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How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang: From a True Success Story

by Regina

How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang from a True Success Story


Starting and operating a blog can be a liberating, educational, challenging, and rewarding experience, but it definitely takes consistent hard work. Deidre Guillory, the popular & down-to-earth blogger behind, offers six power tips to help you start or relaunch your blog and create a buzz around your brand. Deidre is a true success story as her blog receives around 100,000 unique visits per month, and … it’s less than two years old. Check out her tried-and-true launch tips. Thank you for this guest post, Deidre!

1. START with the END in mind.

Write your business goals down for the next six months, twelve months, three years, five years and ten years. Dream BIG. It’s perfectly fine if you change your mind down the road, but, this will help you come out with a BANG knowing what you intend for your brand to “say.” Many bloggers start off all over the place because they are trying to find their voice/brand. That’s OK (better than not doing it at all!), but if you have a general idea of where you’re headed, you will save time and money.

Quick Tip: Use a calendar or Marketing Planner (like the one in Regina’s free resources to forecast your content out over the next year. It will help you stay motivated and encourage your content to remain fluid (and logical).

2. RESERVE social media accounts.

Really, you should research these before you invest in a brand name in the event that your desired names are already taken. There is nothing more annoying than searching for an established brand on Twitter or Facebook, and no matter how hard you search by their actual name, you can’t find them. Remember point number one? Pick names that will make sense ten years from now. Trust me.

Quick Tip: Pick social media names that are short, to the point, and include your primary brand name. Use a free site like to check for your name availability on multiple social media accounts at the same time.

3. COMPILE (a whole lotta) high quality photos.

There’s a ton of convincing research out there which shows that killer photos are taking over the world. With amazing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram taking the lead, it’s imperative that you attach beautiful, high quality and eye-catching photos with each blog post. And please, don’t steal other people’s photos. Buy them from a trusted stock photo website like Fotolia, or hire a photographer who will give you the rights to use their images. For your own headshots, try to hire a seasoned professional, or read these tips from a pro photographer on how to take a professional “selfie.”

Quick Tip: Invest in medium to large stock photo sizes to ensure they maintain their quality when loaded onto various social media platforms.

4. Prepare to ADD VALUE.

This is huge. Don’t just get online and retweet/rewrite stuff from other people. Give us what we want: real knowledge and genuine inspiration. We realize you likely started your blog/business to sell a product, but, you only get what you give. Don’t be afraid to give insider secrets (like what I’m doing now!) or free products in order to help others. It not only makes the world a better place, but it helps people to trust you and your intentions.

Quick Tip: Partner with other brands to deliver unique giveaways to your readers. You’ll not only be giving away free stuff, but you’ll be exposed to a larger audience through the partnership with your giveaway partners. It’s a win-win!

5. BEG FOR HELP from friends and family.

Don’t be shy. This is what relationships are all about! Ask folks to “like,” “share” and “buy” your stuff like crazy when you launch. These people should want to help you, and are the only people (so far) who can vouch for you. Take advantage! Don’t forget to follow up with them every few months, reminding them how much their support means to you. Oh, and make sure to return the favor. Again, you get what you give!

Quick Tip: Educate your friends/family on how their actionable support really helps you (example” a comment on a blog post = a boost in SEO). The average non-blogger has no idea how to practically support you or how that action actually makes a difference.


Trust me, creating and maintaining a quality blog is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge commitment and one that is well worth your time when done right. If you consistently provide unique content, your blog has every chance of surviving if not thriving.

Quick Tip: Start or join a small networking group with like-minded, but diversified small business owners. Hold each other accountable and encourage each other along the way. When you’re doing something like this “on your own,” you’ll need and appreciate these cheerleaders more than you ever expected!

Deidre Guillory - Blogger

Deidre Guillory is a Texas born thirty-something wife, mom, and blogger who resides in Southern California. She is the owner and author of, which averages upwards of 100,000 unique visitors per month. Her “greatest hits” include: 30 (Non-Cheesy) Date Ideas, 50 (Non-Cheesy) Stocking Stuffers for Men, & 10 Simple Tips to Keep it Sexy. Deidre is passionate about empowering women to love themselves and to love the world around them. Connect with Deidre on Twitter for tips & antics.


Photo of confetti and champagne: © jillchen
Photo of Deidre: © Apple Rose Photography

Don't be an amateur blogger; how to look like a professional bloggerRegina here. Weren’t Deidre’s tips great? If you’re just starting a blog or looking for more tips on growing your blog, please leave us a comment below and check out my post on 12 pro blog improvements you can make today:

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How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang: Tips from a true success story

39 responses to “How to Launch Your Blog with a Bang: From a True Success Story”

  1. Rodnesha says:

    Great points here in this article! Obviously, I’m partial to #3, but in all honesty I’m so glad you included it because content really is key and great photos can make a huge difference to me, as a consumer, on who to trust.

