How to Create Super Share-Worthy Blog Posts (and a template of what they should include)

How to Create Shareworthy and Epic Blog Posts +plus a template

If your secret dream is to create blog posts that nobody remembers or feels compelled to share, then you’ve landed on the wrong post for today. Also, the wrong blog. Also, the wrong brand/profession for yourself. But moving on.

As a part of the Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media experience (an eBook + workbook + community), a few of us are writing posts on some of our blog processes (I’ve linked to the others at the bottom of this post). I wanted to tackle one of the questions I hear most often:

How do you create posts that people want to share?”

Well my friends, I follow the blog post template below–and yes, it’s totally an image you can pin + save, but I also expand on it below the graphic. The template applies to almost any blogger who blogs on almost any topic; the tips and processes below this template apply best to information givers (coaches, DIY bloggers, and those trying to teach or help others understand something better).

The Parts of an Effective Blog Post - Your Blog Post Template for Share-worthy Content
P.S. Thank you to @ColleenPastoor, @scrappinmichele, and @feastandwest for your cool feedback and ideas on the blog post template above. Y’all are awesome.

Okay, now let’s break down the process of writing informative blog posts that grow our blog traffic into seven steps: (1) Plan it. (2) Create it. (3) Edit it. (4) Prettify it. (5) Publish it. (6) Promote it. (7) Permanent it. P.S. Permanent is a verb now. You didn’t know?
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How To Create Epic Digital Downloads with Apple Pages

How to create digital downloads with Apple Pages

Hello good people of 2015. Regina here. I’m deep into the loveliness that is #50Workdays, but I wanted to set up something for you that will hopefully be useful in the new year as you tackle some new business goals (such as: creating and selling digital products) . . . by the way, this is free.

One of the questions I get most is: “How can I create worksheets or eBooks that look professional?” or “What software do you use to make your workbooks?”

Well, I had a live webinar the other night that was a video training of how to make PDF downloads for your audience using Apple Pages ’09 (yeah–it’s so old school you have to buy a disc–but it’s so good though, and a lot of the tips will apply to the new app version of Apple Pages as well). I use the ’09 version because it has more awesome features for publishers than the new one. The recording of the webinar is available at the bottom of this post.

How to make PDFs with Apple Pages '09

In the recording, you will receive a template (like the one above) that I will show you how to create during the webinar. We will be doing things such as:

  • adding shapes and images
  • discussing PDF design fundamentals
  • loading your exact brand color codes into Pages
  • creating sections with different headers and footers on odd + even pages (like printed books)
  • adding headings, styles, and chapter/section pages
  • creating a table of contents through a fancy shortcut
  • exporting our documents as printable PDFs
  • learning the best places to get physical books printed
  • discovering great places to list your digital products for sale
  • discussing ways you can present your digital products attractively
  • getting a template of copyright wording for your future projects

Attendees who watched it live also received a special discount code for my workbook: #3DayCreate (which helps you create your own information product in 3 days). The code was only active for two days though, but I’ll make sure to hold more webinars like these in the future with discounts.

You watch this free webinar at this link or by playing the video below:

Okay, Regina out. Hope to see you next time.

Getting Started on Etsy: The Crafty Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide to Building a Successful Shop

How to Start a Successful Etsy Shop

I’ve had an Etsy shop or two in the past, but as I was re-opening the one I currently have, I had the awesome opportunity to begin an online friendship (that mainly consisted of corny jokes and way too much excitement on my part) with a veteran Etsy-er, Mariah Coz of She and I stalk each other and inspire each other quite frequently . . . she’s doing a number of exciting things online, but today, she’s sharing a truly epic guide (below) and a super valuable free pricing guide (more on that later) for those of you who are getting started on Etsy and those of you who want to grow your Etsy shop in 2015. I guess I’ll let her talk now, or whatever, since she’s the expert and all.

Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur.coIf one of your goals for 2015 is to start an Etsy shop this year, I’ve got the guide for you.

I’ve been selling on Etsy since 2011. For a few years my Etsy shop was my primary source of income. My shop is a vintage clothing boutique. I just started it one day as a hobby, and it turned into much more. This guide will help you get started on Etsy and grow your business using this popular, powerful marketplace.

