Daily, Weekly + Monthly Business Tasks for Bloggers (free checklists my friends)

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Business Tasks for Bloggers

Well my friends, you’ve probably figured out by now that running a blog as either a marketing tool for your business or as a money-making tool for your life is a lot of work. There are multiple “tasks” that exist outside of writing and publishing quality content. And since I love you, I put all those businessy tasks that deal with marketing, maintenance + accounting (for your blog) into some nifty blogging checklists. I hope everyone loves checklists as much as I do.


  • Review my day’s “to do” list and craft a plan of attack.
  • Brainstorm and outline a blog post idea or work on writing a post.
  • Create and pin original content to Pinterest.
  • Pin or repin content from other people that is of interest to my audience.
  • Tweet a post from my blog.
  • Tweet or retweet useful content from other people.
  • Follow/tweet one new person who is an ideal reader of my blog.
  • Update my Google+ and Facebook pages with original or useful content.
  • Post useful content to my LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other accounts.
  • Respond to comments on my blog and social media accounts.
  • Respond to email inquiries or comments. Reply with some free tips.
  • Prepare any images or text for tomorrow’s social media promotions. Canva is a great tool if you’re new to graphic design.
  • Edit and schedule any blog post(s) being published tomorrow.
  • Record any income or expenses in a spreadsheet or accounting software. Wave Accounting is great, free accounting software.
  • Review my day and reflect on positive accomplishments.
  • Set my schedule and “to do” list for tomorrow.


Download the Daily Tasks for Bloggers Checklist here or by clicking below. This blogging checklist download is a printable PDF with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks all in one document.
Daily Checklist for Bloggers



  • Clean my email inbox. Make sure I’ve responded to all reader/client emails.
  • Check my website analytics for any important changes or statistics. Google Analytics is an excellent + free tool for web statistics tracking.
  • Review my blog for any pages or images I need to tweak.
  • Verify that all income and expenses for the week are recorded.
  • Check business bank accounts and affiliate account balances for accuracy.
  • Send or re-send any invoices for blog ad space or freelance work. Invoicely is one of my favorite providers of customized invoices you can send online.
  • Record any mileage I drove for my blog business this week. [tax deduction, and it’s major y’all]
  • Start promoting, or continue to promote, any major upcoming events/items.
  • Plan, or continue to develop, any promotions, giveaways, or special features for next week and next month.
  • Plan and write content or create images and products for my email list.
  • Schedule/queue key social media updates for next week. Buffer is my favorite, free tool to schedule social media updates with.
  • Research and read other sources in my niche.
  • Research or read articles that will help me grow as a blogger.
  • Think of one new way to promote my blog and brand next week.
  • Set a posting schedule for next week on my editorial calendar.
  • Review my week and reflect on positive accomplishments.
  • Set blog goals and schedule related tasks for next week.


Download the Weekly Tasks for Bloggers Checklist here or by clicking below. The download is the same as the one in the “Daily” section above since daily, weekly, and monthly lists were all included in the one document.
Free Weekly Checklist for Bloggers



  • Audit/clean my blog of old posts that don’t fit my audience (+ here’s an ideal reader survey for you) or brand anymore.
  • Audit/clean my blog of any links that don’t work.
  • Audit my blog for any old posts that should link to newer posts or affiliate accounts. Only add links that are relevant and valuable to my readers.
  • Print a monthly web traffic report to track changes and set new blog growth goals.
  • Review any popular posts to see if they make a good fit for a series.
  • Change blog ads, banners, or promotional images as necessary.
  • Set a guest posting plan for next month and contact applicable people.
  • Read through and modify my blog business plan (here’s a guide on how to write a blog business plan if you don’t have one) as necessary.
  • Restock all office supplies and/or get myself a treat for blogging so hard this month.
  • Review the month’s budget and income to make sure I’m on track.
  • Pay all monthly expenses and set a budget for next month.
  • Set aside a percent of any income for tax and savings purposes.
  • Plan and continue to develop any promotions, giveaways, or special features for next month.
  • Solicit feedback as necessary (once every few months) from readers and clients on ways to provide the utmost value from my blog and business.
  • Plan a surprise or unexpected gesture of kindness for at least one reader or customer.
  • Set my editorial calendar for next month.
  • Reflect on my month and any positive accomplishments.
  • Set blog, brand, and business goals for next month.


