About Me


Ello there! (Hear my fading British accent.) I’m Regina–but I imagine you gathered that from my domain name. So, moving on . . .

I am a sidekick to infopreneurs, which is you if you’re a freelancer, coach, blogger, or teacher and you want to monetize the meaningful information in your head.

I spend my days creating programs, resources, and guides to help you build a platform and product out of your knowledge + passions. But I only want to work with people who care about human connections, the value that they add to the world, and the lives and success of the people they teach and serve.

My belief is that you are legendary, so I’m here only to help you reveal your true creative epicness and develop your freedom business.

I want your readers to love you, your new customers to go crazy over you, and your fans to create #hashtags in your honor. That is all.

P.S. I went to school and studied business at some point, have published a few things for Entrepreneur.com, Houston Chronicle Small Business, and USAToday.com, and I’m a former competitive skater (I think I won nationals when I was maybe 11, sooo don’t write home to your mom about it just yet).

P.P.S. I’m based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (formerly Austin, Texas) with a penchant for travel + horrible accents.

Please feel free to view a list of my published works here.