How to Write a Blog Business Plan (the guide for champions)

How to Create a Blog Business Plan

If you like adult homework and careful planning, this post is for you. If you don’t like adult homework or planning out the details of your blog as a business, then this post is definitely for you. If you currently (or ever plan to in the future) regard your blog as a business, or a way to make money, or grow your platform, or enhance your brand, then creating a blog business plan is essential.

“Why? Why must I do this? This is just part of your nefarious plan to keep me busy . . .” you say.

True. But, if you don’t 100% love your blog plan and me after you’re done, I’ll enter you into the “Regina wastes my time and life e-gift card drawing” for $25 to, because here’s the deal: I’d never recommend starting a business without a business plan, so I feel passionately about you developing a blog business plan if you’ll ever regard your blog as a business.

Don’t let the list of blog business plan sections (below) scare you. You don’t have to write the whole plan in one sitting, and you will find that each section is simpler than it looks. Since you probably take your blog + business pretty seriously, I actually think you’ll enjoy filling out the sections below.

he Sections of a Blog Business PlanYour business plan for your blog will accomplish many things:

  • Give you new blog + business ideas as you write.
  • Help you take your blog seriously as a business.
  • Cause you to discover and analyze your growth potential.
  • Help you carefully plan the ways to make money from your blog that best fit your brand.
  • Help you budget and not overspend.
  • Guide you through future decisions for your blog as a business.
  • Give you a clear picture of how you will promote + grow your blog.

Your blog may not require each section of this plan; you’ll be the one who determines how much to include. However, if you’re running your blog as a business, each section you write is important and should ideally be completed before you invest a substantial amount of time or money in your business.

A thorough blog business plan will help you avoid major obstacles and will guide your decisions unlike any other document. When considering a new idea, upcoming blog post, customer request or suggestion, expansion, marketing opportunity, or any other operational item, you will have this plan to consult.

Operating a blog and a business without a roadmap can hurt your growth potential or cause your reach to grow more slowly than it could have.

Quick tip: I recommend reading through your blog business plan at least once each month. This will help you stay on track with goals as well as remind you of objectives you’ve forgotten about that can fill your “free time.”

Writing tip: You can write your blog business plan in any order you wish, and in fact it might be easiest to start with the sections you’re most excited about to get the ideas and energy flowing.

Download: For your own blank template to copy + paste, then fill out, feel free to use this Google Doc or PDF version.

Complete Side Note: You’re so welcome that I found this quick video to help you write your business plan “like a champ.” It got me pumped up before I started creating this post. I recommend you keep chanting “the champ is here” as you power through your business plan for your blog. But you know, if boxing snippets don’t work for you, find some music or motivating thoughts that do.

How to write a business plan for bloggers

1.0 Blog + Brand Summary

1.1 Vision Statement
A vision statement should be inspirational and practical; it should give a clear picture of your blog’s purpose. Answer questions such as: Why does this blog exist? Where do I see it going in the future? What are my long-term core values and plans? How do I want society to view my blog?

1.2 Mission Statement
Your mission statement should set you apart from other blogs and should show the practical ways in which you will accomplish your overall vision. Answer questions such as: What are my responsibilities and commitments to my readers? What is my “blog culture” and how will it show through? How will I practically accomplish my vision during day-to-day operations?

1.3 Ideal Reader
Define and discover your ideal reader or target market in this section. Who are you writing for? Who will ideally come read your content? Here’s a post I wrote with a free download and tons of questions to get you thinking about your ideal reader: How to Create an Ideal Reader Profile for Your Blog

1.4 Blog Culture
Determine and define the “culture” you want your blog to have. What quirks will you show? What style and tone will you write in? What types of images will you use? If your blog had human personality traits, what would they be?

Blog Business Plan: Blog and Brand Summary

2.0 Blog + Brand Goals

2.1 Objectives
List three or more short objectives for your blog in the next six months to one year. Your objectives should be concise and measurable so you’ll be able to determine whether or not you met the objectives. Below are examples of objectives for a “hipster” wedding blog:

‣ To grow our blog traffic at least 5% each month.
‣ To find four modern/hipster wedding vendors who will purchase ad space in our sidebar within the first year.
‣ To create a unique wedding look book (during each of the four seasons) for quirky/untraditional weddings.

2.2 Keys to Success
List three or more keys (or crucial items) to your blog + business success. Choose items that are vital for growth. Set keys to success that will make your objectives from the previous section possible. Here are some keys to success for our fictional wedding blog:

‣ Establish a following on Facebook among recently engaged women through the use of Facebook ad campaigns.
‣ Develop eye-catching designs for our website and social media materials.
‣ Create a following on Pinterest that will share and promote our unique brand of “hipster wedding” posts, look books, images, quotes, and humor in a way that will keep us on the minds of people planning quirky, cool weddings.

2.3 Platform + Expansion Goals
Decide the type of platform you are creating through your blog and any goals for expansion you have for the next one to five years and beyond.

Do you want to build a community around your brand? Develop a platform for speaking engagements or a book? Attract enough people to your products/services to make a full-time income? Connect with like-minded people and share your thoughts? Establish your expertise in your field?

Business Planning for a Blog: Blog and Brand Goals

3.0 Blog Guidelines + Best Practices

3.1 Blog Categories
Based on what you like to talk about within your blog genre or niche, as well as what your ideal reader might like, develop a list of your blog’s main categories. These may change over time and that’s okay. Categories should be easy to understand and user friendly because many blog readers like to navigate around your site or access your content based on how you have posts categorized.