Should you be starting on Etsy?

Etsy has specific guidelines and rules for shops, though they have changed very much in the last few years. If you make handmade goods, crafts, sell raw supplies and materials, or vintage and antique items, the marketplace is a good fit for you. If you’re not sure if your shop would be a good fit for Etsy, check out their guidelines here.

A lot of people ask me if it’s “too late” to get started selling on Etsy, because there are so many shops and they wonder if the marketplace is just too saturated to break into.

If you are just starting out as a business and would like an easy and quick way to get started, test the waters, and get your systems in place while you learn the ropes, Etsy is fantastic. It gives you an easy way to create a shop, accept payment, and reach your customers. It’s perfect for beginners.

If you’re already an established shop, Etsy can be a nice channel to make extra sales from.
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Want to Build a Blog from Scratch in #50Workdays?

#50Workdays: Zero to Blog--Create a blog from scratch

So, I quit my job the other day. You know, the one where I was doing consulting and whatnot from this blog. Scary stuff. But I had a really good reason.


2015 is going to be a year of community ’round here, and I’m skipping out on doing anything but develop that community.

So, what will I be doing with you?

  • Developing free content on this blog, per the usual, for us to discuss.
  • Creating products for bloggers, independents, artists + shop owners (I’m loving having another Etsy shop up and running–more stuff coming soon–but I hope to develop products that help other sellers).
  • Continuing work on a secret project that will help other creatives.
  • And finally (+ very excitedly), going through a solid year of loving on my blogger buds through a series of #50Workdays. Allow me to explain.

Over the past year I’ve come to see that many of us have four types of questions + stages when it comes to our creative presences online. In 2015, I am breaking those stages down and developing guidance, resources, and real life examples for small groups of creatives to go through together. Each quarter of the year will be broken down into sets of #50Workdays (so, Monday through Friday for 10 weeks straight–but you can work on the weekends if you’re unable to get everything done during the week).

Stage 1 (First Quarter: Jan. 12 – Mar. 20)

Question/stage: How do I go from zero to blog? Literally, what’s the first step? and the second? and the third? I want to build an audience from scratch. I want it to be for realsies.

Program: Instead of me simply telling you what I’d do if I was starting from scratch all over again >>> I’ll literally be starting a blog from scratch with you and showing you EXACTLY what I do, offering tips, giving feedback, and taking you through a guided process of starting a blog that grows an audience and gets traffic.

You, and I, and 24 of our new friends will all be starting blogs, supporting each other, and learning the concepts of design, content, community, and strategy that helped me get to over one million pageviews per year. (More details on Q1 below. It’s not open for applications anymore, but it will open up again in March. You can sign up to be notified about it and the other quarters/programs as they open up for applications here.)
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Top 15 Creative Business Tools I Use as an Infopreneur

Top Creative Business Tools, both free and inexpensive, to use as an infopreneur

Don’t know about you, but I’m prepared for the day that an evil anti-creative force out for world domination puts into place a policy that all of us creativepreneurs are limited to only 15 tools to run our businesses. Some are calling it the Creative Apocalypse (how original), but no matter what you call it, I want you to be prepared too . . . thus this post.

There’s always hope that Sean Connery or Daniel Craig will come along in a bespoke tux and save us from this Creative Apocalypse put into place by SPECTRE Jr. (007 anyone?—yes, I own every single Bond movie ever, some on VHS, don’t judge), but just in case, I’ve identified 15 categories of creative business tools that I use each week and my top app or item for each. Some of these are free, some of these cost a bit, but all of these are legitimately what I use to run my business (and about two of these categories include affiliate links, so my hope is that you’ll know I truly mean what I’m saying). For your extra info., in each category I list what I’ve tried in the past (if it’s relevant) and what I currently use.

#HeadsUp: The first 11 creative business tools in this list apply to almost all businesses, and the last 4 are more specific to infopreneurs and those making money with their minds.