Download the Monthly Tasks for Bloggers Checklist here or by clicking below.
Monthly Tasks for Bloggers Checklist


Ooh, how about printing and laminating these so you can use them over and over again with a dry erase marker? Brills! [brilliant]

Leave me a comment below with other ideas of what you do each week. And please, please take a moment to pin, tweet + share with other bloggers you love.
Photo: (c) keeweeboy

132 Comments on “Daily, Weekly + Monthly Business Tasks for Bloggers (free checklists my friends)”

  1. When you put everything down this way, it’s just so much work, isn’t it? Or so it seems… I tend to not even notice. But truth is, it is a lot of work and can take loads of my time if I don’t plan it right (and interferes with other tasks). So planning it is so important! 🙂

    • I agree with you Kelly. I’m so used to some of the tasks that I don’t realize how much work they are . . . and because I’m so used to the tasks, I don’t always make an effort to plan them out or check them off, which means I forget stuff. My calendar and checklists are meant to keep me focused, and I hope they work for others too.

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit, read + comment. I appreciate it.

      • Too funny!

        I was moving down the page to add this very same comment, when I paused to read y’alls comment. 🙂

        As I read Regina’s post, I could literally feel the anxiety rising because it looked SO, SO overwhelming. Then I realized, I do this all the time.

        Sidenote: Regina, did you use Canva for your awesome graphic? That’s all I use anymore. Even when I outsource I have my VA create in my Canva account just in case I want to tweak the design. haha

        ~ darlene

        • Darlene, thank you for your comment + I’m a big fan of your domain name, BlogBoldly.com. << Just thought you might want that random info. I didn't realize until I published the post that it would look overwhelming, but then you're right, you discover you do it all the time. It's more of a "don't let these things fall through the cracks" for some people, and a "hmm, I guess I should add in those three things" for others. I actually used Photoshop for this graphic, but I have used Canva for similar ones on my blog. It is so ridiculously packed with features. It levels the playing field for everyone--for people who have literally never touched a graphic design program in their lives. I love Canva. Deeply. Thank you for reading Darlene.

    • Ha. After years of disorganization and fly by the seat of my pants-ness, this is my way to make sure I don’t forget important things.

      Thanks for stopping by Ciera.

      • I’ve been doing seat of the pants for years and it’s not working. I’m burnt out and stuck. I’ve loved writing, publishing and even the marketing – but it stopped being fun somewhere along the way. Good for you to have made a plan and stuck to it. That isn’t easy.

        • Welllll Laura, this is not to say that I do all of these things as I should–this is just my guide and it helps me a lot. If something didn’t get done, it was a choice, not an instance of simply forgetting.

          What do you think could help you get unstuck? Do you use an editorial calendar of some sort? Have you tried other creative things to give your brain a break at times? Do you just find it a bit challenging to post regularly?

  2. omg Regina you are so organised! This is my new favourite blog resource. You have a new stalker! Thank you for the downloads. They should hopefully kick my butt into action xo.

    • Claire, yes! Thank you so much. Okay, your blog is just the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I just love it. I know I’m going to find some great projects there! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. The post being released today are some more checklists that may interest you–what to do before and after you post!

      • oh thank you! ^_^ I’ve got them already downloaded! I’m going to print them out and attach them to my editorial calendar (i’m a pen and paper gal) I got a great little 6 month planner that is divied weekly, quite like an editorial calendar but it is much easier for me to manage in smaller chunks. It’s a little less daunting! Thank you so much for all your advice posts. I’ve been reading them for ages now! I need to go and actually do some blogging :p xo.

  3. BRILLS! 😉 Love these lists. Super helpful & thorough. “Update my Google+ and Facebook pages with original or useful content” is a tough one for me… I struggle with Google + and am wondering if you’ll be posting some how-to-tips on how to use and maximize use of Google +?

    • Deidre, I do feel you on Google+. I’ve used it a bit in the past under a different brand to connect, join groups, share content, and do video Hangouts, but I just joined this weekend for my byRegina.com brand. It does seem highly useful so far. Definitely a great place to write the thoughts/content that is somewhere in between Facebook length and blog post length . . . at least that’s what I see a lot of smart people doing.