3.2 Blog Schedule
Whether you have an actual posting schedule (ex: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) or you simply develop a writing schedule with the idea that you’ll try to post at least X times per week/month, make sure you set up a system to help you consistently create quality content. I use huge, bright stickers from MOO for my blog topics in a traditional calendar/planner (as pictured below), you may use a digital calendar like normal people. Whatever works!

organizing your blog schedule: byRegina content calendarBy the way: Don’t judge me. I know I should probably do this all using Google Calendar or something a little bit more “techie,” but this is what currently works for me. Don’t be afraid to find your perfect system, no matter how weird.

Note: Your readers will become accustomed to seeing your posts at a certain frequency. Part of building reader trust and value for your visitors is maintaining regular posts.

3.3 Business Tasks + Schedule
. . . and since your blog is your business, make sure you don’t neglect business tasks, such as accounting, marketing, following up on invoices, providing customer service, etc. Write down all the regular tasks you need to complete and assign them to different days of the week. Whatever works for you. My business tasks go in my planner as the square black & white stickers you see in the image above.

3.4 Guest Posting Guidelines
If you plan to feature guest posts on your blog from other bloggers/experts, create some general guidelines that you can email out or post on your site to make the process smooth and beneficial for your guests and your blog.

Planning to make money from your blog? Create a blog business plan with clear guidelines.

4.0 Blog Offerings + Monetization

4.1 Blog Products
List any physical or digital products you will sell from your blog. List the items’ features and the value each item will add to your readers or clients. When it comes time to write a sales page, sidebar note, or blog post about the items you sell, use descriptions that communicate the problem your item solves for you customer or the way your products add fun, enjoyment, etc. to your readers’ lives.

4.2 Services
Follow the same process that’s listed above for products. Make sure to include any services you plan to offer in the near future so you can start planning for them.

4.3 Affiliates + Partnerships
If you plan to use any partner, affiliate, or associate programs (where you make a commission if a reader clicks a link on your site and goes to another site where she purchases something), list them in this section and determine how they fit with your brand and culture. If you read my Income + Traffic Reports, you know I use a mix of products, services, and associate programs related to my audience.

Note: Write out the ways in which you will incorporate products for sale, partner programs and ads into your content. Will you mention products in posts, link to them from your sidebar, make a tools or recommendations page on your blog, a combination of all?

4.4 Ad Space
If you plan to sell ad space to companies yourself or using a service like Passionfruit, decide which types of ads and organizations will be a good fit for your brand. Write down any types of companies or promotions you won’t allow in your space as well. If you want to continually provide an amazing experience for your readers, you’ll want to select ads and monetization strategies that add value to their experience, not distract them from learning from you or enjoying your blog.

4.5 PPC, PPV, or Other Ad Programs
Whether displaying ads from Google or a network like BlogHer, decide if you will build in space for a pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertisement system. How will your readers respond? Don’t be afraid to try new methods out and see how things work for you and your audience.

4.6 Memberships or Subscriptions
If you will offer premium content to members that pay a one-time, monthly, or yearly fee, record the details of your program or idea in this section. Examples of membership sites & exclusive content are and Sarah Morgan’s Bada** Babes Blog Club for Women.

4.7 Document any other monetization techniques you’ll use
. . . such as sponsored posts and reviews.

Blog Business Planning: How to Make Money form Your Blog

5.0 Market + Reader Analysis

5.1 Leading Blogs in My Genre
Analyze 5 – 10 of the leading blogs in your niche. Record 3 – 5 key points of what the blogs do extremely well and 3 – 5 points on things you might do to grow/change these blogs if they were yours.

5.2 Comparable Blogs in My Genre
Find 3 – 5 blogs in your topic area that have similar readerships and categories (to yours) that aren’t quite the most popular. You’ll want to make sure to use comparison wisely here. It shouldn’t be used to make you feel good or bad about your web presence, but to see what others are doing, support their efforts, and start interacting with some of their readers who might be interested in adding your blog to their lists. That’s the thing about blog readers, we won’t necessarily abandon a blog just because we found another good one on a similar topic.

Make the same types of notes about these comparable blogs as you did about the leading blogs in your field.

5.3 Blog Benefits + Reader Use
Based on your Ideal Reader Profile, write out at least five benefits that readers can experience from following your blog. Are there things you do differently than other blogs in your space? This is the place to record those things. You should probably also list some of what makes you unique on your blog’s “about page” as well as in your social media accounts and marketing materials.

5.4 Blog Traffic Goals
Your objectives in Section 2.1 might not have been about traffic, but even if some of them were, write down some traffic goals in this section. If you’re using Google Analytics (for free), or another program of your choice to track your website traffic, you’ll be able to set realistic, exciting goals for your blog. You can aim to increase your overall traffic levels, the amount of quality traffic you get (visitors who stay at least X minutes on your site), or you can even try to track the effectiveness of certain links and paths through your site.

Market analysis for blog business planning

6.0 Social Promotion Strategy

A wealth of information exists in the form of blog posts, books, and courses to help you learn how to utilize social media for your blog business. I recommend developing a plan to work on “getting good” at one or two platforms at a time. Take a class, read, and focus until you become comfortable with each platform, then move on to focusing on new ones. This is not to say you can’t or shouldn’t be using the other ones while you learn, because you should.

