“I’m ready to scale, my friend.”

Hey, advanced business ninja human . . . or ABNH as I like to call you. Below I’ve compiled my most helpful resources for scaling up your business that’s already working well.

These are not strategies I teach to people who are still becoming profitable or figuring out what works for them . . . mainly because, as I said in this talk I gave at the ConvertKit conference in 2017, it’s not a good idea to build a bigger house on a shaky foundation.

Like. Just don't do it.

It gets real stressful real fast


ConvertKit Talk with Regina Anaejionu

“Get to the resources, already.” you say.

Okay, okay. I’ll keep it simple. I can recommend checking out a few important articles and options:

1. This article on setting up a “feel-good” Facebook ads funnel.
2. This 1-page business decision framework if you have any important decisions coming up.
3. The advanced portions of Publish Your Thing–you can download the 43-page program guide for free on that page.
4. Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about personalized coaching options (starting at $1500/month or $5000 for in-person business renovation days with you) for your info product or info service business. I help with humanized sales funnels and scaling. I recommend that your business is already bringing you at least 50% of your ideal full-time income before working with me in this capacity, or that you’re already an established professional who wants to transition your skills online profitably and efficiently.

Oh, and if you care about this kind of stuff. I’ve written for sites like Entrepreneur and USAToday (okay, these were unrelated travel articles though), and I’ve been interviewed or written up on sites like Fast Company, Canva Design School, and ConvertKit before. And I’ve spoken at online and IRL (in real life) events for companies/organizations such as Teachable, VenturePop, ConvertKit, Blogalicious, and more.