My Top 8 Business Mistakes of 2016

My Top 8 Business Mistakes of 2016 and My Favorite Prescription for Work Stress

Oohey. This one is going to be a whole load of honesty, with a side of realness, and a smidgen of TMI for dessert. But hey. My goal is to present the behind-the-scenes truth, so that, if applicable, you can make decisions and take action based on a realistic picture. Not a world full of staged images (which I take sometimes too—so I’m not judging), embellished income reports, and all that jazz.

My Top 8 Business Mistakes of 2016

1. Not choosing the right path during the ultimate debacle and disaster that consisted of offering services and accidentally selling more spots than I intended.

All my close friends and family know of something we affectionately call #Project50. Which was a time when my sales software was supposed to limit registrants to under 20 people (for a custom content plan I was putting together for each person), but it didn’t shut down until I noticed the error and did it manually . . . when over 55 people had registered.

Cue panic music and nervous laughter.

You see. I really hate to disappoint people. There are some parts of me that want to be “so above” caring what other people think, but at the core of who I am, I just do. I don’t like hurting people’s feelings (which makes me the worst and most confusing girlfriend ever when I’m trying to break up with someone), and I don’t like the feeling of letting someone down.

So, instead of refunding the last 30 or 40 people and potentially disappointing them because they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the crazy price I was selling the package at, I decided to just clear my schedule (which meant not creating as much content), let people know the delivery time would be a little longer (and also offer them a refund if they understandably didn’t want to wait), then get to work trying to finish each plan—but still give each one the attention it deserved.

It was a disaster. Some people got their plans on time, other people kept getting offers to either (1) get a refund and accept a free eBook as my apology, or (2) wait a little longer and accept a free eBook as my apology. It drug on and on. I kept hoping people would just ask for a refund. And in the end I had to “force” refund a few people because I just couldn’t finish each plan.

It was so ridiculous of me. I couldn’t see how deeply I was damaging the brand by trying to keep everyone happy. I thought I was helping people by trying to get everything done, but I was not helping. An unasked for refund on Day 2 is way better than late deliveries, stress, and forcing a refund on someone on Day 31.

Get it together, Regina. Sheesh. It’s so embarrassing to tell this story, but I want to be honest with you and show you what’s really going on behind the scenes at times. People who should know better, making really silly mistakes.

Also, if you were a client of one of these content plans and you missed my many apology messages, please let me apologize now. I know many of you got and loved your plans (thank you!), but I apologize for disappointing and delaying you if you didn’t get one.

2. Running the same email/organization systems that worked when I had a much smaller brand.

I get a couple hundred emails each day. But it wasn’t always like that—obviously. In fact, I’m very much like the frog in the pot with the temperature raising slowly—have you heard this one? The poor frog doesn’t know he needs to hop out until it’s too late.

I didn’t realize I needed a new system, even though I was constantly frustrating myself by not being able to get control of my inbox (or even see all the important emails coming in). One day, just to assess what kind of inbox problem I was having, I counted the number of emails I’d gotten that day. Then I calculated how long it would take me to reply to each one at an average of two minutes per email—it was literally going to take 11 hours. To respond to one day of emails.

I finally got it. It was mathematically insane to try to get through even 1/4 of that number of emails each day while still expecting to work. Had I acknowledged this problem earlier on in the year, I could have been seeking out a solution. I was nervous about allowing someone into my inbox, allowing someone to speak for me . . . so I had to find someone I felt cared about people’s goals in the same way I do, someone who had similar business ethics. I realized that person was my friend Bunny and each day we work to find intelligent ways to keep people happy. It will be a process, but I can almost breathe finally.

3. Not prioritizing my health + fitness enough early on in the year.

During the past two years of working from home, I spent one year way toooooo sedentary. I woke up. Worked a lot. Often sitting in just one or two spots all day. I ordered meals to my house so I didn’t have to leave. I didn’t like having to drive anywhere. I just wanted to stay at home and get my work done.

I looked up after a year of this and noticed “the Freelance Fifteen” (which was actually 17 pounds of additional weight—#ExtraCurvy). I also noticed that I simply didn’t feel as healthy as I’d like. Also, I was stressed. Also, I started caring less and less about how healthy my food was. I was treating my body how I felt—like crap.

I saw all these people online who were all, “Yoga is the answer. I do yoga every single day before I work. It’s changed my business.”

I used to laugh. And hate it when people offered this up as a solution. I would even cringe a little bit on the inside. Like, “Come on y’all. Yoga doesn’t solve your life.”

And it doesn’t. But you know what, team? It is currently one of my favorite prescriptions for work stress. Not yoga in and of itself if you hate yoga, but doing something that helps you:

1. Get active—which will help with your mood, your creativity, and your overall health.

2. Take time to reflect—it can be painful to lay down in savasana at the end of a class to rest or to “meditate” for five minutes, just like for someone I’m sure it can be hard to take a walk alone in nature and be there with just their thoughts. Forcing yourself to slow down your pace and see that the whole world doesn’t fall apart when you take time to think and be the best version of yourself . . . is amazing.

4. Continually working with people who weren’t doing a good job. Multiple times. Like. I didn’t learn my lesson.

You know what? I’m not gonna sugar-honey-syrup coat this one. I’m going to say something in a very direct way that may seem out of character.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is fire them from whatever role they are filling in your life or business when they are unwilling to do a good job or are incapable of doing a good job.

If you want to preserve the relationship, communication is so essential. If communicating doesn’t work, over long periods of time even, you won’t be preserving the relationship or doing anyone any favors by becoming sour or bitter towards the person.