6.1 Pinterest Plan
Record the details of how you will use each account, general guidelines, scheduling, image sizes and styles, and more.

6.2 Facebook Plan

6.3 Twitter Plan

6.4 YouTube Plan

6.x Additional Sections for Each Social Account You’ll Use
Add or remove other social media accounts to your blog business plan as necessary.

6.x Email List Plan
It’s never too early to begin building an email list. Having a list full of readers and potential clients that have opted in on hearing your tips, thoughts, and more, is one of the most valuable things your blog business will have. Your engaged email subscribers can become some of your biggest supporters, traffic drivers, and customers if you treat them well. I like to use MailChimp to send out free, attractive emails to my list.

6.x Guest Appearances Plan
Develop a plan for other blogs and websites that you can make some guest appearances on (posts, videos, interviews, quick tips, expert articles, and more). Start a spreadsheet or table of all the relevant sources you can think of, and begin to politely contact these “host” sites once you have enough valuable content on your site to lead visitors back to. This will maximize the value for your brand and blog.

6.x Social Media Strategies and Best Practices
Once you’ve researched and thought about the best ways to use each platform, tie them all together into one overall strategy and any guidelines or consistencies you want to see across each platform.

how to develop a social media strategy for your blog: blog business planning

7.0 Other Marketing + Sales Strategies

7.1 Offline Marketing
It seems crazy to even think of offline marketing techniques sometimes when there is so much you can do online, but even though you are promoting a digital space on the Interwebs, there are likely still things you can do in real life to promote your brand: business cards, speaking engagements, magazine ads, promotions at related fairs or events, partnerships or sponsorships of activities in your community, and more. Think of at least 3 – 5 things you can try that don’t involve an Internet connection.

7.2 Sales Plan
Other than marketing your blog and products through social media, how do you plan to sell your blog’s services and other items? Will you open an Etsy shop? I did and I love it so far. Will you teach workshops and classes at a local center or on your own? Will you sell your wares at markets and fairs?

Also, whether marketing online, offline, or a combination of both, write out a sales plan for each additional item (or categories of items) you decide to sell through your blog.

7.3 Milestones
Accomplishing goals is fun. Reaching milestones, no matter how “small,” can be the push we need to keep going during an unpleasant moment or it can be a sweet affirmation that we’re doing what we’re “supposed to be doing” with our lives.

Record several milestones you want to reach in growth and sales. Examples: Reaching 100 visitors per month, then reaching 10 per day, then 1,000 per month and so on. Or, selling your first eBook, then selling 5 eBooks per month, then 100 per year, etc. Other examples might be reaching a certain level of monthly income, or earning enough to buy a new computer. You get the point.

Blogging Business Plan: How to Set Marketing and Sales Goals

8.0 Continuing Ed + Growth Plan

Just as lawyers have continuing legal education (CLE) they must take, I like to promote CBE–continuing blogger education. Set some goals for continually learning how to become a better blogger as well as how to grow in your niche/abilities.

This may come in the form of finding five blogging tips blogs to follow, finding five or more blogs and resource sites in your field to learn from, taking some Skillshare classes or other seminars and trainings, or going to school to learn more about a particular topic.

Continuing Blogger Education: Blog Business Planning

9.0 Blog Financials

9.1 Startup Budget
Itemize the things you will need to launch your blog business. Consider items such as:
‣ logo and brand identity designs
‣ website hosting and domain name (I use both Bluehost and WPEngine for my sites)
‣ business cards and other promotional materials
‣ monthly Internet fees
‣ blog + website theme or development: I used to use ThemeForest and Creative Market a lot until I started creating my own themes
‣ business formation expenses (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.)
‣ new software or computer
‣ office supplies or office furniture
‣ materials and inventory to make cool stuff (DIY projects, recipes, etc.) for your blog audience

9.2 Monthly Expenses
Follow the same process as above but for recurring expenses. If something is billed yearly, you can divide the cost by 12 to get your monthly fee.

9.3 Monthly Revenue Streams
Create a spreadsheet or table of all the revenue streams your blog will have. As you get used to the process of selling your goods/services, creating effective advertisement or affiliate relationships, etc., you will start to see your revenue grow. Record your monthly income from each source. This will help you notice trends over time, get rid of ineffective partnerships, and capitalize on ideas that are working well for you.

9.4 Production Budget (per post)
Determine how much the average post in each category will cost you to develop in terms of money and time. For example a DIY project or recipe post might get a bit pricey since you have to buy multiple ingredients or inputs for your creation. Some of what you buy will be deductible as a business expense, so you’ll definitely want to keep great records of all your purchases . . . you know, receipts.

Other costs you may incur to create a post are:
‣ fees for photos or graphics
‣ the cost of items you review (such as books or software)
‣ any fees for apps or software that you use to create your post content
‣ hosting fees for large videos or downloads

9.5 Sales Forecasts
Since you are operating your blog as a business, you’ll want to possibly develop the habit of forecasting sales. You can do this based on past performance of your blog. Forecasting can help you predict if you’ll be able to meet your goals and income needs.

Blog Budgeting and Financials: Blog Business Planning

10.0 Blog Style Guide

A blog style guide will help you develop a consistent tone + styling for your blog and brand. Check out my post on the sections of a blog style guide and how to create one; XOSarah has a great post about creating a blog style guide as well.

