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. . . but you just missed them. All the pointless articles about how to build an audience really fast and make a lot of money online even if you don’t have an Internet connection (but, how Sway?) and haven’t identified your passions.

There are thousands of other sites for that. What we do here (hi, I’m Regina by the way) is build real online businesses. If you identify as a self-publisher, or a coach, or if you don’t do labels but simply want to teach everything you know, then you and I can take the human approach to growing your audience and selling them content they love.

10 Things to Grow Your Business This Weekend Preview

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Oh, and if you’re looking for some more awesome resources you can dig into right now, please select the statement below that most fits where you’re at right now and I’ll take you to articles, books, and workshops that can help.

1. “Listen here, Regina. I’ve been at this online business thing for a while and I’ve just come to troll you and/or read your more advanced stuff.”

2. “I know what I want to teach and create content about (as far as topic goes), but I haven’t translated that into a full-time income making info products and info services yet, so I’d love some ideas.”

3. “Whoa. Take it easy on me. I’m a beginner and I want to build a website or a blog from scratch, but I’m trying to start at Step 1 . . . or Step 0 if we’re being completely honest today.”