How to Expand a Blog Post (or Series) into a Book

How to go from a blog post to a book.
So, InfoBoMo (Infopreneur Book Month) has brought about some of the most interesting experiences, awesome new friendships and business alliances, and of course, some excellent resource shares and questions in the community.

As I was answering one particular question, my thought was:

Dang, I’m writing this woman a whole blog post. Don’t hate me.”

Then after I was done, my thought was:

Dang, I should make this a blog post. Other people probably have the same question.”

So, here we are, you and I . . . about to dive into: How do you turn a blog post series into a book? OR EVEN How do you turn a blog post into a book?

My friend, I do not have all the answers, and I’m sure there are multiple ways to go about it, but I can tell you what I’ve done in this situation in the hope that it helps.

When expanding on posts that already exist for free on the webs, I try to take a step back and look at the whole topic from the reader/customer perspective. This comes in the form of five questions you can ask yourself about your current post or series as well as five general idea-generating questions you can ask yourself to create an awesome chapter/content list for your book. You can download the worksheets below (just click on them) to help you work through and record your ideas from this post.

How to go from a blog post series to a book

For the purposes of this post, let’s take for example a series you did on car maintenance for your “modern superwoman” blog. P.S. If it is a single post you are turning into a book, break it down into the main points/sections you made. Below, I assume it is a series, but you can change my list out for your post sections.
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10 Tips to Help You Transition from a Blogger to a Creative Coach

10 Tips to Help You Transition from a Blogger to a Creative Coach
Many of the insanely sexy blogger friends I’ve been talking with lately via email and social media (yes, you’re included in the insanely sexy category, if you’re wondering) have been going through the process of realizing they are more than bloggers.

A blog is a form of social media, and whereas it is totally possible to be a blogger (just as it’s possible to be a singer or a runner), it’s also possible that you might feel a bit of disconnect from that term by itself. It may be because you’re an infopreneur–and one of my favorite forms of infopreneurship, especially when you’re first starting to really monetize your brand (and blog), is creative coaching.

Creative coaching is a form of infopreneurship (making money from the knowledge in your head) that involves helping people learn skills + concepts they can put into practice and hopefully repeat. You can be a writing coach, a creative business coach, a coach for women transitioning out of a marriage, a coach for freelancers, a voice coach, or a coach for first-time fathers . . . honestly, you can coach people on almost anything that is important to them as long as you have knowledge, desire, organization, communication skills, and a solid customer experience process.

As I was bringing back my creative coaching class (since some of you wonderful people have been asking about it), I realized I hadn’t posted on creative coaching in quite some time, and I thought that one of the most common questions I get would be a great thing to answer:

“How do I start offering coaching services, but still keep a reader’s trust and attention? P.S. I want to make some decent money doing this, and I really do love it.”

Ah ha, my friend. You’ve asked the right question . . . it’s important to keep people’s trust. So let’s explore 10 quick tips to help you transition people into your new coaching services.

10 Tips to Help You Transition (Gracefully) from Blogger to Coach

1. Don’t “cold tofu” your readers.

I think some people say “cold turkey” but let’s just agree to disagree.
It can really help your brand and your readers if you are NOT a blogger one day and then a coach/consultant the next. But how can you avoid doing that? Well handsome/gorgeous, start to throw some baby hints and new content out before you’re selling any coaching packages–I recommend starting 45 – 60 days out, at a minimum. And I’d also suggest trying the next four tips below in your prep period.
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How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in a Year

How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in a Year
If you’ve perhaps been following along with my blog, reading the income + traffic reports I publish occasionally, then you already know a little bit about how I structure my business and earn a living. But, what I want to talk about with you today is the revelation that has really helped me in my first year of business. It may be something you already implement in your business or it may be something you want to explore more, and I hope I can help.

You see, it’s my new favorite word. Daredevil.
Wait. That’s my new favorite show.
My new favorite word is infopreneur.

A person who makes money with their mind. With their knowledge. A person who loves learning, loves teaching, and loves the feeling of helping others really get something.
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Scholarship Winner(s) + A Really Fun Workshop


A few weeks ago I announced a Creative Ninja Scholarship and told you the story of why it means so much to me.

And I knew it would be extremely difficult to select just one scholarship recipient (and of course I didn’t select just one, but more on that in a second), so after narrowing it down to 20 people, I randomly selected our winner using That way, the computer chose. Not me. Because I never would have been able to pick just one person.

But, this scholarship exists to fill needs, not follow exact rules or supposed standards. So, I did two slightly weird things here (wait . . . that’s a lie . . . everything I do is weird):

  • Upgraded the winner from a MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro (based on what she wanted the computer for).
  • Added an additional winner.