      As I learn to use it more and more I’m going to try to break down Google+ so brands can see where they fit in and how best to use it. I’d recommend anyone check out these two articles by Peg Fitzpatrick + Rebeka Radice, respectively, as a great overview of its potential and how to use it: http://pegfitzpatrick.com/2014/04/07/seriously-boost-google-plus-strategy/ + http://rebekahradice.com/google-plus-engagement/

      I’ll definitely be sharing some tips as I learn more about it!

      • Thanks for sharing my blog, Regina. 😀 Great checklists!

        • Thanks for reading Peg, and it’s my true pleasure to share your content because I know people will gain tons from it.

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  6. These suggestions are great! I agree with some of the comments that it could be a little daunting to get them all done but once you get in the groove ya just go!
    Best part of the post was the last paragraph. Almost fell off my chair!

    “Ooh, how about printing and laminating these so you can use them over and over again with a dry erase marker? Brills! [brilliant]”

    Great stuff!

    • Jon, you’re great. Thank you! I freaking looove your portfolio and the handmade. stuff. you make. Hi, I’m Regina, your new Interwebs (non-weird) stalker.

      Thanks for commenting, and I agree, once you get going with this stuff, it just flows.

  7. What an eye opener…I knew I had a lot to learn and this has confirmed it. I know practice makes it easier but I also see I have a lot of work ahead of me and it will take great focus to stay on track. These lists are great and give me the bigger picture. You have a new fan.

    • Teri, thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Hopefully it doesn’t feel too overwhelming, but you’re right, it does take focus and work. You have the right idea though, to get the big picture in mind and then jump in with the smaller, well-planned tasks that make the bigger goal real.

      Good luck and please let me know if you ever have any questions.

  8. Can you provide some insight into the gestures of kindness that you do? I love the idea, but I’m drawing a blank as to how you practically do that … thanks in advance!

    • Naomi, that’s an excellent question. I typically try to take notice of any frustrations or wants that people communicate via email or social channels then send resources I’ve developed that I can quickly modify for that person. So I’ve sent things like my content planning worksheet, social media worksheets, and some of my digital workbooks. Other options might be sending a small digital gift card to clients on their birthday or as they reach important goals (ex: 100 Twitter followers or their first sale–of course these are just examples for biz/blog clients).

      On a simpler level it could be promoting other people’s content regularly, extending personal invitations to free online events that may help them, or collaborating with them in some way you think would help them with their goals.

      When possible I think it’s best to opt for something personal that relates to something you know they need or want. I hope that I’m explaining myself well. Forgive any typos. On my phone rt now.

      Thank you for commenting though. Will you let me know if that didn’t make sense? I’m gonna take another look at your blog tomorrow too, maybe I’ll have some more specific ideas then.

      • Perfect answer. Makes total sense. I’m beginning to realize that I DO have something to offer in the way of worksheets and helpful templates, etc. and that gives a perfect boost for me to start since I love to encourage and remember birthdays, etc. — thx a million.

        • You’re more than welcome. I hope you let me know what you come up with, because I’m sure I’ll love it. Thanks again for spending time with me here on the blog.

  9. Thank you so much for creating this. You are golden. Now I must figure out how to make money from my blog so I can pay the bills for it! Sneaking suspician tht you have posts for that. ;p Going to find them now. Bless you!

    • Lee, thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on it. I appreciate that. Good luck as you monetize your blog. I actually think it is a lot of fun and so rewarding. Making that first few cents or dollars is this awesome confirmation that all your hard work + passion can actually make money too.

      Ha. You’re sneaking suspicion is spot on. If you haven’t already found my main post on it, it’s here. I also have a series that talks about how I (specifically) make money blogging and grow my traffic.

      Thanks again for the visit.

  10. Regina, just wanted to say THANK YOU for these checklists. I actually did laminate them and use a dry erase marker. I just started using them, that is.

    I stumbled onto your blog (from pinterest?) and it was cosmic serendipity. I have been creating my own systems and processes and checklists for my business and blog, so finding you has felt reassuring (that I’m not the only one being so… ahem… anal retentive. At least that’s how I feel with all of my spreadsheets and calendars and lists 🙂 ).

