The 15 Epic Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging--Why should I blog for my business?

Since you’re reading this post, you probably already have at least the slightest suspicion that blogging can be an epic thing. Granted, it’s not for every brand, you can certainly establish another platform as your headquarters, but if you’re into blogging, it does have many benefits to present.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite reasons and statistics in this updated post (originally published in 2013 on one of my other blogs—and now updated to reflect even more benefits blogging offers for your business or brand).

The Benefits of Blogging (Plus, Some Surprising + Amazing Statistics)

1. Websites that are updated regularly (with blog posts relevant to the website theme/topic) attract more web traffic from search engines.

No seriously; you can check out my guide to SEO (search engine optimization) for non-techies here.

2. Your blog can be your portfolio—no matter what type of work you do.

Just as an artist has a portfolio, so should you (as a writer, or business owner, or thought leader) have a place to help others while showcasing your expertise.

3. Blogs make your brand seem relevant, informed, and updated. This goes a long way in establishing trust.

If people can count on you for information . . . factual, full, useful information . . . they will begin to trust you as a resource and seek you out in other platforms.

4. A blog can inspire you, help you learn, and help you grow as an artist, freelancer, or business person.

You’ll notice that as you blog more, you will want + need to: (1) do even more research than you expected, (2) try new things out and have original experiences and case studies, (3) learn new skills such as graphic design, video creation + editing, and better writing, (4) find new ways to promote yourself and do your own PR, plus so much more.

Blogging is epic experience for starting and running your own business. But, blogging can also be your primary business vehicle as well.

5. Blogging can earn you a full-time living and beyond.

Even though I’ve halted on publishing income reports, you can see some interesting facts and figures in my income reports from over a year ago. You can also check out the income reports of other blogs, such as Pinch of Yum and And, if you want a quick guide in the many ways you can make money through blogging, check out my free post on non-icky ways to make money blogging—as well as my full program on creating income from the information already inside your head.

6. A blog is a great way to address the information needs of a certain group of people.

Blogs are more specific and helpful than general websites, news sites, or outdated printed materials. When you address the information/research needs of an audience, you will also be more likely to earn their business.

7. Writing 21+ blog posts can increase your web traffic by 30% or more.

Source: The State of Inbound Lead Generation study by HubSpot

8. A blog is a great place to interact with your fans, clients, audience, or admirers.

People will often feel the freedom to ask questions, connect with you on other networks, or start to implement some of your useful resources and ideas.

9. A well-managed blog with quality content will help you stand out among your peers.

If you plan to offer services, sell a book, sell some products you made by hand, or market other wares online, then a professional blog presence makes you seem more reliable, organized, and awesome than someone in your same field who has a shabby presence, or no presence at all.

10. A blog is a great place to test out new ideas, products, art, stories, designs, music, or other creations on your audience.

You can conduct market research and decide which ideas to develop further based on your fan/client response.

11. 81% of online consumers in the U.S. trust information found on blogs.

Source: BlogHer

12. A blog is a great place to actually build a product from (not just test out ideas).

You can write a series of blog posts then turn them into a book. Or, you can begin to host events such as workshops from your blog. Here are 7 types of workshops you can host, for example. There are tons of possibilities.

13. A blog can teach you a lot about what you do NOT want to do.

You may already know this one, but, establishing a business and/or a blog you are happy about and can run for the long term is very much about identifying the things you don’t want to do . . . so that you can narrow in on what you do want to do. In almost every industry there are so many options for content, products, services, etc. A blog can quickly show you what you don’t like talking about, what you don’t know enough about and need to modify or learn more about, what you don’t actually like carrying out as a service, etc.

For example, after a couple of years doing graphic design and websites, I started blogging more regularly, attracting more clients, and learning about myself. I realized that I only like to do sites for friends and personal projects, but I did not like the pressure of a client relationship attached to websites anymore. I wanted more freedom to do what I wanted with the website, and I didn’t want to have too many constraints on me.

14. Operating a blog can bring you tons of collaboration opportunities and business friends.

Running a business (especially at the high level you are likely aiming for) can be lonely. If you’re close friends and family aren’t “into” what you’re “into,” then you are in for a long road of, “Ugh! No one understands me!”

Running a blog (and corresponding social media accounts) and joining online communities for blog owners, marketers, and business owners will introduce you to a ton of people you can collaborate with. Or, simply offer you a group of friends who “get it.” If you’re on a lonely path, knowing people who “get it” can make all the difference.

15. Your blog can help you realize then fulfill dreams (yours and other people’s).

This one is going to seem a little #woowoo, but please believe me when I say, the simple act of “putting yourself out there” time after time will mean that you are eventually presented with opportunities. Your dream may be travel, or collaborating with top brands like my friend Mattie does . . . for me, one of my dreams was giving away a MacBook Pro—something I thought I’d never be able to even afford.

You can make big things happen with a blog!

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19 Comments on “The 15 Epic Benefits of Blogging”

    • Thank you. It’s so crazy how profitable and/or emotionally rewarding a blog can be when you simply create content that satisfies your readers.

  1. When I got to the money earned by the top sites, I thought, “Wow, that is really impressive.” Then I saw those figures were monthly, not yearly, and I choked on my coffee. I just had no idea. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I know! It’s pretty crazy, but encouraging. There’s a lot more competition in blogging now, but there are also a lot more people getting their information (how to, encouragement, news, tutorials, etc.) online through blogs. It’s really about consistency, quality, and continually over-delivering for your readers so that they want to return to you. Since there are a lot of monetization strategies that don’t rely on crazy amounts of traffic, hard work and time can lead a good blogger to a nice income.

  2. After reading all this, I’m realizing I should probably also create a blog for my husband’s business! Maybe HE’LL pay me for it!

    • Good idea Kenna! I’m sure it will help bring Internet traffic to his business.

  3. Wow this is amazing, I have just learnt so much! I am so glad I found your blog, it has really great content and I love the design!

    • Emma, thank you for that compliment. Glad you found it too, because I love your blog and design style. Thank you for sharing on Twitter + Pinterest–I appreciate your time doing that!

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  5. Thank you very much for useful information! I have a blog, but really don’t know how actually to engage readers? I’m jewelry designer, but I see and understand, only pictures of my jewelry designs and short stories about it don’t help to engage people.
    Please write me where I can read more about original and interesting blog content creating?

    Thank you very much!

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  9. Hi Regina!
    I keep coming back to your blog, it is great!
    I am starting my freelancing career as a writer / content strategist after lots of years working for a company, and though I understand completely the importance of having a blog (and I am really motivated with the idea of developing one), I’m not sure what is the best focus I should give it. I always wanted to start a food and travel blog, but could it relate to my freelance career and help me in some way? O would I be mixing two completely different things? I know that a more biz related content would be more suitable, but I’m not sure if that is what I feel most comfortable to blog about.
    Thanks for your help!

  10. Hi Regina,
    Your blog is full of great information with tips I haven’t seen elsewhere.
    You’ve convinced me more to start my own blog.

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