14 Drake Lyrics to Help You Kill It in Business (and Life)

I’m a woman of (what some would call) many “contradictions.” I love Drake, but I also love Frank Sinatra. I listen to Louis Armstrong, but I also need Snow Patrol some days. I watch all the action movies. Ever. But 80% of my movies are pre-1950s. I’d love to spend a Sunday completely immersed in NFL games, but I also cry at cheesy rom coms (or “chick flicks” if you must). I’m weird to say the least.

BUT. When an artist comes along and speaks my business language and drops hidden gems of clarity for us to learn from, I feel it as my duty to share. So without further examples of how weird I am, let’s get into these 14 Drake lyrics that will help you kill it in business and in life.

Oh, and if you don’t know who Drake is. THIS.

Let’s start with 5 quotes to get your mindset right.

1. It ain’t about who did it first, it’s ’bout who did it right.

Lyric: Wu-Tang Forever (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

So your market is “saturated” and you don’t see where you can possibly fit in. You see someone doing what you want to do and they’re already doing a really good job of it. Uh huh. I feel you.

But I guess Drake never should have started rapping then. I mean. Jay Z. Diddy (Does he rap still? I don’t even know which name we’re supposed to be calling him this year, so I definitely don’t know if he still makes music.). Etc.

I shouldn’t have started blogging either, by this logic. Neither should my favorite blogger, Erika Madden, I guess. But here’s the thing about that.

It really is not about who did it first, it’s about who does it right.

Do you have perspective to add? Do you have voice to add? Do you have lives to change? Can you put in the work? Are you willing to do it right?

Then do it.

2. She look like a star, but only on camera. Only on camera.

Lyrics: Cameras (song), Take Care (album)

I know. I know. He/she looks like they know EVERYTHING. Their Instagram is a collection of the most perfect images ever made. They publish income reports with income of $50K per month and only $323.47 in expenses. And then you figure you must be doing everything wrong. Clearly it’s easy and you’re just not able to get it. What’s wrong with you, eh?



Incorrect. It takes her 1 hour and 52 minutes to set up each of those IG photos, 25 minutes to shoot, and 17.4 minutes to edit each one. And by the way. Her desk never actually looks that clean. And by the by, she fell on her face millions of times before she made $50K per month. That, and, can you actually verify these stories?

There’s no benefit in comparing your status to what other people look like on camera. To what other people carefully select to show you. No benefit.

She look like a star, but only on camera . . . only on camera.

3. You should just be yourself. Right now, you’re someone else.

Lyrics: Hotline Bling (song), Views From the 6 (album)

Seriously. If you want to build a sustainable business that brings you joy for the long run, you should build something based on who you are. I even did a whole scope about this. Because, you know those times when you make money doing something that’s not true to you? Remember how fun that is?

Not at all. Not at all fun is the answer.

When you build a business based on who you think people want you to be, or who you’re peeping online right now and unintentionally copying . . . it’s just not real. And it’s just not fun.

And if it’s not you, you’ll eventually run out of content.

You may have had your work copied before. I know I have. And whereas it does hurt a little bit each time, I had a recent incident that helped me clear up how I really feel about copycats. A friend read a blog post that stood out to them so hard as exactly like my post, that they emailed me a link.

I went and checked it out, was shocked, did a Copyscape comparison to prove the ridiculous rip off-age, emailed the web host, took care of the issue, heard the person was being pursued by other creatives for plagiarism, and realized . . . this person can’t establish or keep up a routine of authentic content creation. Her path was not sustainable, real, respected, or worth a ton of time to lament over.

Avoid this problem by being yourself. It may take longer to build a successful brand if you’re doing something you’ve never seen done before, or if you’re doing your content your way, but it will always be worth the time.

4. You can be whoever you want, even yourself. Yeah, I show up knowin’ exactly who I was and never leave as myself.

Lyrics: Connect (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Ditto everything in the point above. But here’s this extra little thought/warning. It creeps up on you. The desire to do what others are doing. To have their success. To change your course a little bit each time you see someone “doing their thing.”

You have all the choices ever of who you want to be . . . even yourself.

5. I’m the greatest man. I said that before I knew I was.

Lyrics: Quotation of Muhammad Ali on Drake’s song Under Ground Kings (song), Take Care (album)

Here’s the deal. I’m not actually recommending you walk around the streets proclaiming that you’re the greatest ______ (insert your profession there). Let other people give you that title. BUT. I am saying you need to believe that you are epic and that you are capable of creating epic things. They won’t work for everyone. But they are indeed epic.

I was reading some content from an online marketing pro that claimed they had the best information products in the industry. That’s such an insane claim. You can’t possibly have consumed everyone else’s stuff to know the truth behind that.

