Before + After Checklists for Your Blog Posts (and a free download)

Before and After You Post Checklists for Bloggers

Short + sweet today. Just wanted to share a resource I created and use for my blog posts: The Before You Post + After You Post Checklist of things you can do to create and promote the most quality content possible. With SEO, image design, social media, grammar, and more to worry about, it’s simple to forget some important things.

Below is the free PDF download of my checklist. I recommend getting it laminated so you can use it over and over, but you know . . . whatever works for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Before You Post Checklist for Your Blog + After You Post Checklist

Download the checklist by clicking the image above or by opening it here: The Before and After Your Post Checklists for Blogging

(P.S. Here are more checklists, of daily, weekly + monthly business tasks for bloggers)

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12 Responses to Before + After Checklists for Your Blog Posts (and a free download)

  1. Diana says:

    Such a great list! There are definitely some things on here I need to work on!

    Just wanted to say I just found your blog and love it — so fun and helpful!

    • regina says:

      Diana, thank you! That is so encouraging to me. Just stopped by your blog and checked out all your wonderful new photography. I’m putting that on my list of things to learn this year–well, at least the basics.

  2. Amy Maricle says:

    Regina – this is a great list and a great example of a free print out. Thanks again for living your advice and teaching us all so well. So far I have naturally just thanked anyone who shared my post, but it’s good to see your reminder here so that I remember that it’s not only good etiquette, but crucial.

    All the best,

    • regina says:

      Amy, thank you. I know sometimes it’s hard to know or see each time someone shares your content (because they may not tag you on Twitter, or you may simply miss it on Pinterest), but I think you’re correct to call it crucial because it sends the message that you actually appreciate someone’s support. In the end, it probably endears you to your friends and supporters even more, making them more likely to share you in the future.

      But honestly, I just enjoy the opportunity to make new Internet friends because that is where I spend most of my day!

  3. Maru says:

    This is very helpful, Regina! there are a lot of things to do after publishing a post that is great to have a list of reminders. Thank you!

    • regina says:

      Maru, thank you for reading + thanks for the compliment. Glad it’s helpful.

      I just can’t get over how attractive your blog is. I love reading your posts and I adore all your layouts + images!

  4. Deidre says:

    This is FABULOUS. Thanks for continuing to add value to your readers/clients! Will pass this on to a few blogger friends I know.

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  7. Em says:


    I have just stumbled upon you via pinterest… absolutely love your bog and resources. really helpful and real… super down to earth and easy to connect with.

    Love it!


    • regina says:

      Oooooh Em, I just love your clean blog layout + design. How wonderful. Thank you for taking some time to stop by and comment. I really appreciate that. And your compliment is so sweet. That helps me a ton. Thanks for reading.

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