Creating a Blog Style Guide as a Part of Your Blog Business Plan

11.0 Appendix

11.1 Monthly Blog Analytics
Using your favorite tracking software (Google Analytics is my current favorite that’s absolutely free), track important statistics and changes in your website’s traffic and visitor use.

Perhaps you can print out certain reports each week/month and keep them in a binder with your business plan as an appendix. Great reports might be: overall visits + unique visitors, top pages and posts, and top traffic sources.

11.2 Monthly Social Influence
If you want to also track your social media influence and account growth, decide which statistics are important to you or have an effect on your readers or your brand (such as number of retweets, number of “likes” and followers, etc.) and track their monthly flow. I’d caution you to be careful with any statistics tracking, whether web, social, or otherwise because as long as you have a happy audience and consistent growth, you’re doing well and probably don’t need to get stuck comparing your blog to others or feeling down if your Twitter followers haven’t gone up in a while.

I think it is smart to track these things so you can notice any disturbing trends to figure out if there’s a problem or find any positive trends to figure out what went right and how to repeat that effect. Again, you don’t want to get sucked up into comparison, but as a business, you’ll need to monitor your blog’s reach and effectiveness.

Business Plans for Bloggers: Monthly Analytics and Tracking Section

You are spectacular for making it through this process. I know this is a lot to do for your blog, but you will be glad you spent the time planning out the details. Oh, and in the not-so-distant future I’ll be releasing an even more in-depth guide to blog business planning. It’s part of an epic project I’m creating with another blogger to make you other bloggers out there very happy on the inside. I’ll keep you informed, and those signed up for my email list, will be the first to know.

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    This is great Regina! My blog isn’t my business but it’s great to have a resource for a blog business plan. Blogging is such a new industry and writing a business plan might be hard to do when there are so many unknown variables. Thanks for sharing!

    • regina says

      Angel, thank you for commenting. That’s a good point about it being a relatively new industry and therefore harder to create a business plan for. Unknown variables can sneak up and affect even seasoned bloggers, so I think a great way for a new blogger to avoid as many obstacles as can be is to write out a plan that accounts for some of the stuff above.

      I appreciate your time and comment Angel. Hope you have a great Monday.

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      Yay! I appreciate the pin + the comment Deidre. It’s a fun process once you start it, and it’s definitely something a pro blogger will see the usefulness of, in my opinion.

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    I’ve been writing about the benefits and importance of reading to children on My other, more recent blog is more relevant to my copywriting business. Armed with this business plan outline, I should get to work now.

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      Rupa, thank you for reading. I’m glad you intend to use it. Just checked out your copywriting blog. If you’re not already on Pinterest, I think your valuable content could be a huge hit with some highly pinnable images.

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    I’m catching up on all my byRegina blog reading tonight ;-) and WOW!! they’re all great but this one is especially helpful!! Working on a long standing venture and this is so timely. PLUS I think that a blog business plan would be a great component to updating my company’s business plan in general. I’ve been very remiss in giving the blogging side of my company the attention it deserves and thus have not reached the potential I know this revenue stream holds. Great info and template!! Thank you Regina!

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      Julie, yay, I appreciate your words. You’re so smart: using a blog business plan in conjunction with your company business plan. I think that’s a great way to go about it. Please let me know if you run into any questions.

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    Thank you so much for this resource. I am about to ‘start again’ after finally figuring out where I am heading and what really makes my heart sing!

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      Wow, thank you Sally. The compliment helps me know what others find useful. Good luck as you restart. that is such a meaningful, fun, and somewhat scary time when everything clicks into place and you realize your heart’s desire and what you want to create. Happy that you found it!

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    Thank you for this fantastic (again) post Regina. Funny, I’m in law school studying for my CLE :). I plan to fill this out after my exams next month; I’m already seeing areas I have strayed from my vision, and how hard I’ve been working and not smart! This opened my eyes, and it’s crazy because it’s knowledge I already had, you just let me realise I already had it. Lots of love from Jamaica.

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      Haha, so you’ll be dealing with CLE and CBE Jessica. You won’t be busy at all . . . (wink)

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    Thanks so much putting this up Regina, and also for going into so much great detail. It is much appreciated.

    I’ve spent too long winging it but my blog is more popular than I had ever thought it would be and I needed some focus. I have spent 3 days writing out my business plan and now I have an action plan too.

    Thanks again
    Ann @ Our Handmade Home

    • regina says

      Ann, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment and let me know you’ve written out your plan. I love it.

      It’s funny because you’re “winging it” clearly meant you created fun posts that people liked to read, view + share because your blog grew in popularity. This is such a great place/time to bring in a business plan and take your blog wherever you want to go. Good luck with the process and please let me know how it goes if you ever get the chance.

      I’m headed over to your blog to check out this printer review you posted. I’m way too obsessed with printers.

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    So does it totally give you a giggle fit to think about all of your readers chanting “The Champ is Here” after reading this from you? I could totally see your fans saying it in unison.

    Seriously though, this is powerful stuff. The template is awesome-sauce and just knowing the time you put into this, makes it even more special that you’re sharing it for free.

    Off to share it with the masses … (and go add all of these really great blogs from your comments to my Feedly!)

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      Naomi, yes, I can only hope that in multiple places across the world people have reminded themselves that “the Champ is here.” It’s ridiculous how pumped up I get when I hear that. I start doing mini punches and Rocky moves + running about while singing it. Really sounds quite ridiculous when I type it all out. Sure it looks worse.

