, really helped clear my mind. It also relieved some stress and freed up funds for when I needed them for business expenses.

Second: Figure out areas you can cut back in. With each category (and each expense within each category) ask yourself:

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How about some epic + live blogging workshops?

Epic and Live Blogging Workshops from
So, here’s the deal. Not only are Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit (my two blogging courses + communities) open for registration for two more weeks (only!), but I’m adding something super special + fun to both Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit this time around >> live blogging workshops on multiple extended topics with Q+As at the end for you to ask any questions you want to. And here’s the other deal >> if you miss the live event, you’ll get a recording of it.

Oh, and whether you’re joining us for the rounds of Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit starting in July (self-guided or guided versions) or you’re a graduate of either, you’re invited to the workshops (that correspond to the class you took) for free. If you’re not taking either class, you’ll be able to register for some of the workshops below à la carte.

The Zero to Blog Workshop Series

Making the WordPress vs. Squarespace Choice

Thursday, July 9 (Week 1 of Zero to Blog)

Learn which platform works best based on your needs, your audience’s needs, and your general blog/website needs. You’ll see actual examples of backend + frontend functionality for both platforms, and you’ll also be able to ask questions specific to your situation.

Creating Pin-Worthy Blog Post Images–The Master Guide*

Thursday, July 23 + Friday, July 24 (Week 3 of Zero to Blog)

Learn what to avoid and which elements are crucial to include in your pin-worthy blog images. We’ll review how to create templates on free software as well as with Adobe Photoshop.

Crafting an Epic Launch

Thursday, August 6 (Week 5 of Zero to Blog)

Learn how to put together a manageable and memorable launch that creates a splash and gains an audience for your brand.

Creating a Business Plan You’ll Actually Follow

Thursday, August 20 (Week 7 of Zero to Blog)

Learn how to create a business plan (with a few non-traditional sections) that you’ll actually be inspired to follow. Learn about implementing a maintenance plan that helps you regularly check, follow, and update your business plans.

Getting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers*

Thursday, September 3 + Friday, September 4 (Week 9 of Zero to Blog)

Learn the secrets of getting set up correctly, getting people excited to subscribe to you, building attractive emails, and creating opt-ins and upgrades that impress + help your audience.

Preview of Workshop Videos*The workshops above with asterisks will be available à la carte (for under $100) if you are not part of Zero to Blog (I’ll announce them here on the blog before they happen). But hey, if you want to access the entire Zero to Blog Workshop Series (which will include video instructions and worksheets) + the whole Z to B community and 10-week course, you can register for Zero to Blog at a special price for only two more weeks (until July 15th). We get started on July 6, but you’re still welcome to register until the 15th and catch up on the materials at your own pace. P.S. You can also access the workshops above if you’re a Zero to Blog grad, I’ll email you when they’re coming up.

The Blog to Profit Workshop Series

10 Ways to Avoid Being a Brand That Fizzles Out

Thursday, July 16 (Week 2 of Blog to Profit)

Learn multiple ways to help your brand thrive and grow, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls for brand owners who are trying to monetize in authentic ways.

Making Your First Thousand Affiliate Dollars*

Thursday, July 30 + Friday, July 31 (Week 4 of Blog to Profit)

Learn multiple strategies for genuinely incorporating affiliate links into your online presence that will drive commissions. I’ll be sharing the two methods that create over $1,000/mo. in affiliate income for me.

Crafting Emails That Delight + Sell

Thursday, August 13 (Week 6 of Blog to Profit)

Learn how to structure, design, and write meaningful emails that delight your readers and move them toward taking the actions you want them to.

Designing and Publishing a Print Book–The Master Guide*

Thursday, August 27 + Friday, August 28 (Week 8 of Blog to Profit)

Learn exactly how to create and publish your own physical book. Learn what I’ve done wrong the first few times I’ve done this, and learn how to make your print projects profitable.

Hosting an Epic Product Launch

Thursday, September 10 (Week 10 of Blog to Profit)

Learn several methods to epically launch a digital product, including how to use social media platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook) to increase excitement about your release.

*The workshops above with asterisks will be available à la carte (for under $100) if you are not part of Blog to Profit (I’ll announce them here on the blog before they happen). But psssst. Do you want the whole Blog to Profit Workshop Series + the entire 10-week course and community? Why not register for Blog to Profit and get them all included? You can only register for Blog to Profit for two more weeks (until July 15th). The course and community open up on July 6, but you’re welcome to register until the 15th and catch up on the materials at your own pace. P.S. You can also access the workshops above if you’re a Blog to Profit grad, I’ll email you when they’re coming up.

Did I manage to mention that Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit are open again?

Want to go from Zero to Blog? This course and community can help.
Want to go from Blog to Profit? There's a course and community for that!

What to Send to Your Email List and How to Create Wow

What to send out to your email list and how to create wow with opt-in gifts.
If you’re like any Internet human ever, you’ve probably wondered about what to send to your email list. So, as a part of Episode 3 of The Independent Podcast (which is currently in a series on how to start a profitable business for $50), we’re exploring what you can send to your email list, how and why to “up your email game” and create wow, the types of things you can send out as free email gifts, encouraging email list signups, building a coming soon page, and more.

P.S. The episode comes with worksheets (naturally).
P.P.S. My two favorite blogging courses, Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit, are open again at a special price for a limited time!
Join us?

Zero to Blog is open again! Blog to Profit is open again!

Episode 3

. . . and if you missed Episode 1 + 2, you can check them out below or on this nifty podcast page that includes all the worksheets as well.

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