Trust me. I got confused in there for a bit. Since I also had/have wonderful people I’ve worked with this year, I kept holding onto the hope that certain people would just start caring more . . . it would have been much smarter to just part ways and find people who wanted to do the work well.

5. Failing publicly a lot without apologizing quickly enough.

In the world I’ve described to you above, where I was drowning in bad decisions, emails, not-so-great health, and tons of stress, I naturally missed some deadlines and put some projects on permanent backburner.

Now. If I backburnered a project I’d never announced, no big deal. But when I had to backburner cool events and things I’d planned, and had also announced, it was a bigger deal.

But, remember the part from business mistake #1 about how I hate disappointing people? I wouldn’t want to announce things. Like, “Hey remember that free event I was planning and hinting at and that other free event I put up a landing page for and then never did anything with? Oops, y’all. My bad. I’m too swamped and stressed and behind to even go to sleep and dream about a world in which I could host that event.”

I felt like I would sound like such an ultimate loser to let people down. So instead, I just hoped no one noticed and I quietly moved on to doing the next thing that needed my attention.

But guess what? People noticed.

My lesson? Apologize if something doesn’t feel right. Apologize even if you feel like you could “get away” with it. Honestly usually sits better with people than secrecy, ambiguity, or just a lack of a decent explanation. To be clear—I’m not recommending that you announce the 53 life problems you’re feeling at the time you decide you can’t do something and you need to apologize, but I am saying that some type of honest explanation will make people feel better and trust you more.

6. Not balancing the negatives I ran into with positives.

There’s a balance between (a) paying attention to injustices in the world or negative/sketchy trends you see happening so that you can speak out on them and (b) making sure you focus on positive things and build ethical practices, great content, and amazing vibes for the world to enjoy. There’s a balance, and I focused on the negative side for too long.

I am still a tiny bit sick of the way some people do business online, hence this post, but I realized that the most productive thing for me to do is to focus on you, and the way I want to do business with you, and what we can all possibly create together.

People will always be shady. People will always lie. People will always do super annoying things like imply you’ll get certain results or like report their income in the most fishy, inaccurate way ever. But, those are not my people. And spending time worrying about them is spending time not worrying about you. I am so sorry for every extra second I could have been spreading light or creating something meaningful that I was instead stewing in a dark corner over people and things that really don’t affect your life.

When I say it out loud like that . . . or rather, type it into a post for you to read . . . it seems so dang simple. Just don’t do that, Regina. EVER.

Here’s what I do instead now, and what I prescribe for you to reduce business stress:

Set guiding principles.

Change your business model to meet them.

Change your lifestyle to complement the creative, multi-passionate, insane, beautiful, loving, weird person you are.

Go to Mexico.

Speak up when things aren’t right.

Fall in love.
Wait. I haven’t done that one yet—but it’s cool, you can get a head start on me.

Do yoga. Unless you hate it. In that case, go rock climb, or do Jiu-Jitsu, or go discover the magic of kettlebells. Or, we can be insane twinsies and you can become a certified yoga instructor and kettlebell specialist, then go get a boxing for fitness certification like I did.

Meet more real people and don’t stay behind your computer all the time.

Eat well. Why do you treat other people so much better than you do the body that will allow you to stick around longer for those people? Logic fail.

Take breaks.

Hug strangers.

Smile first—don’t wait to see if the stranger in the hall is friendly or not. Be the friendly.


^^Look ma, I made some friends, and got healthy, and took breaks. If it’s on Instagram, it’s real.

7. Listening to people who sell different and just are different than I am.

I could tell you stories about the online friends who adopted me and (out of their desire to help) gave me advice and urged me to do things a certain way—and how their ways were so different from what I naturally wanted to do . . . but, instead of telling stories, I’ll share the picture on Instagram (that I posted as a part of my friend’s campaign to show that we are all imperfect) that sums it up pretty well.

“I’m embarrassed that I lost sight of what matters most to me in my business to hang out with the cool kids who aren’t even cool. Being cool means making other people feel good about themselves and helping people.”

Don't lose sight of what matters most to you in your business

Don’t go through all of the trouble, sweat, long nights, tears, blood, coffee, et cetera, required to build a business only to look up and realize you’ve built something you don’t want to run. I almost turned my business into something that I didn’t like.

Oh, man. I never thought I’d even come close to doing that.

8. Keeping the same course release model for certain courses that worked when I had a much smaller brand.

When I was getting 10 emails per day (and not going to the gym or spending enough time with friends), it was fine for me to launch a course that was 0.0% complete and put a “one month away” date on it, because, I could get it done. But somewhere in my crazy, stressful, need-better-systems year, this method stopped working. It started adding stress and opportunities to disappoint.

So, my “Jay Z style business retirement” (as I like to call it) that I announced in an email a couple months ago is about you as much as it is about me. It’s actually a decision I made for you that will benefit me greatly as a side effect.

So no, I’m not retiring the brand. Anything but. I am simply restructuring it, organizing it, and making sure you can get what you need from it. I am taking the time to reorganize and add to my courses—even though I feel they are some of the best content on the Internet. I am building programs that are 80% – 100% ready instead of just 10% or 30%, expecting to make up the last 70% before the release date.

I’m building a better ship for you and me and all are ninja friends to sail off on if we so choose.

Sheesh, Regick. Did you do anything right this year?

Haha. Great question. I definitely feel I got a few things right, but . . .

The one thing I really feel like I do consistently get right with my brand, is . . . (even if I begin to get off track) I prioritize your needs over trying to roll with the big dogs or make a ton of money. Money and connections just kind of naturally happen, but I am quick to turn them down when you would be the one to suffer or when it would send the wrong message to you.