    And also inspiring. Love seeing how you work.


    • Patricia, wow, thank you for taking some time to check the post out and for commenting. I’m beyond excited that you laminated them. Thanks for sharing that.

      Okay, we’re probably “systems twins” in that we’ve both probably invented or modified 1.5 million different spreadsheets and calendars and lists . . . in the last year. Ha. Glad to find you too. Your site is excellent. Definitely identified with the freeing power of saying “no” with grace. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from you in that area.

      Thanks again for the support + encouragement.

  11. Great tips & I agree, laminating these is a brilliant idea. I’d been using a calendar for months but had not method to the madness of how I shared my content or followed up on maintenance on my blog. Love these checklists & def going to go take your advice.

    • Kellie, thank you for your great comment. I apologize for taking so long to reply. How ridiculous of me.

      P.S. I love your blog header. Wishing you continued success + luck with your blog. I appreciate that you took some time to read and comment.

      • Thanks for the compliment Regina & no worries on the time it took, it’s not ridiculous. Life happens offline & I fully understand that 🙂 Enjoy your week

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  13. Wow, I have been on your site for the past two hours reading through your posts… I hardly ever comment, but I have to tell you that I have literally been through dozens and dozens of “blogging and business for beginners” sites (courtesy of pinterest) and this is finally what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for sharing! This was ACTUALLY helpful and I think I am finally ready to do this thing for REAL! I hope you don’t mind if I spread the word about your amazing advice! 🙂

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  15. Wow..these checklists are so good and helpful. They will help me to be on track. Thank you so much..:)

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  17. Ughhhh…. I can’t stop pinning everything you post. I’ve been on your site now for… oh let’s just say AN HOUR! This is bad. I mean good. Really really good for my blog!

  18. Wow!
    I’ve been looking out for something like this…
    I’m certain it will go a long way in helping me stay organized & remember what needs to be done.

    Thank You for sharing this. (especially the downloads!)

    I’ll stick dem to the wall front of my work table.

    Thank you again!

    MH Gideon

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  21. I just started my blog and your checklist have helped me to not feel so overwhelmed and to actually enjoy the process. Your blog is such a life and blogsaver!

    Thanks…and keep up the great work! 🙂

  22. I have just started my blog and it is for sure a work-in-progress.I feel like I have so many ideas and cannot wait to get everything going. Your posts and tips have been so helpful. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! <3 <3


  23. Thanks so much for this. I’m working on my daily and weekly blogging checklists to try to improve my focus, productivity and time management. I’m the worst for getting distracted online, too much great content, too little time!! Lots of awesome points in here, thanks for sharing!

  24. Your downloadable Blog checklist is brilliant – I have so many notes and tips written all over my notebook, but you have just put it all in order for me! Thanks!

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  27. Regina, thank you! I am trying so hard to organize my internet life. I have just bought a new Mac and before I do anything I want to have files orderly before I transfer, along with photos ofcourse. So in looking for help in http://www.Artbizcoach.com, someone had mentioned your site with a link. I ofcourse I had to follow it and so glad I did. You have a wonderful and informational blog with so many extra’s. Thank you for all the free downloads and free apps information. I know without a doubt this is a lot of work!
    Thanks again

  28. Okay… I want to save ALL of your posts & keep coming back to them!!! I’m so glad I found your blog, what a great resource it is!! I especially love that you add things to your to-do lists like “get myself a treat” and “reflect on positive accomplishments”… so important!

  29. I stumbled upon your website via Pinterest…So awesome. I love checklist and all your freebies. THANK YOU! You have made hours, even days of work, with just a click.

  30. Love your blog lady!! It has definitely been super helpful in trying to start making my passion a living! I love this checklist as well! Please keep up the great content, you’re amazing!

  31. Great checklists. What to do if I manage multiple blogs at a time?

    Going through your awesome blog, post by post.

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  33. Sometimes I feel down because there is so much to do everyday and I feel under-accomplished (did I just make that up?) Listing these things made me realize I actually capable of doing these seamlessly throughout the day / month and never realized how much I’m capable to taking on and getting done by myself.

