#3DayCreate: The Workbook + Challenge

How To Create and Information Product #3DayCreate

Hi. I feel like I know you. Angry tweet me if I’m wrong. Consider accepting my challenge if I’m correct. >>>

You’re smart. You’re a learner. People ask you questions about things a lot. You don’t mind answering + explaining because you love to help. You’re even thinking that you might want to create:

  • an eBook
  • a digital workbook
  • an email course
  • a webinar or seminar
  • a live class
  • an online class
  • a printed book
  • etc.

You want to package your information and perhaps sell it from your blog, or from Amazon.com, or you may even want to give it away to people who sign up for your email list.

But, creating a product like this is intense. It takes like a million years, right?

The 3-Day Create: How to Create and eProduct

Not right. I’ve never liked that myth and we (the fabulous people who receive emails from me every week and I) decided to create a challenge, specifically:

The 3-Day Create

Though you can complete it on your own time, we’re taking three days this weekend (since some of us have the Labor Day holiday) to all create different products. Seriously. You can see us already talking about it over here on Twitter.

You’re not getting hung up on this whole “only 3 days?!” thing are you? I told you about the time that I wrote a mystery novel in 3 days, right? No? Remind me to tell you about it one time.

How about now? Now is good for me.

I once wrote a mystery novel in 3 days. And it was possible because I had a plan, an inspiring contest, and hundreds/thousands of people across the world doing it with me.

Was the novel any good Regina?
But you’re missing the point.
And that is:

So, to inspire you, guide you, and motivate you through #3DayCreate, I developed a 57-page PDF workbook. There are checklists, worksheets, lessons, and prompts to guide you through the process of creating an eProduct (any digital product) or physical information product. You don’t need the workbook in order to join us in creating. Feel free to block off time and just go for it with us.

How to Name Your eBook: The 3-Day Create

The 3-Day Create Workbook

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You Are Your Social Proof (Who Are You Online: Part Three)

What is social proof?
I realized I forgot to tell you how I’m the world’s foremost expert on social proof. Not to brag or anything but I had a self-taught early start to social proof–it began in the 7th grade.

A quick rundown of the facts? No problem.

Chris Moreno. He was THE guy. Maybe not to everyone else, but to me, for sure. I had two clear disadvantages though:

  • I was in the 7th grade. He was an 8th grader.
  • I was also a 7th grader in his 8th grade math class. The 8th graders picked on me for that. But, I did get to sit at his round table in class, right next to him. Heaven.

Okay, three disadvantages:

  • If I’m being honest, I also hadn’t mastered my hair, or my wardrobe, or my anything.

I didn’t want my situation to deter me though, because Chris and I were destined to spend a lifetime together. This concept was firmed up in my mind when we ran into each other outside of school at a James Bond movie premiere. I knew then. No one else in the entire world loved James Bond but the two of us. It was a sign.
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You Are The Experience You Offer (Who Are You Online: Part Two)

You are the experience you offer

P.S. This is the second part of a four-part series on who you are online. Part one is here. P.P.S. I hate when people “P.S.” things when they haven’t said anything to begin with. Weirdos.

Sooo, I don’t want you to start judging me and whatnot, but I have to tell you an embarrassing truth: I’m a movie theater snob. A legit snob. This is what happened:

I was minding my own business and living life while watching movies at regular theaters. I even frequented a “dollar theater” at which a rat ran past my foot in the middle of a movie one time. What did I do? I propped my legs up on the empty chair in front of me and finished the rest of that Channing Tatum movie, whatever it was, desperately hoping the rat didn’t come back. This was my life. I was in Austin, Texas (no longer living in NYC), so a movie shouldn’t cost more than $10. But, then . . .

The luxury theaters started popping up. Someone treated me to my first movie at one such fancy theater a few years ago and in my head I laughed at them . . . “Who pays $29 for a single movie ticket? Ha. I judge thee. I’m never coming back here.” (Talk about ungrateful.)
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You Are Your Content (Who Are You Online: Part One)

You are your content

There are a few solid factors that direct how we, the good people of your audience, feel about you and who you are to us. I’m just guessing here, and this is a longshot, but you probably want to be somewhere between the fun + informative friend and the go-to source for (insert your topic or industry here), yes? If this is not your goal, then this is not the blog series for you, because we are going IN. Okay?

We, the people of your audience, will allow you to be the person you want to be to us, provided you authentically reach us in four major areas: (1) Content, (2) Experience, (3) Social Proof, and (4) Brand Identity. So, in true Regina fashion (translation: I’ve never done this before), I’m using the month of August to address these four areas in a series that shall henceforth and forevermore be titled: #WhoAreYouOnline

There will be checklists, exercises, and worksheets for you. There will be adult homework for you. This series is not for one of your lazy days, it’s for some of your “I’m about to go in.” kinda days.

(Pop culture side note: “Going IN” simply means getting serious about something or taking a long, deep look at it. Another phrase that is similar would be “going hard” or “doing worrrrk” . . . actually I suck at popular culture references. Don’t take my word for any of this. That’s just what I want it to mean. Moving on . . .)