    And yes, LEAN on your friends and create circles of support and ALWAYS reciprocate! 🙂

    • Regina says:

      Rodnesha, I’m right with you on #3. Even though I’m nowhere near to being a pro photgrapher, great photos (and graphics) really affect me. They cause me to stay on a site longer, share content more often, etc.

      Thanks Deidre for this insightful post!

    • Deidre says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Rodnesha! I’m glad you co-signed #3 😉

  2. Rodnesha says:

    Well Regina, i bet with all your business savvy and connections you’ve found a way to get around that hurdle. If only there were some helpful tips for the non- pro on how to achieve this…. 😉

    • Regina says:

      Haha. Hint, hint dear readers: We have another great guest post happening next week by a pro photographer, but I won’t mention names.

      P.S. Rod, I think #5 is one of the most overlooked and underused ways to grow your presence online. If you take the time to educate, support, and reciprocate for your core audience, you can see wild growth.

      You’re always such a huge supporter of your friends and associates, so is Deidre. I’m so glad to know you both and have you as guest bloggers.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for encouraging so many with your blogs and for sharing these awesome tips. You are truly empowering others. “You get what you give” I love that. It’s practical advise in all fields.

    • Regina says:

      Christine, thanks for taking time to read and to comment. Deidre’s methods and advice have been huge for me, and I was so glad she wanted to share her tips with the readers of this blog.

    • Deidre says:

      Ok, you guys are making me blush… Thank you for such a kind comment, Christine. I don’t take it lightly!

  4. Brittany says:

    The part about adding value really spoke to me. I think the hardest part for me has been my audience. In theory, I know who my audience is and therefore should know how to add value, but, honestly, I don’t always end up writing to my audience. That can make adding value difficult.

    • Regina says:

      Brittany, that is a big thing for a lot of people! I know it’s hard for me at times too. Perhaps you can try mapping out your audience by creating an “ideal profile.” What is the most common type of person to use your services or read your blog?

      –Answer general demographics questions like age, gender, education, etc.
      –Figure out how they’re most likely to first hear about you (Twitter, word-of-mouth, etc.)
      –Try to come up with 5 – 10 questions they would likely have about your topic/services
      –Try to figure out where they spend most of their time online (so you can know where to focus your efforts)
      –Imagine (or talk to actual past clients/readers to find out) what types of resources they need, what they’re most interested in, and how you can help them achieve their goals

      I highly recommend downloading the free worksheets on my How to Stay on Your Customer’s Mind post to plan out some helpful content and think about your audience.

      Good luck!

    • Deidre says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Brittany! I agree with Regina, a lot of folks struggle with this. In addition to Regina’s (killer) advice, I would spend some time thinking about who you ARE currently writing to (since you say it’s probably not your true “audience”). Figure out WHY you are writing to THAT audience and mull over that a bit. There might be something really powerful there… When I first launched my blog I had a specific target audience in mind, however after a few months of blogging I noticed I kept leaning towards another. I struggled, trying to shift things back to my initial desired audience but it just wasn’t coming naturally. I decided instead to defer to what felt authentic, and organic for me. It gave me the freedom to start fresh and go with my gut. I sure hope that LONG response made sense. 😉

  5. Rebekah says:

    Great post with great advice. I am still working out specifics for myself and this is very helpful. I will absolutely use these tips to be proactive in my planning so I can begin well. Thanks Deidre!

    • Regina says:


      Thanks for reading. Deidre is amazing with this stuff (and so many other things)! Please email me if you perhaps want some free worksheets to help you with your planning. I’ll send them along ASAP.

    • Deidre says:

      Thanks so much, Rebekah! I am so glad you came across this post! I sincerely hope it encouraged you. I would definitely take Regina up on those free worksheets – she’s got so much good stuff that’s right up your alley!

  6. Angel Y. says:

    These are fantastic tips, especially when it comes to reserving social media accounts. Not all new bloggers think about this and it’s so difficult when some one takes your social media handles.

  7. Deidre says:

    I agree with Regina, great website Angel! Such cute products! Thank you for the comment – I appreciate your feedback about the social media handles. It’s so important!

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  9. Whaaat.. Namechk is my new favorite thing. How on earth I didn’t know about this before, I’ll never know. Game changer!

    Also really really great post. I still haven’t been as persistent with getting my friends and family to help out as I could be, but something about it still seems forced. Unless of course they’re just interested in what I’m posting already! Bah.

    Found you via Studio 404’s roundup post. So honored to be featured alongside you!

    • regina says:

      Yes. Obsessed with Namechk. I actually can’t remember what I did before it. Did I really just hop around the web checking each thing individually? Boooooooo.

      Okay, I know this is not a normal compliment, but I really mean it so: I LOVE how organized your website is. You have the smartest nav menu and dropdowns. I’ve been working on a redesign and I’m not gonna lie, I want to pull a little bit from your example of “About” drop downs.

