“Help me start, eh? I’ll grow and scale once I have a solid foundation.”

Hey, there you epic human at the beginning of an amazing journey . . . or EHBAJ as I like to call you. On this page, you will find my most exciting and useful resources on building something meaningful out of your knowledge and skills.

“Give me the goods, already.” you say.

Okay, I got you. Below I’ve linked a few important articles, courses, and options, but first, I gotta say:


The most helpful course on launching your online business is actually FREE. I have put hours of organized trainings into Launch Your Online Business Already (shown above), and I hope you enjoy picking your niche, finding your intended audience and clients online, building your website or blog with my guided tutorials, and more inside this course. Other resources that might interest you are:

1. My article on creating a business plan for your blog.
2. My list of over 1100 niches to help spark some ideas–P.S. It’s in that free course I told you about above
Niche Finder Preview Over 1100 Options

3. The Epic Blog Editorial Planner–this is one of my most popular books ever and can help you plan your email, blog, live broadcast, and social media content for the year. It has blank months so you can start using it at any time.
4. This article on SEO for non-techies
5. This resource on launching your blog on a budget

Oh, and if you care about this kind of stuff. I’ve written for sites like Entrepreneur and USAToday (okay, these were unrelated travel articles though), and I’ve been interviewed or written up on sites like Fast Company, Canva Design School, and ConvertKit before. And I’ve spoken at online and IRL (in real life) events for companies/organizations such as Teachable, VenturePop, ConvertKit, Blogalicious, and more.


Also, I recommend you read ways #2 and 3 (at least) in my *quick* 24-page eBook that has 10 epic ideas (things you can do on the weekends) for how to grow your brand in engaging, human, and meaningful ways.

10 Things to Grow Your Business This Weekend Preview

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Lastly, if you think it applies to you, this Facebook Live that I did is a training on deciding between a website and a blog, plus figuring out what you need your site to do for you based on the types of information products/services you sell.