And even if you have 1.5 million raving fans, there are still people who you’re not a good fit for and who would not consider you “the best.” I don’t even read that person’s stuff anymore, not because of that quote alone, but because their attitude doesn’t work for me. Saying “I feel this is some of the best . . .” is worlds different than, “This is the best ever.”

When you’re the best, you won’t have to send out the memo yourself, others will do it for you. However, if you don’t put your content out there with confidence at all, people might not take notice. Believe in your heart that you are great. Please.

Let’s move on to 3 Drake lyrics to help you decide your work ethic and quality.

6. I live for this, it isn’t just a hobby like that.

Lyrics: Headlines (song), Take Care (album)

They’re playing at this life. You’re serious.

If you’re trying to make a living off of your passions, personality, content, and creativity . . . this isn’t just a hobby.

So, if it’s not a hobby. And it’s a real life thing . . . your life’s work . . . your legacy to leave behind . . . your mark to forever imprint the world around you with . . .

Why would you treat it like a hobby? Of the remaining time you have outside of your 9 – 5 or other work, why would you part-time your legacy? If you have an hour in the morning that you can wake up early to work with, why would you not do it? Or why would you only use five minutes of it? Adopt a full-time mindset when all you have is a few hours per week. When you free up more and more of your time, it will be insane how much you can accomplish.

7. You talk all this **** and we still lack communication.

Lyrics: Connect (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Man. Hold up.

Have you ever been on a business Twitter account, or read a blog post, or received an email from a brand and stopped to think: “What was the point of all that?”

People can talk a lot of stuff and use a lot of words, but not say anything. Someone can take up 1,000 words and add no value. Someone can tweet seven times a day, but not actually communicate or connect with their audience.

What quality do you want to consistently create? What does each tweet, each post, each piece of content actually communicate?

Make stuff that communicates. That connects. That matters to you and matters to them.

Make stuff that matters.

8. Your lack of effort got me rappin’ different.

Lyrics: Furthest Thing (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Not that this is what Drake meant with these lyrics . . . but . . . since as far as you can see no one else is putting out quality, you’re just gonna start creating mediocre stuff? Because you don’t feel anyone compares to you, you’re going to start slacking? Bad idea. Don’t let anyone else’s lack of effort, wishy-washy attitude, or subpar efforts change how hard you work.

There’s always someone coming behind you that has had the benefit of studying your playbook, consuming your content, and sitting around in a dark basement for unknown amounts of time plotting how to take your spot. That’s the person who should still inspire you to create your best work.

Hopefully, in doing this, we in turn inspire others and create a band of makers and doers we can actually collaborate with instead of worry about or be jealous of.

And how about 4 Drake quotes to help you determine how your character will come through in your work and life?

9. Rich enough that I don’t have to tell ‘em that I’m rich.

Lyrics: Tuscan Leather (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Just build a work ethic, brand, and life in which you’re [rich, important, fit, epic] enough that you don’t have to tell people you’re [rich, important, fit, epic].

If you’re not uplifting, inspiring, helping, and serving others with the information, then don’t waste our time telling us how [rich, important, fit, epic] you are.

How do you treat us? What do you give us? That’s what matters.

10. Checks bounced but we bounced back.

Lyrics: Look What You’ve Done (song), Take Care (album)

Stuff happens.

My site (which is a large part of my livelihood and that of two people who work with me) was down for almost two whole days recently. Two.

I’ve messed up more things than I can count or name.

I’ve had multiple people steal my work and claim it as their own and build a following from it.

I’ve had a girl mini-threaten me on Instagram over a situation she literally imagined in her head.

I had someone complain about the time I offered my free online workshop, even though I offered it live at two different times, to accommodate as many time zones as possible, and it was available as a replay.

You have to decide what attitude you will have during these moments.

Checks bounce. Do you bounce back? Oh, and if we want to literally talk about checks bouncing, you can hear all my way honest moments in a recent scope about what poverty mentality does to your business.

11. Wish you would learn to love people and use things. And not the other way around.

Lyrics: Connect (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

If we don’t put the people our brands and lives serve first, we will likely end up putting things first, and using people to get them. It’s sad.

And it’s real. And it doesn’t amount to anything at the end of it all.

We won’t be sitting around talking about how many things you have for longer than we talk about who you are as a person and what mark you left on our world.

May we always use tools (software, money, etc.) to love and serve people, and stop using people (and the money they spend with our brands) just to get more things without regard to the condition we leave those people in.

Read that twice. It’s good. I promise.