What do I mean?

I mean I stepped away from a major collabo I had already agreed to because one of the other people involved was more disrespectful to a certain people group (publicly even!) than I could possibly stand by or stomach.

I mean I created high-value resources for free or for a low price point, even when other people in my industry literally complained to me about it.

I mean I don’t ever create things that don’t make sense on the #StayScrappy level that I so often talk about. I didn’t have $100,000 to start a business the first time I started a real, real business. I took money from my paycheck, bought a vacuum and some cleaning supplies then started cleaning a friend’s house and expanded from there.

Hi, I’m Regina. This is my life. Some people call me Regick. (Okay, only my friend Tiffany calls me that, but I’m still hoping it will catch on.) I’ve made tons of mistakes. Tons more to come, but know this . . .

I am still the girl who didn’t even own a laptop in college. I couldn’t afford one. I am still the girl who had to work two jobs at a time to go to college and who had to take semesters off just so I could finish paying my tuition from the previous semester so I could register again. I am still the one who drove around my same goofy car for 10 years until a drunk driver totaled it. I am still the one who stayed up until 5 or 6 a.m. to finish some of the blog posts on this site, then had to wake up again at 8 a.m. to work or fulfill some or another responsibility. All the time.

I am still the daughter of a man who worked four jobs in school and got his Ph.D. dissertation done on a typewriter that didn’t have the “backspace” function. If you messed up a word, you had to retype the whole page. I am still the daughter of a woman who hasn’t backed down from a hard day’s work (all while trying to further her education and understanding of the world at the same time) ever in her life.

So . . . here’s the deal.

You mean the world to me. Thank you for sticking with me during this crazy year of learning and growing (painfully and slowly at times), and I hope you will allow me to still be a part of your journey next year too.

I can’t do it alone. In fact, I would love your help.

In the form of comments on this post. Sure, they can be testimonials if some of my content has helped you (i LOVE getting those messages!), but you can also tell me . . .

If you’re still upset with me about something.
If you have a question.
If you want to tell me you dislike my curly hair.
If you think I use the word “epic” too much.
If you want to come do Jiu-Jitsu with me.
If you never want to see me again.
If you think we should probably get married next year.
If you’re interested in my almond butter brownie recipe.
If you don’t understand something about me that really bugs you and you want to ask about it.

ANYTHING that’s not negative racial profiling is allowed.

Actually. If you have some possible misconceptions about “race,” let’s just get those comments out there too.



75 Comments on “My Top 8 Business Mistakes of 2016”

  1. Thank you for this Regina. It’s not easy to make space in your life for change. Especially when you created this epic business by working inhuman amounts.

    But it’s ok to change. We all grow and evolve with time and it’s unrealistic to expect that your brand wouldn’t also.

    It’s ok to slow down. And I’m so happy that you’re prioritizing your health and relationships. That’s something we could all benefit from doing more.

    We all still love you and value your honesty with us. (Yes I can speak for your entire audience lol)

  2. Why can’t more business people be like you? I often don’t even need the courses/products you’re selling, but the way you relate to people and run your biz makes me want to buy them anyway.

    I’d love to hear more about your team – how did you build your team? How many people? etc. 🙂

  3. I’m writing you in for President, fyi.

    You’re SO great and inspirational. More posts like this need to be circulating the interwebz so we can all breathe a sigh of relief when we are like, “seriously what the heck am I even DOING right now?”

    Thank you 🙂

  4. You haven’t changed, you haven’t disappointed me, you haven’t failed, you haven’t compromised. You’ve grown, you’ve shown us what real online business entrepreneur life is about, you’ve been real, human, authentic, a true Regick. Above all you’ve been extra extra generous with your thoughts, your content, your intentions.

    If anything, there is already SO MUCH GREAT content you created that I still have to properly absorbed it. So the pause in your business is also helping me clean up and refocus!!

    I’m so glad I found you online and I’m so glad for this post too. And you know, when my daughter and I play the game of “guess who”, you’ll always be one of the “famous” people that she picks for me to guess. If that’s not an achievement, then I don’t know what is!!

    One question though: when are you coming to London?!!!!!

    PS: you’re likely going to need another 11h to read the tons of comments that this post will generate!

  5. Hi Regina, just a quick note to say hell to the yes for that almond butter brownie recipe but more importantly: THANK YOU for all that you have taught me and our fellow infopreneurs. You are literally the reason I am going on this journey, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the inspiration you’ve given me on how to do business both on a practical level, and as a person, an entrepreneur.
    And for normalizing the word “epic”. That needed to be done. Intercontinental high five, miss Reg! <– any chance of that catching on, you think? GO BE YOU!

  6. You haven’t disappointed me. In fact, you’re not alone. It’s my first year in business and I’ve made lots of mistakes. I haven’t followed through with some things too because of overwhelm and solopreneur woes.

    What I love about most people who show or have conviction is that they acknowledge it to make themselves better; to do better. I respect the people like this more than the people who live to show a perfect life and business.

    After 4 months in business, I realized that 1:1 consults were not for me after I’d marketed them and a few clients. I felt bad for feeling like this, but I took the page off my website because it wasn’t for me.

    Now, like you, I am restructuring my brand and business model so I can present the best content and digital products to my audience. Again, you’re not alone.

    I’ll close with:
    You’re still an inspiration.
    You’re still a great teacher.
    You’re still human and you shouldn’t apologize beyond your acknowledgment and will to do better.

    Thank you for this post!