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How to Start a Profitable Business for $50 in 3 Months

How to start a business for $50 in 3 months
It just got real up in here. As in, I think the Internet is broken. Or that hell hath frozen over. Or something along those lines. I say this because I’m pretty sure that at some point in my head I said I’d never do something that I’m indeed doing in this post. More on that in a moment.

Today, I have some content that’s not for everyone but it is for someone. It’s for you if you are trying to start a business from scratch and you want it to be profitable in three months . . . oh, and you only want to spend $50. If you already have a stellar brand popping, have no fear, I’ll have some content for you soon.

But this post is for you my friend, if you’re just starting and you’re a bit lost in it all. This post is for you if you are a creative and you are building an information product or service-based business where your knowledge or freelance skill set is what’s being sold and you hope to sell it solely or mainly from the web.

Let’s only assume 3 things as you start your business:

  1. You have access to a computer and the Internet a few times per week.
  2. You have access to a smart phone (yours or a friend’s) that can take pictures and connect with social media.
  3. You either have your closest friends’ and family’s email addresses, or you’re connected with them on Facebook, or whatever. As in: you can get in contact with your people–whether that be 10 people or 1000, for me, it was more like 10.

Here’s the thing. This topic (How to Build a Profitable Business from Scratch in 3 Months with $50) will actually be explored as a series . . . of podcasts. Did I just say that word? The word which I thought I’d never say in relation to my brand? Yes, I did.

I’ve launched a podcast called The Independent. It will address topics for those of us just starting out, for those of us who’ve been in business/blogging for a while, and for those of us going full time and next level with our brands. But, to kick it off, I’m doing a column/series/category called #StayScrappy. And we’re addressing the needs of someone just starting out.

If that’s you, you’ll learn:

  • The overall strategy I’d go with to establish a profitable brand online in 3 months.
  • The types of (and number of) blog posts or resources I’d launch with.
  • The types of products you might want to launch with and the actual product I launched with a little over a year ago.
  • How to DIY on design and your website.
  • The email list collection method I’d launch with.
  • The type of email freebie I’d launch with.
  • The pages I’d go with on my site and what would need to be on them.
  • How to DIY your own content planner in a spreadsheet (with Google Docs).
  • Affiliate programs you might launch with.
  • Free software you can use to accomplish a ton of stuff.
  • And so much freaking more . . .

In this first episode, I break down the first 3.5 steps of what you can do during Month 1.

Month 1 (of Your 3-Month Plan to Build a Profitable Business)

1. Name your brand.
2. Create a brand statement + tagline.
3. DIY some brand items for free, even if you’re not a designer.
4. Establish a website.
5. Create an email signup form and landing page before your launch.
6. Figure out the wonderful free item you’ll give away.
7. Create an initial content plan.
8. Create your initial 1 product or 2 services.
9. Reach out to friends, family, and your network in general.
10. Find a community.
11. Spend time building your brand’s content and getting feedback.
12. Master social media as a newbie.
13. Launch your brand.

Again, I discuss the first 3.5 of those points above in this episode, and again, this is for those of you who are really just starting out, and yes, I’ll be sure to figure out all this technical podcasting stuff later, but for now, here’s my informal, unofficial, off-off-off Broadway launch of The Independent >>

Oh, and if you want to listen while taking notes, here are some worksheets for you. If you just want to listen + chill or listen while driving/not-taking-notes, that’s perfectly fine too.

The Independent Podcast Episode 1 Worksheets

Illustrations: © keiry

Just the most meaningful (to me) post I’ve ever written

The Creative Ninja Scholarship by Regina
This post is special to me. It’s my favorite post ever, because I get to do something that I’ve wanted to do for about six years. And it’s super exciting to me that I get to do it on my blog’s one-year birthday. On April 1, 2014, I launched my first byRegina post–but I brought over about 16 posts from a past blog to fill this one out a bit more. #DigressMuch?

Back to what I’ve desperately been wanting to do for the last several years.

For a long time in my life, I had no laptop. When I finally bought my first PC, it didn’t last terribly long and it didn’t have all the creative software I wanted. Not that PCs are evil, they’re not. I just didn’t get the right software for mine.

I remember thinking that if I could just get a MacBook that didn’t crash/freeze all the time, and that had the software I needed, that I could take my business so far. The truth is you can make magic happen with almost any device, but I unintentionally made the MacBook into a symbol of next level possibilities.

I was limited when I didn’t have a laptop and I was limited when I did have one that didn’t work well for me. I wanted a Mac so so bad. Please be honest and confirm that I’m not the only one who would go to and daydream about their future laptop. Marveling at the al-ooh-minium exterior. (Hope I’m not the only one who watched the al-ooh-minium video.)