12. I like when money makes a difference but don’t make you different.

Lyrics: From Time (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Money helps. It helps us pay bills, take care of our families, do important work, invest in our businesses, and more . . . but it doesn’t have to change who you are.

When I started to see myself wanting to prove myself and talk numbers with the big players in my industry, I had to take like 17 steps back and stop talking numbers altogether. It takes too much energy to play that game. And you lose your focus on what you actually set out to do. It’s not worth it.

And 2 quotes to help you determine your course.

13. What am I doing? What am I doing? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m doing me.

Lyrics: Over (song), Thank Me Later (album)

Listen. This is all new. Owning a business might be new to you. Making money online is new to everyone (in the grand scheme). Using social media to enhance your business is new. It’s all new.

And you’ll always be doing things you’ve never done before. That’s my life everyday. You’ll even be doing things that you’ve never seen anyone else do before. And you know what . . .

You’re going to constantly ask yourself: “What am I doing? WHAT AM I DOING?”

As long as you can answer, “Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m doing me.” you’re good to go. Do you. It will be new, and confusing, and scary, and [all the things], but it will be worth it.

You have to learn to embrace a level of uncertainty. A certain level of fear . . . in blazing trails that don’t exist and being okay with being the one who sets the path and gives the permission (to your audience, to your friends, to anyone watching you).

14. Started from the bottom now my whole team here.

Lyrics: Started from the Bottom (song), Nothing Was the Same (album)

Most of us start from the bottom. Many of us even have things working against us in life. As you start to work hard, blaze trails, and move up, may you keep two things with you:

1. Your sense of what the bottom feels like and how you can help others come from there.
2. Your team.

No one does life and achieves success without a team. Whether friends and family, or employees and collaborators. Start from the bottom and bring your key team members, who work and support the vision, with you.

Started from the bottom now we here.

Photo (c): Boris Jovanovic via Stocksy.com

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  1. I love this post!! I too am full of contradictions – love rap music, fashion and travelling yet I am a deeply spiritual person wanting to help others heal themselves. SO refreshing to see, thank you! 🙂

    • Maya, thank you for checking the post out. And I feel you on the contradictions. Maybe we should embrace that as the new norm?

      P.S. Your site is clean and beautiful!

    • You’re not alone Mya I love God, the moon & trapmusic lol but seriously Regina best blog post EVA! Love how you took something fun & made it informative & motivational

  2. These quotes are fabulous, Regina! I loved the ‘she looks perfect only on camera’ … that really helps with keeping a healthy perspective. Someone once said not to compare your out-takes with someone else’s highlights reel. I can fall into this trap so easily! Also being yourself; that is so true about starting off as yourself and getting muddled somewhere along the way by what other people are being or doing. Thanks for the great reminders, I listened/watched your scope this afternoon whilst practising my photography and you were great company! Thank you. 🙂

    • Kathryn, rrrright? Instagram and other highlight reels are just so misleading. I sometimes struggle to be conscious of the fact that it’s staged and that there is no need to compare myself.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and thank you for checking out my scope. I appreciate you.

  3. Scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed I stopped when I saw the name Drake, scanned the title, and thought, “She already won 2016.” Brilliant.

    One of my favorite Drake lyrics comes from his verse on Nicki’s song Moment for Life, he raps: “I can’t believe we really made it, I’m partly surprised.”

    I love that, because you’ve got to have that attitude, right? You have to be humble enough to be gracious and appreciative when you reach your dreams, but at the same time you HAVE to believe, don’t you? You have to know, with minimal doubt, that you’ll reach them. So I like that he said partly surprised, I think about that lyric a lot.

    I’m saving this. Thank you for bringing more Drake into my life, always appreciated.


    • Zauni, you are so amazing and right. I love those lyrics and that attitude. I also love Drake. His music seriously helps me process my emotions about this hustle life. That’s not crazy, right?

      Also, your black and white site speaks to me. It’s wonderful to look at.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  4. I don’t even like Drake and this was a great post. Well written and very inspiring. Great job, Regina!

    PS – can you do a version of this for Tribe Called Quest lyrics?

    • Ooooh, solid idea, Daniel. I like that. Thank you for taking time to read this today, and I appreciate your comment, sir.

  5. I second the request for a Tribe version, lol. Drake is not exactly the deepest rapper, but who knew he had all this wisdom? LOL! I love the funny but true series idea and it’s so in line with your personality. As always, great insight!
    Thanks, Regina 🙂

    • Kelly, thank you so much for reading. I’m all over this Tribe Called Quest idea. And your website is awesome, ma’am. Great job on that.

  6. I love Drake! Listening to music when I work helps me come up with more ideas and helps my work flow. Drake is pretty self aware and I think we should work on being more self aware when building our personal brands.
    (p.s. former zero to blog student!)