  7. Regina, you are amazing. I’ve learned so much from you and certainly wouldn’t be where I am without your free products and courses. You’ve taught me so much. And in an online world of fake, money driven, and sometimes not so honest people, you ethics are what make a loyal follower. Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

  8. Love this. Taking good care of yourself and running a business true to your values is the only way to go. So excited for you!

  9. Regick — where do I start with how amazing you are and how much you’ve helped me and so many others over the past 3 years???

    From your creative cleanse, InfoBoMo in 2015, #GoIndependent, to the first free webinar talking about paths and funnels in November 2015, to your FREE NYC meet-up in Feb. 2016 with you Lem + Verick + Ang, BLAM/Visual Arsenal/ Ninja Sales School (which I am so happy I was able to attend the webinars live) AND all the free stuff in-between ….. I could go on and on about how much you DESERVE to take a break and enjoy your life.

    You have literally sacrificed SO MUCH for us, I don’t even know how we could ever repay you. You are that entrepreneur that’s truly a positive influencer, with a great work ethic and not just for show! We all know those accounts that are just someone that posing for the pictures and giving vague examples. You do the hard stuff and we respect that!

    When everyone was doing income reports you were like ummm yea. Let’s not just do something because everyone else is doing it. I LOVED that. You genuinely have inspired me to start an online business that is true to myself, and not just what I see all over Pinterest & Instagram of bloggers who don’t look like me and put on a facade for their followers.

    That’s. Not. You. You are REAL!

    And that’s why WE LOVE YOU !

    Keep doing you and we will support you in any way you need it! Just keep going! 🙂

    — And P.S. I have been calling you Regick since the early Periscope days so Tiffany isnt alone! 🙂

  10. I love your curly hair, and your face! You are such an incredible inspiration to me (and everyone)!!

  11. Absolutely love your honesty, on all fronts. The perfect pink, pretty, princessy solopreneur/freelancer? Just doesn’t exist. Sometimes a heavy does of reality is the right prescription. I appreciate your willingness to share the reality of building your strong and smart, but still not perfect, brand. Keep it coming!

  12. You’re kind of new to me and I’m loving you, especially the curly hair;)

    Thank you for sharing this, and in an honest way. Some peoples “failure” posts come across as marketing attempts and yours so doesn’t.

    I’m excited to get to know you better. Let us know if you need help with your ship!

  13. I’m so happy to be in this lifetime with you Regina. And I have been watching you do #alltheright things behind the scenes and it has inspired me more than you know. Love you girl.

  14. Beautifully written, as usual. I’ve continued to follow your posts with enthusiasm, even though your client focus no longer really applies to the artists’ world. And I’m constantly sending other makers to your website for business-y goodness! You have a gift for making the sometimes esoteric, dull, and unsexy business stuff into something attainable and even fun. This post is a(nother) good example.

    I know there’s probably a bigger market for your focus now, but do you happen to have a clone who works with makers/artists? 🙂

  15. Regina,
    I have a book podcast and from time to time people will say that me and my cohost are their “friends in their heads”. I was flattered but didn’t get it until I stumbled onto your site.
    I have consumed quite a bit of information from your site and it has inspired me to create the info blog that I have been dreaming of. I can not tell you how much you’ve helped me- and not just the technical and business stuff. You’ve helped me feel like I can do this.

  16. Thanks, Regina. You’ve just inspired me to do some fessing up as well. 🙂

    I love what you do, I’m a committed follower of yours and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! God bless you.

  17. Dear Regina,

    Your message went straight to my hart. Right now I want to give you the biggest hug ever from all across the Atlantic!

    Things didn’t go as they were supposed to, we both know that. But you know that the best ambassadors of your company will be the ones that you resolved your problems with in a good way. And I can asure you, you did! Your sense of customer service is excellent!

    I will keep on promoting you in my network and if you create another great course that’s relevant to me I won’t hesitate and enroll (but only if you want me to). I still love your work, the way you work, your honesty and your curly hair to bits.

    Take good care of yourself, that’s the most important at this very right moment.

    Love Nicolet

  18. Thanks for pointing out that about hanging out with the cool kids online. This is a very key concept that all entrepreneurs should keep in mind while building our online businesses and you’ve pointed that out here very well.

    Great post girly 🙂

  19. This was such an insightful and amazing post. You brought the #impertfectboss movement to life right in this blog post.

    I found that i often got caught up in the unrealistic world with some of the bloggers I was following but you always bring me back down to earth by not shutting me down but just by showing me the realness behind the success.

    I’ll forever appreciate you and all that you do

  20. You are literally the only person I trust in this business anymore. I am wavering on buying the whole Genius Bloggers Toolkit I keep getting emails about. My website it growing – but your resources are the only thing that has kept me organized and moving forward. At a snail’s pace but still.
    I believe in you. “Just keep swimming” – as they say in Finding Dory.

  21. Regina –
    You truly are an answer to prayer. Really grateful to God for your courage, your consistency, your passion, and your strength in writing so beautifully and connecting to the heart of peeps who are really wanting to make strides in building an online biz. I’ve said this before to a couple of acquaintances and friends – I consider you one of my virtual mentors and your products have literally been the game-changer for me.
    Hoping you’ve been refreshed and that you are encouraged by all the love from your followers and friends.
    Stay awesome!


  22. I am just launching my business and have purchased way too much from people in the infoprenuer biz, but I have been consistently impressed with everything I’ve gotten from you. So much so that I purchased every book and read almost every email because I feel inspired.

    As a new business owner it’s powerful to read both your triumphs and your struggles. It makes it real and relatable. I’m glad you are following through with making your brand stand out and represent you. I appreciate your insight and look forward to learning more from you in the future.