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m definitely about to purchase the planner now as it would be so much easier to track all of it this way.

    Maggie A
    Blog || http://bit.ly/1vRopLB
    Youtube || http://bit.ly/1Dk6Shi

  34. Thank you for the excellent resources! I’m sure I will find these very useful! I’m in the process of creating a checklist of all the little things I need to do with each post that I write and publish. It’s so easy to forget and the devil is in the details!

  35. These seem like really hardwork especially for me whose blog isn’t buisiness related but I still am going to print the checklist because I’m quite sure it could help me out with my organization ! Thanks for the tips

  36. Not gonna lie, this made me kind of anxious. But what’s been making me more anxious has been the daunting task of creating these for myself. I’ve had the idea for make something like this for a while now but creating it seemed overwhelming for some reason. Though, like others have mentioned I do these all the time that when it really comes down to it, they’re not that big of a deal, BUT it is nice to have them laid out like this so that these tasks don’t fall through the tasks. Thank you Regina, you have saved me from having to create my own version of these and have brought one step closer to being happy with how I am managing my blog 🙂

  37. This is by far the best comprehensive list I’ve seen yet! While it looks overwhelming, like many have already said, we do these things all the time. Just not intentionally. I tend to go through huge spurts of ambition where I try to cram this stuff into a day or two, but I think consistency is key. Maybe don’t pin 578 pins one day a week (reminder to self…) but a few pins each day.

  38. This post is honestly giving me life right now! (Actually your entire blog is giving me life, but you know, whatever…) I love things like these because I am always trying to remember what things I need to do to promote myself and work on my blog, and I always end up forgetting the “small stuff” like sending an extra tweet and things like that! This post deserves some heart eye emojis…

  39. Wow! This is very helpful! I just started blogging recently. This brought me so much value. Thank you

  40. Hi Regina! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I am new to blogging, as I just started last month. For a long time now I have been wanting to blog ( I actually set my bog up 2 1/2 yrs ago) but never started because I did not know where or how to start. I am still confused but I figured have to start somewhere as I already wasted years of not trying:( At the moment my blog is so blah! compared to your blog and many others!
    Reading this post just gave me anxiety, but it is all great information and I hope one day all this will seem a breeze to me. Thank you for posting all this useful information for helping/guiding people like me.

  41. thank you SO much for this list. I feel so lost sometimes that I end up not doing enough or anything at all. With this it will help keep me on track. thank you!

  42. Hi Regina!

    I just found your post from pinterest. I am just starting out and in the process of building my website and creating content. I knew that there was a lot of work involved but I had no idea since this is all still so new to me!

    These checklists are so helpful! Can’t wait to implement them and check out some of the other awesomeness on you blog!

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  45. hey i was just wondering at what point can I start claiming things for my blog as a business expense for my taxes? I have a full time 9-5 which I plan to keep for insurance and tax reasons.

    Anyone know?

  46. Regina, you are AWESOME! This check list is absolutely amazing and beyond helpful for a newbie like me;-) Thanks for sharing!

  47. Thank you so much for these awesome checklists. They are a sure fire way to help keep you on your toes when it comes to your blog!


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  50. Awesome Tips! I am just starting out my blog and trying to figure out – what works and what doesn’t. Also trying to increase traffic to my online store! All these are great tips! Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  51. I have this printed out for each day, week and month for every single post in my editorial calendar. I can’t recommend it enough to people. It has saved my life more than a time or two when I (often) forget something in a post draft. Love , love, LOVE!!

    – Elle Ay Esse

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  53. Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your post. It gave me a lot of info that I haven’t thought about, and when/if I decide to do another blog for monetary purposes, these checklists will REALLY help me out. I set time out of my day when I get up…about 3 1/2 hours before I have to be at work. That is when I do my devotions/study, and then blog.

    I have only recently picked blogging back up after taking about 8 months off, and have finally bit the bullet and bought the domain and host. I spend a lot of my time after work on my site.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for helping me.
    God Bless!

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  55. OMG Regina! You have done it again! This article and the handy dandy printouts are awesome and so very useful! YOU ROCK!