      Thank you for the compliment to the post and thank you for taking the time to share + connect with the other bloggers in the comments. Seriously, I don’t know how it happened, but some of the most interesting people in the world (you included, naturally) come visit the blog. I love it.

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    I found your blog on Pinterest and am so happy I did!! I saw this linked in the sidebar and thought I’d check it out. SUCH A WONDERFUL POST !!! (Sorry about the caps, I’m excited lol.) I’m a newb and I get overwhelmed if I’m not organized. This is such a great way to write down current and future goals and intentions. It’s so detailed and the best business plan template I’ve seen. I love that you go in depth as to what to include in each section too! Thank you so much for this, very much appreciated. :)

    • regina says

      Amber, thank you so much. Okay, I just went to your blog and read your cloth diaper post. I don’t even have kids yet, but you have me convinced. I finished the post and started imagining how much money I’d save and all the cute diapers I could buy. Ha. I was really into it. Sheesh, I can’t tell you’re a “newb.” You had a non-parent very excited about parent things.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this post and to comment. I hope you enjoy using the template and I hope you’ll let me know if you have any feedback or questions. I’m trying to think of a non-cheesy way to say “keep up the awesome posting on your blog,” but it all sounds horrible, so I’ll just give in to the cheese >> Go get ‘em tiger!

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        If I read it and love it, I’ll always comment. So watch out (; haha. The template is great and I’m about to go work on it some more. I’ll definitely send you an email if I need anything!

        Hey, if the cheese works. Stick with it!

        Thank you again girl. Really.

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    As always, F awesome post! Although my blog is not my business, it sure gets lots of my time and attention. Once a year I take about one month off to work on new plans + goals. I haven’t done it this year yet and I’m sure this post is gonna save me so much time, as it’s all layed down already! :) THANK YOU!

    • regina says

      Kelly, I appreciate the comment + that you took the time to check it out. That’s so smart that you assess and modify each year. I’m definitely trying to make it a regular habit. Don’t want things to spin out of focus.

  12. Tope Shonekan says

    Hi Regina, Just had to say – “You rock!”. This information is so relevant to where I am right now. I’m just starting my blog and I had’t really thought about writing a business plan for it (but I had done one for the business behind the blog). So, thank you. Even though you’ve added to my work load, I had to share this with a great group I’ve joined (“Blogging Better”), so beware, you might get more fans!

    • regina says

      Tope, thank you for taking the time to read this (very long) post. I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for the feedback and your sharing of the post. And can I just say . . . Tope . . . how cool is that name? I love it.

      Congrats on getting started with your new blog. It really excites me that you’ll be going through the process of writing a blog business plan from the beginning. I hope it brings clarity and great goals for you–you’re clearly already a focused person (having written a business plan + started a business and all), so hopefully it won’t be tedious work.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’d love to see the blog once you launch it!

      • Tope Shonekan says

        Aww, thanks! I started working on it last night so I’ll be sure to let you know how things turn out! Have a great weekend.

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    Regina, this is such a brilliant piece! You’ve done an amazing job at translating a generic business strategy into a blog business strategy.
    Now comes the hard part for us fired up readers: actually complete it and then implement it.
    Thank you for kickstarting me on this road.

    • regina says

      Monika, wow, I do appreciate your words. Thank you.

      Haha, yep. Now to writing it. Please let me know if you come up with any feedback, ideas, or questions of any kind. Thanks for coming by to read and comment. I love the support.

    • regina says

      P.S. Did you do a new layout on your blog? I’m a big fan of black + white and simplicity. I like the look. Are you using Genesis? How do you like it so far?

      Enough questions for you? ^^^

  14. Bunny White says

    Regina thank you soooooo much for this! Much needed and much appreciated. Also, I just love what you’ve done with your graphics. For the type of content you create I find them fun, eye-catching, and memorable – they make my pinterest boards look good!:)

    • regina says

      Bunny, you’re the best. Thank you. Hope it helps and please let me know if you have questions/feedback if you use it while writing your blog business plan.

      I appreciate your comment on the graphics >>> my way of trying to make tutorials and business-y content a bit more fun. Thanks for reading!

    • regina says

      Woo hoo! I know it’s a lot Sophie, so thank you and good luck with it. I’m always interested in any feedback or questions you may have during the process, so please reach out if you think about it.

  15. says

    I am very thankful to you Regina for this post. You really made an exception. I have planned my blog posts but not the way you handle things. I really need to review my blog posts and make it more like a pro. Thanks again!

    • regina says

      I truly appreciate that you took some time to stop by and to leave a sweet comment. Thank you. I hope it helps in some small way. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for it or any questions as you’re planning. Thanks again.

  16. says

    I really love this article, you broke it down so well. My blog is 2 years old and I realize I need to go back and revamp some things. I realize that I need to get better at my budgets and my tracking. Thanks Regina! Very helpful post!

    • regina says

      Meredith, thank you for stopping by and I appreciate your compliment. I feel you on budgets and tracking. That’s always the biggest pain to me and the last thing I think about it. I built tracking into my blogging a bit by creating blog traffic and income reports, but I still have additional levels of organization I need to achieve.