    Sincerely, not a fan girl just a believer in supporting people who deserve it.

  23. First, I am always interested in anything involving browines.

    Regina, you are amazing and I so appriciate everything you do for me and the rest of your audience. It sounds like you are sorting through all of the stuffs. I’m sending love and gratitude your way!

  24. Regina,

    I hate doing this publicly, so I’m not going to say anything too real for fear of coming across like a jerk in a place where you have a lot of fans.

    I just want to say that I was really looking forward to working with you on something small, to get a look behind the scenes, adopt you as an unofficial mentor, and find ways to help you and learn.

    The reality is I felt ignored. After several months of trying, I never I even knew what you wanted from me or how I could help. I felt like the one piece of instruction I got was so vague it might have well been non existent, but I tried to follow it and wrote 2 posts, sent them in, and got nowhere. I followed up all summer. I emailed. I left voicemails. I asked for a call back. I used Instagram DMs. Anything would have been useful, but I got no usable direction. I kept asking myself “what am I doing wrong here? How have other people been able to work with her?” I actually reached out to one person who has been featured on your blog to ask, but I was ignored there too.

    In the end, I decided that you’re not currently ready to work with me due to being busy, and I’m not a good fit for what you need (whatever that is). And that makes me sad, because you seemed really positive about working together when we first met.

    I’m still a fan, just a very disappointed one.

  25. You don’t know me, but you are one of my greatest mentors! #nopressureatall Please keep it real. We all make mistakes – I try not to judge those people who are tryin’ to learn from them.

  26. If finally had a chance to read this whole post!!! Regina you are amazing!! I mean it! I often tell people you are my business mentor (in my head) but really the mentor I don’t have to talk to everyday or once a week or ever because you have provided so much free and paid content that I’m still playing catch up and taking notes and loving every single moment of everything you send. I get tons of emails everyday and I will say your emails are the emails I actually take a moment to read and re-read. Keep the content coming!! You don’t even realize how your site helped me tremendously when I launched. Thanks a bunch!!

  27. Good gracious. At least once or twice a quarter, your blog posts make me cry. Regina, you are such a light for me personally in my crazy, creative journey. I’m always trying to figure it out, and I stop and start a lot, but you are one of the truest, sincerest, coolest peeps I have not had the opportunity to meet yet.

    However my journey plays out, may I always stay true to myself, may I always hold on to my integrity, may I never stop caring. You are one of the people I learn these lessons from. Thank you for your epic-ness. 🙂


  28. You are one of the very few voices I trust on blogging, and it’s exactly because of posts like this and how much value you always give. Thank you for your honesty, courage, generosity, epicness. And yes please to the brownie recipe.

  29. WOW, Regina. WOW. What a post. I read every word of it. It’s amazing. And so refreshing. I often see/read posts that make it look like running an online info business is so easy and effortless and all the tactics work all the time. Which makes me feel like I do nothing right and nothing will ever work for ME since no matter what I try it doesn’t work as glorious as it described.
    Thank you for your honestly and a REAL look at the life of infopreneur, thank you for talking about sticking to your values and style no matter what the gurus say you SHOULD be doing. You are amazing, keep on doing what you do!

  30. Hi Regina!!

    Who has the audacity to include her audience on her behind-the-scenes journeys, like you? Just want to encourage you and say that you are the most REALEST, fun, weird, brave, lovable, talented, inspirational human being I have EVER met online.

    After subscribing to your emails and reading your blogs, I’ve grown fondly of you as a mentor, AWESOME leader, and digital friend who genuinely cares for her audience.

    Your unspeakable talents and overwhelming positivity has captured me countless times, and I feel happy to support you. Your rawness and hipness compels others to easily follow and learn from a kind, and quite frankly, a BAD**S woman! By the way, are you even human?

    THANK YOU sincerely for sharing your honest struggles and victories, for shining brighter with undying integrity, and exemplifying your brand that invests her entire heart into people.

    I really feel that your work, brand, and products are PEOPLE-centric, FILLED with contagious energy that focuses on helping creatives to build a lifestyle serving others with their passions. Your guidance is hands-down PRICELESS!!!

    Seriously,YOU are my hero. Also, love your curly hair and nerdy posts. I can’t emphasize enough how gratifying it is to follow such a POWERFUL, bold, beautiful, and gifted Woman who stands up for what she believes in.

    So with these words, I pay homage to ALL that you are. PLEASE keep rocking your authenticity. Please keep showing us and the world that being unapologetically YOU is the new ‘cool’, as it should be.

    You have my deepest gratitude for ALL you give and share, both seen and unseen. Sending you a WARM wave of positive vibes and energetic smiles!!!! All that you desire is a present fact – that’s my affirmation for you.

    Glad to be your ninja student, and THANK for being my sensei!!!

    From within,
    Jonathan Williams

  31. So glad to see you taking care of yourself. I love your stuff & it was painfully obvious that you couldn’t keep up with the mechanical pace dog you’d set out in front of you. Glad you saw the light before you had a total breakdown cuz I adore your stuff. And now I adore your life. Mexico!

  32. If it wasn’t for your Blog School I wouldn’t have been able to build a website and actually get started. Thank you so much for your amazing content and awesome perspective on helping people out who are starting from scratch.

    p.s. Im thinking visiting you in Mexico would be AWESOME!


  33. This post is a tear-jerker for me because it reminded me of my many mistakes this year too with my business. I felt so down when I disappointed someone because I was unable to follow through or just put things on the backburner that needed to be done. I made a list of those people and started backing tracking one-by-one to apologize and also offer something in the form of an apology.

