10 Signs You’re a Creative Coach, Not a Blogger

Signs You're a Creative Coach Not a Blogger

Every day, 117 bloggers* across the world realize they’re not really bloggers, rather, they realize they’re not only bloggers. It’s not some sudden, startling realization. It creeps up on you, but it means a world of change for how you approach your blog and your business.

*That’s an actual statistic y’all. And by actual, I mean that I actually just made it up.

A blogger is someone who blogs. (Genius, I know.) Just like a runner is someone who runs. Being a blogger doesn’t stop you from also being a small business owner, or a creative consultant, or a cat magician (that’s literally all that popped into my head). But, if you think you’re a blogger, you might not realize you’re also a creative coach or that you’re actually engaging in consulting.

Have no fear, friends. There are some pretty obvious signs I’ve seen and experienced over and over that will help you determine if you are in fact creative coaching along with all that blogging.

10 Signs You’re Crazy Like Me a Creative Coach Disguised as a Blogger

1. Your readers ask you questions, constantly. And some questions are beyond the scope of your blog posts.

This means they consider you an expert, an excellent resource, and someone they can go to for any questions in your industry/area. This also means your building up trust with your readers. That is crazy valuable.

Other similar signs: Your friends have deemed you the go-to expert on whatever you blog about and constantly ask questions or send people your way. Or, you’ve always been the advice giver and counselor of your friend groups.
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7 Tips for Finding Your BBFs (and why you need them)

Find Your Best Business Friends
If it hasn’t already happened, you may find that one of three things occurs among your friends as you start and grow your blog or creative business:

  1. Your close friends are genuinely excited for you, promise to support you as much as they can, but somewhere along the way they lose steam + stop understanding what you’re talking about . . . after all, they just don’t have passions similar to yours.
  2. Your close friends are not social media savvy, SEO aware, or people who understand blogs + business. Thus they have no idea how much blog comments, retweets, and repins mean to you. They literally just don’t understand how to support you.
  3. And worst of all: Your close friends may actually even become jealous or negative about your growing blog or your business passions. Boo friends, boooooo.

It’s time for you to find some BBFs, my friend. Either best blog friends or best business friends, whichever you need. People who understand how significant spikes in blog traffic are, how exciting repins are, and how meaningful things like guest posts and blog comments are.

Your BBFs are going to be people like you, who “get” you, even if they’re not in the exact same niche or line of work. They are crucial to your success because if you don’t have others to celebrate with, to bounce ideas off of, to plan, scheme + dream with, then your creative growth might get a bit stunted. No one likes that. I know you. You’re all about doing things to your full potential, right? Let me share some tips on finding your BBF(s).
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How to Start a Creative Coaching Business (you love)

How to Start a Creative Coaching Business or Consulting Practice

If you’re thinking about starting a creative coaching business so that you can consult people and help them with something you’re passionate about, then KNOW THE FOLLOWING:

  • this may be the most fun you’ve ever had in life
  • this will likely be the most involved (translation: hard) work you’ve ever done
  • there may be a day soon when you wake up and cry* merely because you get to do what you love all day; and that day may be followed by many more days like it

*Not to imply that I cry over silly stuff, or anything like that, because I don’t. I mean, I’ve seen a few movies, TV episodes, and even commercials that make me cry, but I don’t think it’s a pattern, per se. Every other day is not a “pattern,” right?

You do not need a formal education in your coaching niche. You do not need 11 impressive credentials in your area of expertise. You don’t even need one impressive accomplishment to start a successful coaching business, because . . .

If you’re genuinely passionate about something, skilled, and willing to do the work to learn whatever you need to so that you can help others, then you can become an expert who provides valuable content to adoring, raving lunatic fans. Let me show you how. I’ve got 21 steps to share, which are the 21 lessons and steps in the 7-week class I teach on the same topic.

Y’alls ready?

The first things you may want to do are pick a name for your business, whip up a fancy logo, decide the coaching packages you will offer, and promote yourself to your target market . . . but don’t. After starting and abandoning a couple of businesses (actually, 7-ish), then starting, growing, and rebranding my current business, and helping multiple clients with their companies, I can comfortably say that your first steps are best in this order:

Steps To Starting Creative Consulting Creative Coaches Be Like
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Any Blogging Questions? April Q+A means free answers!

Free answers to any blogging questions: April Q+A with byRegina.com

Okay my fabulous friends, if you have any blogging questions, this Q+A was made for you. Over on Facebook (or Twitter if you don’t use Facebook), all day today and tomorrow until 6 p.m. CDT, you can ask me any blogging question you want. It can be a general question, a technical question, or a question specific to your blog. Anything.

I will reply with all the free resources, answers, and personalized tips I can. Would love to hear from you!

Photo of me (which I was nervous to use by the way): (c) Isaac Yzaguirre

Before + After Checklists for Your Blog Posts (and a free download)

Before and After You Post Checklists for Bloggers
Short + sweet today. Just wanted to share a resource I created and use for my blog posts: The Before You Post + After You Post Checklist of things you can do to create and promote the most quality content possible. With SEO, image design, social media, grammar, and more to worry about, it’s simple to forget some important things.

Below is the free PDF download of my checklist. I recommend getting it laminated so you can use it over and over, but you know . . . whatever works for you. Hope you enjoy it.
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Daily, Weekly + Monthly Business Tasks for Bloggers (free checklists my friends)

Business Tasks for Bloggers: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Checklists for Bloggers
Well my friends, you’ve probably figured out by now that running a blog as either a marketing tool for your business or as a money-making tool for your life is a lot of work. There are multiple “tasks” that exist outside of writing and publishing quality content. And since I love you, I put all those businessy tasks that deal with marketing, maintenance + accounting (for your blog) into some nifty blogging checklists. I hope everyone loves checklists as much as I do.Keep Reading

9 Ways Bloggers Are Like Drunk People

Bloggers are like drunk people
Dear bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, I came to the realization that we have a lot in common with drunk people. Here are just a few of our common traits:

1. We forget stuff extremely quickly.

Bloggers: We forget to do things such as eat lunch. Right after we finished making lunch. Because, you know . . . our blogs.

Drunk people: Will forget the end of their sentence, mid-sentence. And where they put their wallet. And their phone.

2. We have ridiculous ideas that seem really epic at the time.

Bloggers: You know, like writing about how bloggers are like drunk people. Or launching those two other blogs we’re so passionate about that we have negative amounts of time and energy for.

Drunk people: Things such as serenading you from afar, challenging the Dwight Howard sized man at the bar to a fight, or simply dancing, really horribly.

3. We try to keep the party going way past our bedtime.

Bloggers: I know you feel like you can crank that post out at 3 a.m., but let’s be honest, sometimes your delirious blog posts are the equivalent of drunk texting your ex. You’re better than that.

Drunk people: Go home drunk people, you’re drunk.

4. Our emotions change in an instant.

Bloggers: “Aww, no one commented on my post today. Maaan! No one loves me. Life is horrible . . . ooh look, Holly B. just repinned my pin. All is right with the world!”
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