      You have so many neat posts/ideas on your blog. You’ve been doing such a good job with those. I’m glad to find your blog. Thanks for connecting on Twitter as well. Please let me know if you have any ideas or questions while you work on your budgets and tracking. I love to hear how other bloggers and creative business people get things done. Thanks again for the comment.

    • regina says

      Umm, if “they” were giving out awards for beautiful names, one would totally go to you. Just so you know.

      Also, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Good luck with your blog business plan and with pro blogging.

  17. says

    Thank you Regina for writing this post and all the other amazing ones I have just stumbled across on your blog.

    I have just come back to blogging after a few years and really want to make a proper go of it. This plan is exactly what I was looking for to help me define and direct my blog. Thanks again and look forward to following your blog.

    • regina says

      Jessica, wow. Thank you for that sweet compliment. Good luck with your blog as you come back to blogging. I hope it’s a world of fun for you. All your visuals look great to me; I look forward to checking out your content more.

      Thanks for taking some time to comment. It really encourages me and means so much to me.

  18. says

    Your website is SO SO SO SO helpful. My friend and I decided to start a blog without knowing much, and I kind of realized we were in over our heads so I fired up Pinterest to find some tips. I have ended up spending hours reading your incredibly useful articles, and I definitely feel less like unprepared. Thank you so so so much. I can’t even express how helpful you have been.

    • regina says

      Theresa, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I apologize for my extremely delayed response and that my response time doesn’t reflect how meaningful your comment is. I appreciate it.

      Good luck with your new blog. Your recent food pictures certainly look “delectable.” Burgers and cupcakes are definitely on my gluten-free cheat list. They’re worth it, even if there’s not a GF option available.

      Wishing you continued success with your blog. Please let me know if you have any questions ever.

  19. says

    Thank you so much Regina for making this blogpost, it’s so incredibly helpful. I’m very new to blogging and have been reading so many blogs to help me out a little, and yours is by far the most helpful one. I find it very easy to read and it made me excited to start my own business plan! I’ll keep reading the rest of your blogposts, cus I still have a lot to learn ;) thanks again!

    • regina says

      NoaNoa, thank you for your incredibly encouraging comment. I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. Your comment is truly meaningful to me.

      Congratulations on starting a blog; it already looks professional, so good job. Please let me know if you run into any questions you want to toss my way. Thanks for reading.

  20. says

    Regina, I want to just hug your neck girl! I just discovered your blog today and I’ve spent at least 3-4 hours here already. This Blog Business Plan is pure GOLD! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together and share it for free. Massive resource!

    I have been blogging for four years, then took a 6-month hiatus for the first half of this year. I needed time to re-evaluate and figure out my focus. I rebranded in May and I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but I find myself looking for more.

    This will absolutely help me find that “more”. Thank you again, so, so much. You rock my socks!

    • regina says

      Kirsten, thank you so much for your comment. I apologize for responding so, so, so late. Please forgive me.

      Thanks also for such a sweet compliment to the blog and post. I appreciate that you took the time to encourage me. I was just checking out your blog (that I’ve seen before) and noticed your virtual blog assistant services. How wonderful. Are you enjoying that?

      I may want to talk with you about some logistics coordination. That sounds lovely.

      Congrats on the rebrand. What are some of your major goals/objectives now? I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing. Thanks again for stopping by with your comment.

  21. says


    Great post. I used your guidance and outline and am happy to say, finished up my business plan yesterday :D! Thank you for writing the post I needed to get it done. (I’ve been blogging for 2 years now lol) Stay inspired you are such an inspiration!

    Prosper In Purpose,


    • regina says

      Talia, thank you for your awesome comment. I’m so glad to hear you finished your blog business plan. I apologize for taking so long to respond here; I’m truly sorry about that.

      Do you still feel like the plan brought you clarity? What are some of your upcoming plans for Haute Hemisphere?

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment + feedback. I appreciate your time doing that.

    • regina says

      Amber, thank you, thank you for stopping by and leaving such great feedback. I appreciate it and I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Please forgive me for that.

      Such a random comment, but: your photos on Instagram are excellent. I saw your recent blog post with some of your IG shots and I love them all. You’re a very skilled photographer. I’m glad you’re sharing that with the world.

      Again, thanks for reading such a long post and making time to comment. I’m wishing you success with your blog business plan and your brand in general.

    • regina says

      Jennifer, I just found your sweet comment today, way after the fact. I apologize for taking so long. Did you end up finishing your plan? I hope everything is going well with what we talked about via email. I’m a big fan of yours, by the way. Thank you for your comment.

  22. says

    This is what I’ve been looking for!
    I’ve always had such grandiose plans for creating a blog that serves a useful purpose and has something to contribute.
    It is still in it’s infancy and I am learning as I go, but I have always wondered how I was going to take this and make it a business. It’s early yet. I still have time, but this is something that is definitely going to guide my focus.

    Thank you, thank you my darling.

    • regina says

      Kady, it has been super connecting with you via social media lately. Thank you for stopping by the blog and thanks for this great comment.

      How did #3DayCreate go for you? I can’t wait to see all the ways you turn your space into a business. Also, I’m glad you’re working on your business plan; how is it going?

      I’m liking the blog layout; is it new? It looks different from the last time I saw it.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  23. says

    Thank you for sharing this great (and comprehensive!) guide!
    Still being quite new to blogging myself, there are some key areas that I definitely need to address (and soon) having read your plan. I can’t wait to get started, although I’m a little daunted by the amount of detail and work I know I need to put in, but I know it will be well worth it!
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

    • regina says

      Jemma, thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Wow. Your quality pictures and blog setup do not seem like that of a new blogger. You’re doing a great job with your space.