      Can’t wait to dive into your blog. Thank you for coming by and checking out Deidre’s guest post. I know what you mean about it “seeming forced” with family and friends, but anytime I get support requests from friends, I feel like helping in whatever way I can. Supporting by spreading the word or “sharing” on SM doesn’t take much time and costs no $$, so I think most people would be happy to do what they can for you. Their level of interest may not be exactly ideal, but they surely know someone who would want what you offer and can benefit from your posts.

      Deidre has helped me see this a different way but I still get uncomfortable with it. It’s something I want to be much better about in the future.

      Thanks for the comment + nice to meet you.

  10. Steph says:

    I have a question that I can’t seem to figure out, maybe you can help me. I want to rebrand and redo my blog. I don’t want to completely close shop for a month while I work. Do you know the best way to create a splash page that your visitors see while you work behind the scenes on the real site? I use wordpress and it’s tough to find something that will work well.

    • regina says:

      Steph, excellent, excellent question. The one I love + use + can’t get enough of for WordPress is a premium plugin, but so worth it in my opinion:

      It has such great features (tracking, social, email list signup form, full-screen background, and more). Plus with the premium one ($29), you can choose to make some pages viewable, or only some pages showing the splash, or all pages viewable only by you with the splash for everyone else. It’s an excellent plugin.

      Hope that helps. Please let me know if you like it or if you end up finding something else that’s amazing. Thanks for the comment Steph.

  11. Grace Darling says:

    This was great, I have always been an avid writer and lover of words and as I prepare my blog to launch and learn how to go from my personal notebooks to the digital platform I keep landing on your blog in my research and I really just wanted to say your helpful and selfless sense of being parallel to your business is refreshing, it sure makes me make a point to buy some of your programs when I am ready by feeling your intention and kind nature, so thanks for being you and inspiring me as I start my own journey! ☺️

  12. Tiana says:

    gosh these are exactly the things I’ve been mulling over for the past few months. Except neatly packaged in a way that reminds me I’m on the right track.

    I’ve been quietly building my content, determining my vision of the future/long term goals and trying to get my design just right before I launch my blog.

    I mean what’s the point of putting in all this effort if it’s only going to be okay. I want to rock people’s socks off and be totally unique. This is such great inspiration !

    Regina – when Im uber successful, you will be getting a big shout out! Your information has been incredibly helpful in keeping me on the right track 🙂 Thank you !!

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  14. Regina, do you have a post somewhere on this awesome blog about how to create the images you do for your blog posts (assuming you create most of them)?

    I see you’ve used Apple Pages for ebook designs, but I can’t see (specifically) a post on how you create your blog images and with text. They’re really professional. My biggest problem is finding really good images to use on my blog. I do have a Nikon D3200 so I could create my own, but I’m still having a hard time with that as well.

  15. Amanda Nel says:

    Hi Regina

    I am busy with the prep work before launching my blog – I must admit,never thougt it involves sooo much…I now have greater respect for all the blogs I so often visited and fed my creativity on!!Wow, not many posts on launching and I am going to check this out again and again. Thanks to you and Deidre

  16. Jaimee says:

    Oh em gee this was EXACTLY what my newbie-blogger-yearning-heart was looking for! Im launching my site next month & I can cross some of these tips off already, which makes me feel great! & the others helped me focus on what to get done. #1 & #6 really resonated with me. This was a great post ladies! Xo.

  17. Letícia Caetano says:

    Obrigada! Tem sido muito útil cada conteúdo.

  18. Cassandre says:

    I have started and ended my blog several times! This gave me another strong desire to start again.

  19. Audrey says:

    Great information here. I found that I’m doing a lot of these without even realizing it. And hadn’t thought about taking advantage of family and friends that way.

    I really want to work more on my images. I don’t have a good camera and most often borrow my kids’ iPods since they have a better cameras than anything I have. Trying to figure out what I want to invest my money in for this one.

    Also like the idea of working with the end in mind. Though sometimes I have to stop myself from all my big goals for where I see my blog going and work on the now. If I get too caught up on video tutorials, curriculum resources for homeschoolers, and e-courses for the future, I neglect the building of current classes, providing valuable information, and promoting local arts for the present.

    Great post!

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  21. Candra says:

    Really great information thanks! !!

  22. Taylor says:

    When I started blogging, I had every hope and dream of becoming huge and am starting to realize the incredible commit it takes! I am crazy busy with work in prep for my new launch….thanks so much for your tips.

  23. Malissq says:

    Hey Regina!

    Thanks for writing! I’m just starting out and defying the traditional “write 10 articles before you launch”…hopefully it won’t hurt me in the end..I have 250 views in two days and 3 posts and ONE FOLLOWER (which makes me kinda worry)…do you think it matters as long as I’m adding new content every day?
    I am on the primary social media platforms as well.

    I appreciate any help you can provide!

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  26. Samantha says:

    Not only do I love the photo for this post, but the content is helpful and encouraging! Thanks for helping new bloggers like me!

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