If you’ve perhaps been following along with my blog, reading the income + traffic reports I publish occasionally, then you already know a little bit about how I structure my business and earn a living. But, what I want to talk about with you today is the revelation that has really helped me in my first year of business. It may be something you already implement in your business or it may be something you want to explore more, and I hope I can help.

You see, it’s my new favorite word. Daredevil.
Wait. That’s my new favorite show.
My new favorite word is infopreneur.

A person who makes money with their mind. With their knowledge. A person who loves learning, loves teaching, and loves the feeling of helping others really get something.

And here’s the thing. Even if you’ve been overwhelmed/underwhelmed with scammy-seeming people selling sub-par information products, I want to assure you . . . you can actually monetize your infopreneurship in ethical ways that benefit others. You can explore things like a monetized blog or podcast, books and workbooks, and of course classes or coaching. I have some resources for you, ninja friend.

And whereas this post was originally written in early 2015 (when I’d only been “infopreneuring” on this site for about a year), I have learned a lot since then and want to point you in the right direction if you’re interested in changing your business model around so that you can change your lifestyle through passive income and low maintenance products.

Starter Infopreneur Resources:

1. I have a free 5-day email course on getting started in infopreneurship.

2. In the free 1-hour webinar shown below . . .

I actually go into 10 of my favorite ways to monetize your knowledge and I answer several questions that were submitted about infopreneurship.


3. In my free Monetize and Market Your Mind Mini-Course (with a 46-page workbook and 82-page slide PDF). . .

We take more of a deep dive into infopreneurship.

Monetize and Market Your Mind: The Free Course for Infopreneurs

4. I have several posts on this blog that can help you:

5. I have an inexpensive book on How to Create an Epic Information Product in 3 Days.

How to create your first information product as an infopreneur


It’s just like that new phrase I made up that I’m really hoping will catch on with the kids these days.

Applied knowledge = power.
Shared knowledge = profits.

Shared knowledge = profits

And now, let’s briefly cover two more things I’m hoping will help you. A few tips on what being an infopreneur is truly about and a personal “story” on one of the most profitable infopreneurial things I create—books—that make a great starting point for new infopreneurs.

Becoming an infopreneur is about:

  • accepting that you have important information to share
  • being okay with not knowing everything, but being willing to give what you do know and organize it in a way that makes it easy for others to digest
  • learning how to manage your (limited) time to create products out of your knowledge–P.S. one key to this is simply creating every day if you can, even if it’s just a small bit
  • discovering the types of products you most like to create and your audience most likes to consume
  • . . . and hopefully having some of your information items at a low price point (why? see below)

Having information items at a low price point offers your audience a low barrier to entry into your world of excellent and useful information.

A few low price point items you can offer are:

  • eBooks
  • digital workbooks
  • printed books
  • mini-classes or email classes

And that’s what I want to get into with my personal statistics below. This is not to say that high-priced items can’t be successful, but I want to show you how low-priced items CAN and DID create considerable income for me in my first year of operating this site–I hope it encourages you to consider them.

In order to write an email to my creative superhero friends the other day, I decided to total up how much my business made in the past year from my printed books and the digital books (shown below). When I got the total, I didn’t want to share it; I just didn’t know how it would sound. But then I remembered that you and I are friends and that we can be extremely honest about this kind of stuff. It always helps me when I’m able to read real numbers and assess other people’s strategies. That’s why I love Pat Flynn so much.

byRegina.com eBooks Store

So, I’ll just tell you. The amount my printed book and eBooks made in a year is $36,403.52. P.S. Thank you so, so much for grabbing copies of some of those books. I truly hope they’ve helped you in your goals.

Between my books, online courses, affiliate income, and a few other monetization strategies, I was able to create six figures in income with this byRegina.com brand in its first year. It wasn’t a goal of mine. It wasn’t even something I imagined. It naturally fell into place after a ton of hard work and focusing on valuable free content.

So when I totaled everything up, I realized that I wanted to start creating even more resources that will help you if you have similar brand goals. I’m cooking up a new, updated, 2017 workshop to help you create your first book (or 7th book, it doesn’t matter). Psst–make sure your signed up at the top of my site for Ninja Notes so that I can email you when this free workshop is available. And I’m revamping all of my courses to include the things I’ve learned in my second and third year of infopreneuring through this site and through new secret projects (on fitness and being an introvert) that I’ve been developing.

Okay, that’s all for today. I hope the resources above help you in your infopreneurial journey.

Photo: (c) John Marcus