    Thank you for always being real and helping us accept our mistakes but ultimately learn from them for your audience and for yourself.

    I wanted to write a post about my short-comings and my journey but I’ve always hesitated until now! You’ve really inspired me to be focused on my audience and this year and my whole redesign of my content in general! It takes a stronger person to acknowledge their mistakes but an even stronger one to learn from them to be a better you! #growingeveryday

  34. I have been thinking about you a lot the past couple of days.

    You were the first person I ever “subscribed” to.
    When I first “met” you, you. Changed. My. LIFE.

    I could go on and on but honestly, I am sure you are crazy busy. But I wanted to thank you (and wasn’t sure how) for:
    1. Introducing me to the world of infopreneurship
    2. Essentially introducing me to all the thought leaders in the niche, honestly the best of the best
    3. Never compromising your business and yourself, I have not seen such integrity outside of my family, ever.
    4. Being the ninja that you are.
    5. Never forgetting where you came from. I am so aching to support you, you so deserve this, yet right now I can barely afford food for my little ones.
    6. For giving your best, for free, all the time.

    You are literally a role model for me and I hope that some day I can repay you.

    Thank you for this raw post, for being awesome and for being you.


  35. Hi Regina

    Thanks for your hard work, love all your workbook/worksheet are so helpful! I always think your pricing of you course is so reasonable, not like online business out there. Thank you so much, you are my biggest inspire!!

  36. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! So many people I follow have changed so much over the past couple of years, and not for the better. But you are one of the only ones who is still so real, and I appreciate that.

  37. I like you and I understand overwhelm (so much so that I’m building my brand on killing it) and I really hope we can find time to meet if I’m in Austin again. You are an A+ person.

  38. Just WOW!! Thank you for this post! It was just amazing and I appreciate your honesty and commitment to us. I love everything you have done and have learned SO much from you already. I look forward to doing yoga with you one day!

  39. This post is EPIC! LOL! You’ve definitely helped me. I appreciate and value everything that you send out into the world Regick! LOL! The honesty is refreshing and reassuring. Mad props homie…mad props.

  40. Dear Regina, Thank you for sharing this. I cannot say enough “thank you” to you how much you support me and guide me to work as infopreneur. I cannot count how much I watched your youtube videos, your webinars, your free stuffs and your courses, of course. All your resources are so helpful for me. I’m still a newbie of this world and I’ve learned a lot from you. Please take care of yourself. If you are unhappy, we are, too. I love your smile so please treat yourself as a queen in the world 🙂 With tons of love xx

  41. Your honesty is refreshing! You’re reminding me, to be honest in business and be true to myself.

    It’s so easy to get lost in this internet marketing world.

    Thanks Love

    All the way from London

  42. I always love how honest you are. It really is something worth admiring. I get you on the college thing. I was working two jobs. I had a laptop that was a brick, I got at a pawnshop the week before my first semester.
    I am curious about the next phase of
    I don’t have too much to say here, except thank you for your constant honesty and I hope to see more audio tracks to go with the blog posts. I love that for the simple fact it makes it easier to consume.

  43. EPIC POST!
    You rock Regick (see it’s taking off!). And I feel a bond to you because when I was 18 months old I lived in Austin but now I live in Australia (Australian born) but I am still good friends with my buddy from day care who lives in Austin again after she moved to the UK when I also moved to the UK and we had new years eve together on the Isle of Man. Random I know.
    Your content is so so so value packed and blows me away. I am so reluctant to spend money on anyone else’s stuff because yours is so awesome. Keep it coming!
    And congrats on your yoga certification 🙂

  44. Dear Regina,
    His work was always very beautiful. I missed your posts in recent times and it made me realize that you should eestar going through some personal process. I feel sad for you have felt so bad this year.
    But I would tell you not to worry so much … If you did not fulfill some terms and agreements, I think everyone has to reveal. After all, it’s one of the most generous professional internet and it’s time to get back generosity.

    All luck in the world in the next stage of your business.

    Note: I’m using google translate, because I’m from Brazil and I do not speak English right. I hope that the translation does not compromise the meaning of my words of admiration for you.

  45. Hi Regina! This post was awesome! You have been a virtual mentor to me this year and I greatly appreciate your honesty. I’m not at the level of business you are but a lot of this post resonates with some of my process this year. I’m kind of proud that I got to the level of announcing my projects/plans/desires for my business but hate it when I didn’t follow through.

    The best quote for me in your post was –
    “I am sorry for every extra second I could have been spreading light or creating something meaningful that I was instead stewing in a dark corner over people and things that really don’t affect your life.”

    I need to put that in a prayer. I need to write something similar on my mirror AND a post-it. It’s a good reminder of what’s important. Especially since it’s a sentiment I thought I had in the bag, but I find I have to keep reminding myself in professional and personal matters.

    I will admit, you’ve inspired me in so many ways in my business this year. There was a minute that I had to take a break from you though because it was all just so overwhelming. I found myself not following through because it was either so much to do or… nope, it was just a lot to do. I had too many others on my radar too so that didn’t help that situation.

    I’m at the point of focusing even more on what I’m offering and how it will be delivered but it took me a while to get there. I’m reducing the number of people I’m listening to, especially ones who are not aligned with the way I want to do business, and focusing on releasing content more consistently.

    Thank you for your encouragement and for simply being you! God bless you!

