How to Free Up More Time and Money for Your Creative Business

How to free up more time and money for your creative business as you transition to full time.
Let’s begin a series on transitioning to your creative business full time, eh? And to kick it off, let’s go ahead and get into how you can begin to free up more time and money for your business.

Cutting expenses and creating more time for myself were keys to being able to finish my first book and launch I won’t lie to you–some of it was painful . . . truly difficult, but I’d absolutely do it again 17 times if I had to. The day I was able to leave my blah/meh/ahhhhh! job so that I could create materials that matter, was pretty much one of the largest turning points in life for me. If you’ve done the same, then you’ve likely felt this for yourself. If you’re working toward making the transition to full time, then I have a little story for you.

The video below is a smidgen of my story and some of the things that made the biggest difference in my transition. At the end of the video, I make a special call for help with a project I’m planning and launching soon, so please share if you know someone it applies to. But P.S. There’s a whole post below as well with some additional resources to help you with Step 1 of transitioning to working for yourself full time: freeing up more time and more funds for yourself and your business.

A story about my transition to full-time creative work

How to Free Up More Money for Your Creative Business

So, the first step of this process is to honestly and accurately assess how much you’re spending each month in life and in business. I want to take you through this process and give you some suggestions on how to cut back.

First: Look up bank statements, credit card statements, your PayPal account, and receipts from the last three months (for both your personal life and business). Use the spreadsheet below to total up all of your expenses.

Note: If a category is missing, add it. Try to remember any cash you spent as well. Only you can see this document, so try to be super duper honest with yourself. Click on the spreadsheet below, then select File –> Make a copy to create a copy in your own Google Sheets.

Life and Business Budgeting

As I said in the video, cutting back on the unnecessary stuff and only spending money where I had to, really helped clear my mind. It also relieved some stress and freed up funds for when I needed them for business expenses.

Second: Figure out areas you can cut back in. With each category (and each expense within each category) ask yourself:

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How about some epic + live blogging workshops?

Epic and Live Blogging Workshops from
So, here’s the deal. Not only are Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit (my two blogging courses + communities) open for registration for two more weeks (only!), but I’m adding something super special + fun to both Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit this time around >> live blogging workshops on multiple extended topics with Q+As at the end for you to ask any questions you want to. And here’s the other deal >> if you miss the live event, you’ll get a recording of it.

Oh, and whether you’re joining us for the rounds of Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit starting in July (self-guided or guided versions) or you’re a graduate of either, you’re invited to the workshops (that correspond to the class you took) for free. If you’re not taking either class, you’ll be able to register for some of the workshops below à la carte.

The Zero to Blog Workshop Series

Making the WordPress vs. Squarespace Choice

Thursday, July 9 (Week 1 of Zero to Blog)

Learn which platform works best based on your needs, your audience’s needs, and your general blog/website needs. You’ll see actual examples of backend + frontend functionality for both platforms, and you’ll also be able to ask questions specific to your situation.

Creating Pin-Worthy Blog Post Images–The Master Guide*

Thursday, July 23 + Friday, July 24 (Week 3 of Zero to Blog)

Learn what to avoid and which elements are crucial to include in your pin-worthy blog images. We’ll review how to create templates on free software as well as with Adobe Photoshop.

Crafting an Epic Launch

Thursday, August 6 (Week 5 of Zero to Blog)

Learn how to put together a manageable and memorable launch that creates a splash and gains an audience for your brand.

Creating a Business Plan You’ll Actually Follow

Thursday, August 20 (Week 7 of Zero to Blog)

Learn how to create a business plan (with a few non-traditional sections) that you’ll actually be inspired to follow. Learn about implementing a maintenance plan that helps you regularly check, follow, and update your business plans.

Getting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers*

Thursday, September 3 + Friday, September 4 (Week 9 of Zero to Blog)

Learn the secrets of getting set up correctly, getting people excited to subscribe to you, building attractive emails, and creating opt-ins and upgrades that impress + help your audience.

Preview of Workshop Videos*The workshops above with asterisks will be available à la carte (for under $100) if you are not part of Zero to Blog (I’ll announce them here on the blog before they happen). But hey, if you want to access the entire Zero to Blog Workshop Series (which will include video instructions and worksheets) + the whole Z to B community and 10-week course, you can register for Zero to Blog at a special price for only two more weeks (until July 15th). We get started on July 6, but you’re still welcome to register until the 15th and catch up on the materials at your own pace. P.S. You can also access the workshops above if you’re a Zero to Blog grad, I’ll email you when they’re coming up.