  56. Hey Regina, great post! Love your blog — but small problem; every time I try to submit my email in the form it tells me there have been too many log-in attempts from my address. A couple of weeks ago when I first found your blog and again today. I’d love to sign up for your wisdom, help! And thank you again.

  57. Omg! I’m all aboard your brilliant train with printing and laminating these free printables. Thank you so much, will be very handy.

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  59. Regina – I am completely new to blogging and came across 1 of your posts (can’t even remember which now) on Pinterest. I have since gone down a 2 day rabbit hole (which I will tell my husband is research) of reading lots of posts, checklists, ideas, etc. and I can’t stop. You have some great information here and I appreciate that all the downloads I’ve come across so far are free. It’s stressful to get so excited about a post, read it, and then find out that to get any real information, you have to pay $20. Basically, just wanted to come out of lurking in the shadows and let you know that I am learning a ton from your content. 🙂

  60. Thanks for this Regina. I’m new to blogging and am hoping to really start doing it full time. This is going to be really useful 🙂

  61. Wow! This is so helpful. I knew there was a lot that I needed to learn/ start doing to improve my blog, but laying it out this way just helped me so much! I’m going to go stalk the rest of your blog now!

  62. Hahaha! Regina rocks! “Stumbled upon this site through search engines and I am totally hooked reading several articles! Keep up the good work! Oops! My blog really really needs some work up!!

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  73. All I can say is WOW! And ouch. I don’t have a working printer right now, and your lists are so amazing, I copied them down by hand. This was exactly what I needed to give me some direction as a new blogger. I knew there was a lot I should be doing, but I had no idea where to start! I’m following your blog so that I can continue to learn from you and see my blog blossom as a result 🙂

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  75. I already read like 2 or more of your post. I used to have a blog but because of no time, some changes in my life and other things I closed it. Now I open another one, but I need to improve some of my skills. Also be more organize and constant. This also can help me with my professional life. (I want to practice my english, my first language is spanish.) So finally I just wanna say thank you for the post. I will back to share with you how I’m doing.

  76. Thank you for sharing your bad-ass ninja organizational fu! *deep respectful bow*

    These three lists will be on my wall as my antidote to that inner snivel-y “…but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing” kvetch.

    Take that, Procrastinator! 🙂

  77. Reflect on your accomplishments <- that is seriously gold. I've just started blogging a couple of months ago and it's a FREAKING LOT of work!! It doesn't seem like it but it is, and sometimes days (or weeks) don't go by as expected and that really kills the mood to continue doing it all over again, but focusing on what did get done instead of what not, can really help keep you motivated!

    Thank you so much for sharing these lists and for including such important task in them!

  78. I am so glad to see this! I am working hard on my blog and trying to formulate the “right” plan for my day to day. This is so helpful. I’ll be using this for sure. Thanks for the information!

  79. Thanks for the post. The checklist is always helpful. I’m a huge list fan. I just wanted to point out that tons of these tasks can be automated to save you time! For example, a new blog post can be automatically scheduled to post on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even Pinterest boards upon publishing. This gives you tons of flexibility because you won’t be sending out the same content all at one time. Check out this post for more info about automating social media: http://bullzeyedesign.com/schedule-wp-on-social-with-buffer/

  80. G;ad to see a sista running a successful blog and making her voice heard across the web. Rare gems like you are making a positive difference and leading other sisters toward this line of work. Keep doing what you do. 🙂

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  82. Literally been on our blog for hours because of all your awesome tips for bloggers. It’s so great to have people who are willing to help others who want to become more professional with their blogs.

    Thanks for your amazing blog!

  83. This is awesome. I’ve been blogging for 7+ years and every morning I try to recall an almost identical litany of tasks but never – not once, not ever – wrote them down in a such concise way. Duh.

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  86. Great Post, Love the checklists! I’m starting to focus on blogging again and I know this can help me start to stay on track as I slowly work on my blog.

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  88. Uh… thanks? I don’t know what to say! I just recently found your blog (through Pinterest, so you’ll know what’s working). The lists are just what I need. I’ve found so much helpful stuff on your blog and love sharing great finds, so I’m off to pin, tweet, and FB this post! Again, thanks!

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  90. I found this so helpful. I was feeling so overwhelmed and this organized a lot of the information I had. I am a total list person!

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