  46. If it makes you feel any better, I do silently call you Regick whenever I watch a video of yours. It fits your personality for some reason…

  47. So, a few years ago (3.5 to be accurate) I went out to a bar to meet a guy that I really wasn’t interested in meeting. (not that he was a bad guy, just that I’d sworn off dating and all things related and it was unspeakably cold that night BUT since I’d already agreed to meet him and another friend, I pushed through and went to the bar anyway). And we met. And we started dating.. And next year, we’re getting married.

    I’m the girl who has been slightly annoyed with God for a few years because I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer before my 40th birthday and before I had a chance to have a viable enough relationship to have kids. I can’t call it anger (though sometimes it is that) but mostly it’s a deep annoyance. Like… come on God! I’m trying here… and now this? *sigh* (I promise there’s a point here) But God is God you know? And He knows stuff… like what you can handle and what you do need. Sometimes he sends strong signals that you’re on the wrong track and you’re missing out or you need to go in a different direction. I think of my long journey with breast cancer that way.

    Fast forward to today. I have a blog that I started when I was diagnosed and that has brought me some attention and some opportunities but not as much income as I wanted. I’ve come close to quitting this thing but I don’t know what else to do (breast cancer advocacy feels like my calling now) and I feel like I’m close to figuring out how to make it work and make an impact. Thanks to you. You helped me to realize that there is a way to bottle up what I know and offer it to people. (I just hope I can do a good job at that)

    I tell this story to say this to you… there’s no let down in you doing whatever you need to do to regroup, get back to yourself and feel comfortable with what you’re doing. Sometimes you may have to apologize to people (not me, cuz I’m content with your content, lol.. punny). Sometimes you have to walk away from people who don’t fully grasp your way of doing things. And sometimes, it is the guy at the bar (or the gym or wherever) who isn’t looking for love any more than you are… who is the right guy for you at that moment. (I feel old but I’m about to be a bride and it tickles me so)

    You’re still light years ahead of me in business and the #1 thing you’ve given me is a way to encourage my wonderful future stepson to harness the brilliance in him and step into his greatness. You’ve become a great business inspiration for him and that makes me smile so hard. I’m not a birth mother and I never will be (thanks chemo!) but God gave me some great stepkids who give me a chance to be motherly. And you’ve been the mentor-in-my-head for a minute now. I have learned a ton from you. A TON.

    Sounds like you’re on the right track for you. And I think we’re all going to be better for that. Thanks.

  48. Dear Regina,

    Thank you for everything, every bit of knowledge you’ve poured into us. I look up to you so much.

    Lots of love all the way from Malaysia!

  49. Regina, you’re my favourite person in the world of blogging, although I have never done any of your paid course, I am saving up to do that because your free resources should have a price tag – they are that great and have helped me a lot. I am starting my blog by December and may I just say you’ve helped so much.
    Thanks for sharing your mistakes today, I intend to avoid them.
    Lots of love from Lagos, Nigeria

  50. I am on your email list and missed this post, you linked to it from your small things post. I love them both. Whenever I need to be encouraged that I can do this, I read your posts. As a mom, homeschooler, working and blogging, I am so thankful for your posts. Thanks!

  51. I don’t want to sound off-topic but I’m following the final CTA. I always wondered if you knew Adriene, the yoga teacher that is also one of my favorite people online and who lives in Austin too!

  52. This post is so inspiring and it mirrors much of my own journey. Learning and growing from our life lessons is what it’s all about.

    Abundant blessings to you now and in the future.

  53. I could really marry you – just out of all the love I feel whenever I read your posts!

    I haven’t been following you for too long (less than a year), but you’ve become one of my mentors–virtual–friends.

    Your content is so great, your voice is so authentic. I wanna be like that on my business too 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

  54. Regina. I simply love you! You’re personality is amazing and your business wholeheartedly reflects that and the knowledge that you so skillfully deliver to your audience. You are the whole reason that I am on my own business journey in the first place. I can honestly say that my life would look completely different right now if I hadn’t “met” you.

    I am SUPER PUMPED for this funnel course or however it is that you are structuring it. Like…. SUPER EFFING PUMPED.

    You’re the best Regina! <3


  55. Hiiiii Regina!

    I’m a long-time follower/subscriber/free course-taker and fan. When I decided to start sharing info & resources with my writer friends, it was *your* blog that gave me a way to do it with integrity and I will be forever grateful.

    Your honesty and transparency and the effort you put into what you share – it’s nothing short of breathtaking. For reals. Let me try to say it better: Your blog posts, emails, and courses are a breath of deliciously fresh air among the poisonous smog that is online marketing.

    It sounds like you’ve had a rough year, but I love that the moments that brought you down, the shit that made you struggle, helped you rise up, see things more clearly, and more fully embrace your purpose and vision for the future. I get tingles just thinking about it!

    Thank you for all that you do. Seriously. I’m not making big bucks because of what I’ve learned from you, but I can honestly say that I have made a difference in the lives of people I sought to help (fiction writers!). Even better: I’m about to self-publish my first fiction novel (eeeek!), which is something I barely considered before I discovered your resources. (Way back when “marketing” sounded like a dirty word.)

    What I’ve learned from you has done so much more than grow my email list (and blog traffic, and and and), it’s empowered me to believe that I am capable of achieving my vision of the future **on my terms**. In the last year, I’ve grown a community of amazing people who ask me to share my work with them, who are excited to read my books, and who email me to thank me for sharing what I learn with them along the way. (How cool is that?!)