      You’re right though about the amount of work. I’m wondering if a webinar that walks through the blog business plan template might be of use?

      I really appreciate your feedback and sweet compliment. Wishing you success with your site. I haven’t seen another one like it.

      • says

        Thank you SO much for the lovely comments about my blog! I really appreciate it!
        It is a lot of work but I think that it needs to be to ensure all areas are considered and put down in black and white. I am up to writing section 4.0 now and it has been so beneficial already as although I knew all of the detail in my head, having it down on paper realigns your direction and your focuses by having an actual step-by-step action plan.
        I would definitely be interested in seeing a webinar to support this blog post if you do decided to go ahead with it! I think it’s a great idea.
        Thanks again for sharing all of your expertise on your lovely blog! There’s so much more that is going to be helpful for me once I finish my business plan.

    • regina says

      Wow Zak, I appreciate your comment. Thank you for taking time to read and to say that. Your site is extra official with such helpful posts on WordPress, one of my major loves in life.

      Thanks for stopping by Zak.

  24. says

    Thank you a million times for such a great piece of information. I started a website about a month ago and this is advice I will apply right away. Well done and again, thank you!

  25. says

    What a great post! This has been something on my to do list for a long time and I’m way overdue. I just had my year anniversary last Saturday and I’m posting along without a clear end goal. Since it’s been a year I’ve bought quite a bit for my blog including some cohost spots for giveaways. I guess I should start with a clean slate since I don’t have all of the past transactions on hand?
    I’m going to go through everything and start keeping track. Thanks so much. Pinned!

  26. says

    I just came across your blog through Pinterest, and I’m blown away by the content! I’ll definitely be sharing posts in my Sunday Link Love this week and adding you to my RSS feed. Thank you for this very organized blogging plan!

  27. says

    Regina, This was SO helpful. I have recently joined the blogging world and it’s rather daunting at times with so many avenues to go down. Having an actual plan like this is going to help me immensely!

    Thank you!

  28. says

    You have no ideal what has happen to me in the past 30 minutes going through your blog. I was really struggling with what to do next to build and grow my brand. Everything about your blog has placed me back on course.
    I’ve purchased my domain and planning make the switch to WordPress by December. Thank you again for being so awesome in sharing your knowledge.
    Be Blessed,

  29. says

    I literally just finished the last section of my blog business plan and I had to leave a comment. I visit your blog every single day and I am constantly inspired and in awe of everything you have to offer. I’m not new to blogging, but I am very new to blogging to become a business. You offer the best starting points for new and established bloggers who want to have successful and confident blogs.

    I fall into the category of the person who hates adult homework and planning out the details. Even though I have had my blog for a year, I decided to use your business plan and I am more passionate, optimistic, and excited about my blog and its potential than ever!

    I have so much gratitude for you! I’m sending good vibes your way and I’m excited to see all the greatness that comes to you in return for all of this abundance you have put out for all of us.

    • says

      Camille, yessssssss to finishing. It’s such a lot of work, isn’t it? And you are absolutely too sweet and wonderful for your compliment. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate that you took time to encourage me with your feedback.

      It’s excellent to hear you are more passionate + optimistic about your blog than ever. Planning is powerful for people like you with amazing ideas. Truth be told, I’m a bit obsessed with the topic of your blog (visual merchandising) and your services, and I can’t fully explain why. I don’t have a store; I think that good design (in any form) always excites me.

      Sooooo, I have a non-creepster proposition for you. If you’re reading this and are interested in a totally crazy idea that I believe could grow your blog, will you please email me? Regina at

      I’d appreciate that a ton Camille, but no worries if not. Thank you again for your comment.

    • says

      Brenda, ha, exactly. He literally can’t be beat. Thank you for taking time to read this (lengthy) post and to comment. I’m wishing you success with your adult homework.

  30. says

    Just found your blog and this post is so timely. I have been struggling with my blog as a business recently and realized what was missing – my business plan! I have one “loosely” in my head, but after reading your post, I’ll be getting more defined and on paper. Thank you for helping me focus.

  31. Madison Webb says

    I am just starting in the blogging world. I really liked your post and found it useful. Thank you so much.

  32. says

    Regina, Thank you so so much for posting this! I live in Ireland where blogging is just in the baby stages and people know little about it. I was looking for information everywhere to just clear my head and get some sort of plan going and this is exactly what I needed! My intention was to always turn my blog into a business and you just put me on the right track. Thank you! I will definitely by turning all my blogging friends your way in the years to come! x

  33. says

    Hi Regina, I just found your blog yesterday and have been reading every single post since then :) You’re such an inspiration. I need to rebrand my blog as I struggle to see how it fits with the other parts of my business and how I can draw revenue from it. The trouble I have is: how to cut down things so it works as a stand alone product. Too many ideas in my head, that’s what my problem is, and my blog can’t just be the place where I drop them all. Anyway thanks, I’ll be very busy as I want to relaunch early next year. x By the way, I’m a reader from Ireland too :)

  34. says

    This is seriously amazing. We have a blog and honestly I’ve been scared of it. I have so much to write and share, but what does it all mean? This post will help us really decided how we want to proceed.

