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20 Actions You Can Take to Look Like a Pro Blogger

How do you look like a pro blogger? Here are 20 actions you can take.

When you put the word “pro” in front of an action or position in life (one that refers to a person), it typically means that the word or action is done as a profession–as in: it makes money or it is the person’s job. Which definitely brings me to...

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20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out

20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out, plus Business Valentine's Day

As you know, this weekend we celebrate Business Valentine’s Day (#BizVDay), and therefore, I have some cool treats for you and your business. Okay. Okay. You make a fair point. How could you have known about #BizVDay, considering I just made it up? But you can at least see...

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The 5 (Blog Reader) Love Languages


I’m not the only one who started every conversation for five years with the whole “What are your love languages?” bit, right? Okay, good. Just checking. I knew you were as awesome as I am. But for the two of you in the world who didn’t get obsessed with...

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You Are Your Content (Who Are You Online: Part One)

You are your content

There are a few solid factors that direct how we, the good people of your audience, feel about you and who you are to us. I’m just guessing here, and this is a longshot, but you probably want to be somewhere between the fun + informative friend and the...

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How to Get Serious About Blogging

What to Do When You're Ready to Get Serious About Blogging

1. Think long & hard about your blog categories. Your categories are the main sections or “magazine columns” that you feature on your blog. They should appeal to your target audience. They should be logical for you. You should like talking about them. 2. Design your site to be...

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The 15 Epic Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging--Why should I blog for my business?

Since you’re reading this post, you probably already have at least the slightest suspicion that blogging can be an epic thing. Granted, it’s not for every brand, you can certainly establish another platform as your headquarters, but if you’re into blogging, it does have many benefits to present. I’ve...

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