The Blog to Profit Workshop Series

10 Ways to Avoid Being a Brand That Fizzles Out

Thursday, July 16 (Week 2 of Blog to Profit)

Learn multiple ways to help your brand thrive and grow, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls for brand owners who are trying to monetize in authentic ways.

Making Your First Thousand Affiliate Dollars*

Thursday, July 30 + Friday, July 31 (Week 4 of Blog to Profit)

Learn multiple strategies for genuinely incorporating affiliate links into your online presence that will drive commissions. I’ll be sharing the two methods that create over $1,000/mo. in affiliate income for me.

Crafting Emails That Delight + Sell

Thursday, August 13 (Week 6 of Blog to Profit)

Learn how to structure, design, and write meaningful emails that delight your readers and move them toward taking the actions you want them to.

Designing and Publishing a Print Book–The Master Guide*

Thursday, August 27 + Friday, August 28 (Week 8 of Blog to Profit)

Learn exactly how to create and publish your own physical book. Learn what I’ve done wrong the first few times I’ve done this, and learn how to make your print projects profitable.

Hosting an Epic Product Launch

Thursday, September 10 (Week 10 of Blog to Profit)

Learn several methods to epically launch a digital product, including how to use social media platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook) to increase excitement about your release.

*The workshops above with asterisks will be available à la carte (for under $100) if you are not part of Blog to Profit (I’ll announce them here on the blog before they happen). But psssst. Do you want the whole Blog to Profit Workshop Series + the entire 10-week course and community? Why not register for Blog to Profit and get them all included? You can only register for Blog to Profit for two more weeks (until July 15th). The course and community open up on July 6, but you’re welcome to register until the 15th and catch up on the materials at your own pace. P.S. You can also access the workshops above if you’re a Blog to Profit grad, I’ll email you when they’re coming up.

Did I manage to mention that Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit are open again?

Want to go from Zero to Blog? This course and community can help.
Want to go from Blog to Profit? There's a course and community for that!

What to Send to Your Email List and How to Create Wow

What to send out to your email list and how to create wow with opt-in gifts.
If you’re like any Internet human ever, you’ve probably wondered about what to send to your email list. So, as a part of Episode 3 of The Independent Podcast (which is currently in a series on how to start a profitable business for $50), we’re exploring what you can send to your email list, how and why to “up your email game” and create wow, the types of things you can send out as free email gifts, encouraging email list signups, building a coming soon page, and more.

P.S. The episode comes with worksheets (naturally).
P.P.S. My two favorite blogging courses, Zero to Blog and Blog to Profit, are open again at a special price for a limited time!
Join us?

Zero to Blog is open again! Blog to Profit is open again!

Episode 3

. . . and if you missed Episode 1 + 2, you can check them out below or on this nifty podcast page that includes all the worksheets as well.

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7 Epic Time Investments You Can Make in Your Business

7 Epic Time Investments You Can Make in Your Business That Will Absolutely Change Your Brand + Life
Yoooooo. I’ve missed you, my friends. And I secretly hope you’ve missed me a little, too. And today, I thought we should discuss time. Specifically ways to invest your time that will have epic effects on your brand and the way you do business.

I want to share seven areas that I’ve invested major time in and I hope you’ll stick with me as I explain the multiple benefits and applications of each area. I really think making these time investments can help any freelancer, infopreneur, blogger, or solopreneur . . . but if you disagree with me by the end of the list, just know I was under the influence of a long IKEA trip (by myself) when I thought this up . . . and no one should be held responsible for what they scheme up by the end of a 3-hour IKEA marathon. No one.

1. Making videos. Even though I hated being in front of the camera when I first started.

As an introvert with unruly hair, I thought it wise to stay off-screen for most of my life. But, with the way the Internet evolves and explodes every single day, I thought it unwise to not try multiple forms of media. If you run an Internet business like I do, then my #1 rule for us is:

Once you arrive, don’t stay at your destination too long; you have to set a new course.”

Whatever goal you’re setting right now, once you hit it, celebrate, have a Martin Scorsese marathon, play some Scrabble and drop Z’s and X’s and J’s on your opponent, then set a new course. Even if your new course is taking your current project to the next level. Trying to apply IRL (in real life) speed to an online business is like trying to apply tortoise speed to the hare. Wait. Bad example. The tortoise beat the hare . . . but you get what I mean.

Area #1: Make some videos, yo. All the videos.