    Thank you so much for the time you put into this! I found your site yesterday (I blog-hop a lot so I don’t remember how I found it) and just read and read and read.

    Can’t wait to implement this plan!

  35. says

    I started my blog as a hobby and now I’m ready to take it to a business level. I just spent the morning writing out my business plan based on your model, and I haven’t been more excited about getting this thing off the ground! Thank you so much for this!

  36. says

    Thanks for this Regina. I did start my blog with the intention of it being a business. I am just writing right now and I am 80% sure of where I want to go with it, and having a business plan will help A LOT! You have so much cool stuff on your blog that will help me get my blog going.

  37. says

    This is exactly what I need to inject some life into my blog! For some reason I’m sitting on projects, not pumped enough to post them. I love the idea of putting together my blog’s mission/vision/values. I’m excited to get started!!


  38. Sonja says

    Just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into this post! I came here through and just spend some time going through your plan with a notepad. I really enjoyed going through the process of writing it all out, it really makes everyone so much clearer. I especially liked point 7.3 (Milestones)! Such a great way to motivate yourself to follow through.

    I’m a freelance data analyst and there aren’t many blogs in that area (at least not as many as in for example the food blog area!). I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time but haven’t had the courage, because I had no idea where to start. So I really appreciate that you are willing to share your wisdom with the rest of us!

  39. says

    Wow, what an awesome resource your treasure trove of information is!

    Thank you so much for compiling this list…I am slowly slogging my way through your articles and they provide a wonderful sense of direction as I start my blog.

    Thank you again!

  40. Ricky Margan says

    thank you for your help so much. I love the idea of putting together my blog’s mission/vision/values. I’m excited to get started!!.I really enjoyed going through the process of writing it all out, it really makes everyone so much clearer.

  41. says

    Thank you for this most timely post. Greatly appreciate your taking the time to put all the information in one spot. Just starting out in this blogging arena and feeling overwhelmed and lost. Found this on Pinterest and am extremely glad! You’ve given me a clear path to follow and most importantly, hope that I can make my dream into a business. If you were here in person I would give you a great big bear HUG! Thank you! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  42. says

    I discovered your blog and have found so much useful information! After taking some time off from actively running my blog, it was helpful to find this blog business plan to help me get my thoughts in order and down on paper right before the new year begins. I look forward to reviewing it every month and using it as a road map for 2015. Thanks!

  43. Alex Roberson says

    Regina this is a great blogspot. I have read through most of the post and I also have a great reference for Custom Business Plans They created thousands of business plans and have funded over 500 million in investor capital to startups. Have your bloggers check them out.

  44. Daharis says

    Wow, Regina. You’re so fantabulous! Thank you for being YOU and for mastering the art of communicating so beautifully and clearly. As a newbie to the blogging game, this guide is a valuable piece of gold! I’m giving you a virtual hug right now for all your hard work!

    With love,

  45. says

    Thank you!
    This is amazing! Out of all the info I have been looking this is what I was looking for the Virgo in was jumping up and down with the excitement of a plan and steps to follow.

  46. says

    Hi Regina,

    Awesome. That’s all I can say. Your business blog plan is the best I’ve seen. Most plans resemble the traditional business plan with added blogs sections to make it work for blogs. Nope that’s not how it works. Yours is the way to go.

    Blessings Janet

  47. says

    You brought so much clarity to so many aspects of a blog. And I’m still new to your blog, can’t wait to see all of your other information.There’s so much information out there yet nothing that quite zeros in on what needs to be done. I get what you say about quality content. Thanks for your about section, I can relate and hopefully with this post, I can zero in on my path. Best wishes to your success. Thanks!

  48. says

    This is great because I definitely am in need of finally reeling my blog in. It’s hard when you start for giggles but then realize you actually have to be concise about what it is you are doing and how it will make money. I actually had a mentor tell me that I should get together a business plan, so I am trying to take heed. But this is an amazing starting point. Appreciative of the post.

  49. says

    Wow Regina, these are awesome tips and so important for such a newbie like me. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely be back!
    Best regards,

  50. says

    I’m so pleased that I came across your post because this is exactly what I was looking for. I’m currently trying to write a plan for my blog so I can fashion it around that plan. I am currently writing about anything and everything I feel like which just doesn’t work from my perspective so I want to have a revamp. Thank-you for your help, time and advice.

  51. says

    Hi Regina

    I love the quality of free content you offer to us. I am ready to take my blog, to the next level. I have to be honest with, I get overwhelmed with the creative ideas I have and the steps I have to take to give birth to them. So, you are a prayer answered, literally!
    Muito Obrigada!

  52. says

    I’m super glad I found your website, Regina. I’ve been meaning to fix my blog for the longest time and your tips are just what I needed.

  53. says

    Hi Regina!
    Thank you for such amazing content. I have not published my website yet because I am adding content and getting the whole picture together. Since I do want to start blogging as a business I would like to know if you know what type of entity I should be when I open a business account. My blog will be about lifestyle, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, travel, relationships. So when I go to a bank to setup a bussiness account I am not sure what type of entity I fall under. I am leaning towards lifestyle consultant but not sure if this is a category. Thanks for your help and wonderful post!

  54. Marie says

    Hey Regina,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much! Your whole blog, not just this post, is amazing (your humour and personality is pretty fab too!). I’m about to start a blog and you have given so much more confidence, not to mention amazing resources and advice. I wish you all the very, very best!


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