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You are legendary. I’m just here to make sure other people find out how epic you are, how valuable your information is, and why they should buy from you. Also, I’m a ninja.

Hey. I’m Regina. But you probably guessed that from the domain name, didn’t you?


I’m here to help you teach, publish, and sell online because you’re passionate about what you do, and because you want to create more income for yourself and the people you love.

But. I don’t help the way a lot of other people do. I try to create a different experience for you in four ways:

1. I’m only going to teach you things I’ve done successfully, but I’ll also share my failed attempts (for you to learn what not to do). Psst. You can read about some of my past 12 or so businesses here.

2. I’m going to show you the scrappy ways to build beautiful, meaningful products, not simply recommend $5000 software or hiring out for each task. For example, I built the robust, new Launch Your Online Business Already course (for FREE) to help you get started with your passions and interests.

3. I’m not gonna hit you with forceful sales pushes and fake expiring offers. I don’t like ALL CAPS SHOUTING JUST TO SELL so I won’t do that to you or teach those methods. Check out the blog for actionable articles or join my weekly Ninja Notes (translation: emails) at the top of this site to see just how much shouting I don’t do.

4. I’m always going to keep experimenting so we can learn together. For example, within the last few months or so I’ve created 5+ new secret brands to test out some new funnels, email list growth strategies, and products. Did I mention I’m like 11% insane? You can follow along with some of my insanity on Medium.

Sooo, what’s the next step you want to take to build or monetize your epic online presence?

Choose your next step…