1. Editorial + Business Planner
As in >> A space to record your overall vision + plans + content/product ideas.

What I use now: EPICBLOG editorial planner (physical); OneNote (Mac + app version); a Moleskine and a pen
What I’ve used in the past: a traditional planner, Evernote

EPICBLOG: a one-year editorial planner for your blog business

If you’re kind enough to have connected with me on Instagram, then you may already know that I’ve been working on EPICBLOG (an editorial + business planner for your blog). Well, I’ve been putting it to use to make sure it has all the sections necessary for an amazing year worth of strategy, and . . . not just because I made it (pinky swear) . . . it’s been super helpful. Honestly, it just works around the way I think and I created it for those of you who may think the same way and want the same type of organization.

The sections are as follows >> blog defining statements // mini blog business plan // ideal reader survey // custom blog post process checklist // blog post categories // space to plan blog post image styles // monthly theme planning // monthly goal planning // monthly calendars // monthly progress tracking // running blog post ideas list // running series + theme ideas list // running product ideas list // yearly blog accomplishment tracking // affiliate + blog account logins

P.S. If you want to check it out, EPICBLOG is for sale on

Why OneNote?
My friend Bunny (@BunnyWanderland) introduced me to this concept. OneNote is basically a digital canvas where you can record and organize multiple projects, ideas, lists, calendars, and more. I love opening it up and seeing all my digital product ideas for the year, current content ideas, and more. Bunny uses it more to its potential, but I love it for what I use it for. I’m a person who needs to write things down, by hand, but I love backing up that information digitally.
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How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand

How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand

When you woke up this morning I know what you were saying to yourself: “Hey you devilishly attractive person you, I wonder if there are 11 features of MailChimp that can help you build your brand?” This was followed by: “I wonder if Regina will be so kind as to talk about them on her blog today and discuss how to use MailChimp as a blog or brand owner.”

Well guess what? I will be so kind.

I’ve fallen in love with 11 uses/features of MailChimp and the 700,000 benefits they offer to brands . . . and I want to talk about them today . . . as well as give away a little sumthin’ sumthin’. (I hope someone started singing Maxwell in their head just now.)

Some of the features below come with the forever free account (for under 2,000 subscribers) and some are features of a paid account. I’ll mark which is which below. But, two things to keep in mind here: (1) Paid accounts start at only $10/month, (P.S. this is not an ad or a sponsored post) and (2) Stay tuned for a Regina-sponsored giveaway–as in, I love it so much I’m paying for it out of my own pocket, and (3) I can’t count, get over it: Some of these paid features are SO helpful for building your brand that the monthly fee will really be an investment in your business if you decide to go for it.

11 Crazy Amazing Features and Benefits of MailChimp
I’m not gonna bore you with details such as the awesome themes that you can start with (if you’re not super into design) or how you can make templates of your own out of your designs to save you time when you send out emails, I’m gonna tell you about the crazy useful features I don’t think people use enough. What am I basing these thoughts on? Intuition and a few conversations. I have no idea if that’s reliable enough for you or not, but please check out these cool features and ideas on how to use MailChimp anyways.
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How to Decide Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Brand (and some free tools)

How to Decide Which Social Media Platforms are Right for you (Getting social Media Clarity)

It’s officially the month of Tool Time. Some people call it November. Whatever. No need to get technical.

During Tool Time I will be sharing several items that you lovely people asked about over on Facebook as well as 10+ of my favorite tools to run my business (such as tools for online courses, invoicing, contracts, business management, scheduling, editorial planning, and more). Best part about Tool Time? (I mean, other than the fact that it was Tim Taylor’s popular show on Tim Allen’s popular show—someone got that, I can feel it.) Each of these posts comes with some type of freebie or giveaway and what I hope will be actionable information for you.

One of the main things that you expressed interest in was social media management, promotion, and best practices. I want to start off the month of Tool Time with some questions (you can ask yourself) and a few tools to help you decide which social media platforms are best for you and your brand, along with ways to use each platform. That way, as we go through some of this month’s topics, we can all have some next level social media clarity.

Not every social media platform is a great investment of your time. Especially when you consider where your audience is, how they use each platform, your own brand culture, and the available time you have to maintain each account. I’m going to share some notes on what the main platforms are generally used for, then I’m going to share 15 questions you can ask yourself for each platform, and a few pages you can download and take notes on if you decide to answer some of these questions, audit your use of the platforms below, and figure out what you’ll share on each platform going forward.
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