  • Videos increase the chances of people on the Internet finding you.
  • They take your brand to the next level of helpfulness.
  • They attract people who are prone to get a little lost in too much text.
  • They allow you to communicate certain things (tutorials, deep thoughts, etc.) more effectively than screenshots or words that don’t come with tones or facial expressions.
  • You can get out your thoughts faster when you speak (on video) than you can in text.

Try: G+ Hangouts On Air, YouTube tutorials, screencasts of your computer screen, recorded presentations, or any other type of video that helps you communicate with your ideal audience.

P.S. >> Tools: I use Camtasia or QuickTime for screen recordings, a DSLR and a lavalier mic for recording myself, and I upload most of my content to YouTube + Vimeo.
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How to Expand a Blog Post (or Series) into a Book

How to go from a blog post to a book.
So, InfoBoMo (Infopreneur Book Month) has brought about some of the most interesting experiences, awesome new friendships and business alliances, and of course, some excellent resource shares and questions in the community.

As I was answering one particular question, my thought was:

Dang, I’m writing this woman a whole blog post. Don’t hate me.”

Then after I was done, my thought was:

Dang, I should make this a blog post. Other people probably have the same question.”

So, here we are, you and I . . . about to dive into: How do you turn a blog post series into a book? OR EVEN How do you turn a blog post into a book?

My friend, I do not have all the answers, and I’m sure there are multiple ways to go about it, but I can tell you what I’ve done in this situation in the hope that it helps.

When expanding on posts that already exist for free on the webs, I try to take a step back and look at the whole topic from the reader/customer perspective. This comes in the form of five questions you can ask yourself about your current post or series as well as five general idea-generating questions you can ask yourself to create an awesome chapter/content list for your book. You can download the worksheets below (just click on them) to help you work through and record your ideas from this post.

How to go from a blog post series to a book

For the purposes of this post, let’s take for example a series you did on car maintenance for your “modern superwoman” blog. P.S. If it is a single post you are turning into a book, break it down into the main points/sections you made. Below, I assume it is a series, but you can change my list out for your post sections.
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10 Tips to Help You Transition from a Blogger to a Creative Coach

10 Tips to Help You Transition from a Blogger to a Creative Coach
Many of the insanely sexy blogger friends I’ve been talking with lately via email and social media (yes, you’re included in the insanely sexy category, if you’re wondering) have been going through the process of realizing they are more than bloggers.

A blog is a form of social media, and whereas it is totally possible to be a blogger (just as it’s possible to be a singer or a runner), it’s also possible that you might feel a bit of disconnect from that term by itself. It may be because you’re an infopreneur–and one of my favorite forms of infopreneurship, especially when you’re first starting to really monetize your brand (and blog), is creative coaching.

Creative coaching is a form of infopreneurship (making money from the knowledge in your head) that involves helping people learn skills + concepts they can put into practice and hopefully repeat. You can be a writing coach, a creative business coach, a coach for women transitioning out of a marriage, a coach for freelancers, a voice coach, or a coach for first-time fathers . . . honestly, you can coach people on almost anything that is important to them as long as you have knowledge, desire, organization, communication skills, and a solid customer experience process.

As I was bringing back my creative coaching class (since some of you wonderful people have been asking about it), I realized I hadn’t posted on creative coaching in quite some time, and I thought that one of the most common questions I get would be a great thing to answer:

“How do I start offering coaching services, but still keep a reader’s trust and attention? P.S. I want to make some decent money doing this, and I really do love it.”

Ah ha, my friend. You’ve asked the right question . . . it’s important to keep people’s trust. So let’s explore 10 quick tips to help you transition people into your new coaching services.

10 Tips to Help You Transition (Gracefully) from Blogger to Coach

1. Don’t “cold tofu” your readers.

I think some people say “cold turkey” but let’s just agree to disagree.
It can really help your brand and your readers if you are NOT a blogger one day and then a coach/consultant the next. But how can you avoid doing that? Well handsome/gorgeous, start to throw some baby hints and new content out before you’re selling any coaching packages–I recommend starting 45 – 60 days out, at a minimum. And I’d also suggest trying the next four tips below in your prep period.
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How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in a Year

How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in a Year
If you’ve perhaps been following along with my blog, reading the income + traffic reports I publish occasionally, then you already know a little bit about how I structure my business and earn a living. But, what I want to talk about with you today is the revelation that has really helped me in my first year of business. It may be something you already implement in your business or it may be something you want to explore more, and I hope I can help.

You see, it’s my new favorite word. Daredevil.
Wait. That’s my new favorite show.
My new favorite word is infopreneur.

A person who makes money with their mind. With their knowledge. A person who loves learning, loves teaching, and loves the feeling of helping others really get something.
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