What is Content?

Your content is way WAY more than just your blog posts. Content is anything people can access from you or find out about you online. Your content is your:

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Grow Your Blog Traffic With Social Media: The e-Kit

Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media: The epic eBook and eKit from byRegina.com

So. I made an e-Kit for you (on pre-order now–but there’s a freebie from it at the end of this post) and it’s all about using social media to grow your blog and start selling your products. It tells the secrets of how I grew my own blog traffic 4000% in two months.

“What’s an e-Kit?” you ask. Imagine a workbook, e-book, and self-paced class rolled into one with some extra spreadsheets, cheat sheets, and checklists (byRegina-style). Imagine your mind being blown by a PDF and it’s accompanying materials. That’s an e-Kit.

Promote Your Blog with Social Media: The epic eBook and eKit from byRegina.com

Grow Your Blog Traffic With Social Media (or GYBTWSM as I like to awkwardly refer to it in my head) is being offered for pre-order right now (at this special price for my blog buddies) and will be released in September 2014. This special price will go up on August 1st. P.S. If you’re on my email list, check your email for your own special offer, but come back so you can find out more below.

Grow Your Blog Traffic With Social Media: The e-Kit

Do you want to be more effective at leveraging your blog and social media accounts to grow your blog traffic? Perhaps you want to know a few secrets of how I grew my blog traffic 40x in two months? Wonder what all the hype about [insert social media platform here] is?

This 100-page e-Kit contains:

  • my list of the 25 most effective types of content to share on social media (which I’ve included at the bottom of this post as a free download because I love you) and tips on which types of content fit best in each social platform
  • several checklists to keep you on track with your social strategy
  • a byRegina-ton of worksheets to help you get organized
  • sections on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • a guide to getting your blog “share ready”
  • additional insight from other experts
  • goal-setting sheets and timeline sheets
  • cheat sheets for the most effective image sizes + types in each platform
  • guided lessons
  • real life screenshots and examples
  • a crazy valuable Tools + Resources List that will help you create and promote the best content every time
  • my humor and sarcasm (that’s at least a $67 value right there, no?)

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7 Simple Ways to Help Your Online Business Not Fail

how to succeed at online business

While I’m hard at work finishing an eKit that I think you will love (this one’s for the bloggers, yo), I thought I’d revisit a past, favorite topic of mine . . . not failing at online business. Because. Let’s be honest. It can be overwhelming and intense. So I have some quick tips for you today to get you thinking:

We all know to choose a business we love and are willing to consistently learn more about. Interest in a topic and passion for people keeps our motivation high. Therefore, we need a serious love of our online product or blog categories, a desire to make our clients’ lives better, plus resolve and hard work to get through slumps in business or creativity. Check.

You’ve got passion already, else you wouldn’t care to read this post. So, here are seven things you can do now, like two seconds ago now, to help your online business or blog not fail or become sucktacular (Get it? sucky in a spectacular way = sucktacular. Brilliant. I know. And yes, I will keep sticking “tacular” on the ends of words then explaining myself. Don’t be craptacular about it, okay?)

1. Start sooner.

I love you and all dear blogger (slash) small business owner, but you are too much of a perfectionist if you don’t start sooner. There are key elements you need in your blog design and layout: newsletter signup, easy-to-understand navigation, some professional graphics, and some compelling copy. However, if you spend an extra 1.5 to 6 months stressing about the color changes you want made, the slight font change you want on the About page, and the ½ inch skooch up you want the image on the Services page to get, you are missing the point and missing the opportunity to connect with an audience who doesn’t care about (or notice) those things in the first place.
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How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog or Brand

How To Create a Blog Style Guide or Brand Style Guide

In order to create and maintain a cohesive online and in-person presence that engages readers and clients, you may want to consider a style guide for your blog or brand. A style guide is a document (PDF/binder/digital file) you create to keep you consistent on important blog elements such as fonts, colors, and image styles, as well as brand elements such as tone, document styles, and more. To create a blog style guide or brand guide you will collect, organize, and create images and text that inspire you, and then you will compile your preferences into a document.

“But why, Regina? Why must I do more work?” you cry out in anguish.

A style guide will save you time (because you won’t have to wonder what your next Instagram image should look like or how you should design that invoice/flyer you need) and it will create a recognizable presence for you online (people make my day when they say they see images on Pinterest and automatically know it’s from my blog–it’s like a non-germy virtual kiss I tell ya).

I’m currently making a new style guide, so I wanted to share the process and benefits with you.

I can’t wait to show you all the new brand. Some of the most fun I’ve had is defining the consistent styles you’ll start to see. I think you’ll enjoy creating a thorough style guide as well (so I created this new post + template out of a previous post from my site). When you look at your style guide, you will immediately have a clear picture of how you should do something or how to create certain brand elements. Can you please just imagine that for one moment? Confusion = gone.

So. You know what’s next. WORK. Download the 3-page blog style guide template below, and follow the guidelines on the template and in the post below. (Note: I made the template a Google Doc that you can copy and it paste into your word processor of choice.)
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