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How to Create an Epic Email Course as an Opt-in

How to create an epic email course from scratch and use it as an opt-in for your email list.

Soooo, let’s take a deep dive into how to create an email course (correction: an epic email course) that you can use as an opt-in for your email list to grow it wildly and to impress your savvy audience. And don’t worry, there are only 18 steps to creating...

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20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out

20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out, plus Business Valentine's Day

As you know, this weekend we celebrate Business Valentine’s Day (#BizVDay), and therefore, I have some cool treats for you and your business. Okay. Okay. You make a fair point. How could you have known about #BizVDay, considering I just made it up? But you can at least see...

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How to Get Serious About Social Media

How to Use Social Media for a Blog or Business

Many moons ago I wrote a post on 33 Ways to Get Serious About Blogging, and even many-er moons ago I had a good friend, @WifeMomSWoman, try to tell me that I should get serious about social media as well. She even started my Pinterest account for me. I’ll...

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How to Create a Brand Statement in Only 10 Minutes

How to Write a Brand Statement (with a formula, in only 10 minutes)

If there’s one thing you and I know, with our extensive legal training (from watching The Good Wife and other legal dramas), it’s that when you cross-examine a witness, you need to lead them carefully with pointed questions that require specific, short answers. We want yes/no, or we want...

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Getting Started with Pinterest For Bloggers

How to Use Pinterest: for bloggers

First off, I hope you didn’t come for the donuts, because I lied about those to lure you here. There’s really only a video tutorial and three free worksheets to go along with this post on getting started with Pinterest for bloggers. So, #1: Download the worksheets that you...

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30 Ways to Find Your First Clients

How to find your first clients

Okay, let’s be serious for a moment, whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, the act of going out and “pushing” your products and services on a stranger is not necessarily your favorite activity. Sure, to “get your name out there” some active recruiting methods may be necessary at...

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12 Essential Steps to Starting Your Freelance Business

Starting your freelance business: 12 essential steps

When you think of your future life of freelancing, do you see the romanticized version where you hang out in coffee shops and eclectic studios with tons of natural light, where you have lots of other freelance buddies, where you work in your pajamas some days and only work...

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