    All this to say:

    1. Thank you for all that you do. You. Are. Awesome.
    2. Take care of yourself – do what you need to do – because there is only one Regina (Reginick) and the world needs your awesomeness.
    3. Please eat tacos for me. Because YUMMM.
    4. Also please keep using the word EPIC.
    5. Your hair is pretty.
    6. Also, also: I <3 kettlebells!!! And I mocked yoga until I hurt my back rock climbing and now yoga is how I heal my body (lesson learned). Are you going to share your health/lifestyle blog with us? Maybe you could whisper it to me on the Twitter? 🙂 I'm @bridgidlee.

    Here's to making the internet more awesome.


    P.S. if you like sweet & silly romance novels I would looooove to send you my book as a super-simple way of saying thanks, but no pressure – I know some people are allergic to books with kissing. 😉

  56. Regina – I just heard you for the first time on the Teachable Summit webinar. So glad I came to your site and found this post. I have been in business for 7 years and have made so many mistakes, some similar to yours. I appreciate your humbleness and transparency. I love you already. And, yes, I’d love to take jui-jitsu with you. Let me know if you are ever in Asheville, NC and I’ll take you on some epic hikes. 🙂 Love your hair, love your style, and looking forward to learning more from your brilliance. Hugs!

  57. Regina, I’ve scoured the internet to find a lot of the content you provide. I’ve paid for courses that make big promises. None of them have been as helpful as your courses! You are a rockstar resource for me! Thank you so much for helping me get my brand working for my business. And most of all, thank you for not being just another schmaltzy, high-pressure sales person who makes a lot of empty promises that just because they did it once, we can do it too.

  58. I don’t even know where to begin. You are amazing and inspirational and have given me so much knowledge over the past year that I don’t know if I could have gotten it from a graduate school program somewhere. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for who you are!

  59. Great article. This will help me and every point is important. Thanks

  60. Regina, you are hands-down my favorite personality on the internet. I mean, your blog is great, your courses are great (I’m working my way through Free Blog School, though I’ve been following you for well over a year), yes. But you’re maybe the most *likeable* person I read/follow/have encountered on the internet. (And yes, you say “epic” way too much – but I’ve noticed that now I say it too (but only in the context of “creating epic content.”) (And your hair is great (and that instagram pic is adorbs))


  61. I literally have tears in my eyes reading this, because I made pretty much ALL of these mistakes over the course of this year and just finally realized I was drowning and if I didn’t come up for air soon, my creativity would literally just die. Your Course MVP challenge was the cherry on top of my figuring it out and getting my stuff together finally sundae. It’s also nice to see the realness in all of this. Too often we are smothered with the seeming perfection of what others are doing that we feel so small, and forget we are human just like them.

    You are beautiful, you are smart, you are real. I love that about you. Thank you for all you do. Hugs.

  62. Regina, this is only the second blog post I’ve read of yours, but reading the comments alone makes me wish I’d known you for a lot longer. I’m looking forward to finding out all about you and how you can help me. I’ve not been consistent and small, and that is something I know I need to change. Trying to create a brand while working a full time job is not easy, but I know if I apply consistency and put my whole heart into it, I can succeed. I hope to have you in my head along this journey.

  63. Regina, you’re my hero!!!! Also, I would love to see you throw your yoga stuff into this – I’m learning it myself 🙂 You’re the best. Keep being you!

  64. This is the reason I can’t pre-sell anything. I might succeed or I might get stuck. Since I’m only starting out, I’d rather not find out that it was the second option. And I’m okay with that. Things will progress more slowly and with less money, but after making many mistakes on my handicraft blog on hobby basis, I know myself well enough now to take this seriously, and do my best to live by “Show, don’t tell.”

    I’ve disappointed a dozen people this year and am ashamed beyond description, but since I can’t do it all, there aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all, etc., I just need to adult a bit more and accept facts. It isn’t easy when we want to help as many as we can, is it?

    My tag line “creating balance” clearly was written with you, too, in mind 🙂 Stop by if you like, I’m all about balance in personal and professional lives, and you could basically be a case study for how to turn back on track when you’ve admitted to yourself that something has got to change. I’d be happy to offer you a free coaching hour in January as a thank you for all the content you’ve shared that has been of great benefit to me. Best of luck in 2017!

  65. You’re probably the realest biz-woman out there which is why I always, always come back to your site for information and ideas.
    I’ve even met a couple of these online-entreprenures in real life and you STILL seem more real than them!
    And you also don’t spam my inbox withe BS every day, whatever you send out is thoughtful and thought through. I appreciate that!
    We need more people in the world like Regick!

  66. Inspiring writings and I greatly admired what you have to say , I hope you continue to provide new ideas for us all and greetings success always for you..Keep update more information..

  67. I really like your curly hair and I want your almond butter brownie recipe!

    And, well, I’m writing this comment just to say hello: I’ve been reading your posts for a while, it’s like I know you. Thank you for your work and the love you share. It’s inspiring.

    P.S. Yoga works for me too, I haven’t been doing it for a while and I feel much older than I am. Yoga makes your spine younger and you are as young as your spine is (quote from my instructor).

  68. I love the name Regick. Kind of reminds me of Riddick. Your blog is one of the most useful on how to be a good infopreneur. I decided to start a blog in May, and then life happened and I put it on the backburner. Recently I decided to pick it back up.Your website has been so helpful on enabling me to get it off the ground. Most of your free courses could easily be paid courses, in fact I’ve seen paid courses that have less useful info in them than your free ones. I may be a new fan, but I was instanly hooked when I saw the quality of what you were offering. Keep being awesome.

  69. It’s been almost a year since this article. Maybe a follow up? (what you learned, how you’ve changed, bad habits that still stuck around, etc)

  70. Inspiring writings and I greatly admired what you have to say , I hope you continue to provide new ideas for us all and greetings success always for you. Keep being you!

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