I daydreamed, but I couldn’t purchase it. $1000+ was so hard for me to get together and then put toward something like a computer. I had other grownup expenses.

Is anyone else feeling me right now? Have you ever been in that place?

Yet, a few years ago I got my first Apple laptop. It was a black MacBook and it was the most exciting purchase I can remember (until now, but I’ll get to that in a second, speedy; patience). I bought it used from a good friend. It took me a hot minute to save $900, but it’s impossible to put a price tag on the value I got from that thing. It had Photoshop on it and it inspired my first business that is somewhat close to what I’m doing now. I told you about the eleven different businesses I’ve tried, right?

There are those times when you get the thing you “always” wanted and then you never look at it again, but then there are those times you get the thing you want and you use the crap out of it. I literally used that MacBook until it was cracked and the memory couldn’t handle the software I needed to add for my business.

I had another friend who wanted to start her own freelance business shortly after I started mine and she desperately wanted a Mac as well. My heart broke again and again that I didn’t have my finances together enough to buy her one. She was so talented and had no computer and a simple non-smart phone, from which she couldn’t work. She would go to the library, faithfully and use their computers to get work done.

Regina, we’re waiting for the “most meaningful post ever” part.
Okay Rude-y Huxtable. Here’s my point:

I had the thought then that I could barely imagine any greater joy than creating a scholarship or program where I could give these precious tools of creative business glory away to other people in my situation.

Fast forward.

I’ve been sitting around figuring out when the right time would be to start this program. Would Apple magically read my mind and call me up to donate some computers? Would a message in a bottle fall from the sky? Oh wait, I mean the ocean. Would it float to me from the ocean? Highly unlikely as I live in Austin, Texas.

So, last week, as I was nearing my blog’s one-year birthday, I realized I could walk into the Apple store here in town and buy a MacBook Air with my own money. The bottle will never fall from the sky (because again, that would be weird). I realized you and I don’t have to wait for opportunities to do what we feel called to do. We can create our opportunities.
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How to Create a Course in 12 Hours

How to Create a Killer Mini-Course (in 12 hours), with a free workbook and free video training from
If you have a moment, I want to help you create a course (an epic “mini-course” to be more specific) that you can give away or sell to your audience, and I want to help you for free. Like seriously, I have a 20-page workbook and 5 training videos waiting for you, but I must start with the brief story of a time, long ago, when I created an entire mini-course in 12 hours. The story begins in the distant past known as . . . two days ago.

11 a.m. – I woke up // Don’t judge me, I got a late start.
11:15 a.m. – I remembered how I really want to create a quick, free Blog School this weekend to help people plan + create their blogs.
11:17 a.m. – I thought it would be fun to invite other friends across the globe to create their own short courses with me.
11:18 a.m. – I thought, “Maybe I can make it a bit of a challenge and post updates throughout the day.”
11:19 a.m. – Made up my mind and then posted a graphic announcing my plans on Instagram.

Mini Course Challenge Announcement

I started posting YouTube updates as I was creating my initial product (a blog school), which I still plan to finish soon, but then my path morphed a bit. I realized (somewhere in Hour 3 I think) that the mini course I was actually creating was a course on how to create mini courses. Yeah. It took me a minute to realize it. But see, #whathadhappenedwas:

I was working and posting videos and updates on one thing, but I constantly wanted to develop worksheets, resources, tips, and more for everyone else who was following along and creating their own mini courses.

Shocker, right? If you know me at all, then you know that I live to create and do adult homework. So the day I had so carefully planned out (translation: had not planned out at all really) morphed into the creation of a short course that I want you to be able to take for free.

Want to take a completely free course on how to create courses?

And here’s the thing, you don’t have to sign up to any list, or jump through any flaming hoops (unless you’re really keen to) . . . you get complete access for free. I mean. Would I be mad if you tweeted the short tweet below? Not at all.

Take a free class my friends

And, would I complain if you put up with me as I share a few more shots of the workbook? Nope. It was a lot of fun to create.

How to create a mini course for your audience

So, what’s in this “Create a Course in 12 hours” workbook?

The workbook has 20 pages that cover the various sections of the mini-course. Between the five training videos and the worksheets, you’ll find materials to help you as you:

  • Decide on your topic
  • Identify your people (audience)
  • Create an outline for your course
  • Select the format for each part of the course you are creating
  • Decide on the delivery methods for your course content
  • Think up course promotion ideas
  • Edit your course
  • Format your course documents/videos (+ my secret tip for creating materials quickly)
  • And more (such as a Launch Checklist and lots of videos of me in my Jimi Hendrix shirt)

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