    • Heyyyy Dayna, good to see you here–I appreciate the comment.

      And I think you’re absolutely right >> we have to make a conscious effort to remain self-aware if we’re trying to build anything we want to remain meaningful for the long-run.

      P.S. I’m updating Zero to Blog really soon, so you’ll get access to all the new stuff.

    • Me too. As silly as it may sound, his music really helps me push through and work harder sometimes. Thank you for reading and commenting, Amanda.

  7. Eeek! I’m so glad someone did this post and to this magnitude! He has mega bars that always get me amped for work. Worst Behavior gets me on my Worst Blogging Behavior. LOL 🙂

    • Taylor, hahahahaha–worst blogging behavior. I like it!

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and to comment. That means a lot to me.

      P.S. Your website is fabulously wonderful. Seriously.

  8. Regina, you’re a genius… This was awesome and funny and wise. I might have to check out Drake, he sounds like a very smart man 🙂

    I loved #1 and #2. I need to print this out and put it up on my wall as a constant reminder whenever the (self) doubts come knocking.

    Loved to hear that you are as contradictory as I am with your taste in music and movies. I love old movies. Marilyn, Audrey, Humphrey… they make me skip to the TV. At the same time I can’t get enough of “Doom”. I mean, it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. What more to say. I’ve watched that movie so often I can reenact it in about 15 minutes 🙂 Favourite music? Rammstein & Billie Holiday with a bit of Tchaikovsky thrown in.

    Thank you for yet another awesome post.

  9. Regina- this post is everything! I not only love Drake, I also feel that his lyrics have so much in them that is relatable. This post was amazing, fun and motivating! Thanks fornouttingbit together!!

  10. Regina- this post is everything! I not only love Drake, I also feel that his lyrics have so much in them that is relatable. This post was amazing, fun and motivating! Thanks for putting it together!!

  11. Regina, would you believe I’ve been waiting for this post since you mentioned you were writing it. This post is SO inspiring and I love how you broke down each lyric and how we all can be inspired by Drake. Love how you said, “Make stuff that communicates. That connects. That matters to you and matters to them. Make stuff that matters.” At the end of the day when you’re creating a passion based business you just want to help others and make a difference in the world.


  12. Great post, Regina! I swear, I had just been singing “We started from the bottom now we here.”

    My brother is always telling me I can’t be successful by working online, so even though I’m not a huge Drake fan, I found myself quoting that song.

    But great post! Drake does drop lil bits of wisdom in his songs, which is why I’m kind of a fan.

  13. I’ve never been much of a Drake fan… Then Hotline Bling happened to me. It’s amazing, much like this post! Thanks Regina!

  14. Great post! You should check out Drake’s early mixtapes (Room for Improvement & Comeback Season) for some great “speak it into existence” motivation.

  15. This is awesome, Regina! I love Drake, and I love biz inspiration. Double win.

    My favorite lyric that inspires my biz is from “10 Bands”

    “I been in the crib with the phones off
    I been at the house taking no calls
    I done hit the stride got my shit going
    In the six cooking with the wrist motion
    Drapes closed I don’t know what time it is
    I’m still awake I gotta shine this year
    I could never ever let the streets down
    Haven’t left the condo for a week now”

    That lyric just makes me want to work. lol. Great post!

  16. Nothing short of epic, like usual! No seriously, these quotes kick ass!
    I’m still mad about the girl who copied you and the others that I won’t name. I just started reading Steal Like an Artist again and the whole section on copying versus stealing and the difference between copying from multiple styles of art and artists versus plagiarism really struck as chord. We need to all enjoy the work of others BUT find our own voice. You handle it all like a champ!
    Eps loved the lyric about bouncing back..

  17. Sheesh! This is such a great post Regina! It really puts things into perspective. I’m starting from 0 right now…and I cant even lie it is sooo hard to stay focused on building a new brand…and it’s especially hard to not pay attention to what other folks as you stated “posting $100k” month status reports and etc are doing.

    But as you stated, I am more determined than ever to make this thing happen this year….and make my mark in this world.

    Thank you for all that you do Chica..and thank you for writing this post. Take care and keep rocking it out!

  18. Whoa. I don’t listen to music much, but I love quotes and this is insanely good.

    #7 really hits me. I talk way too much, especially about my own life and problems. I gotta do less of that. Building people up is more important. True, I feel everyone’s needs are important, and I do have a need to talk, but there are at least two sides in a conversation, and wasting others’ time or taxing their patience is not a good thing.

    So yeah, that hit me. But it was good to read and feel. Thank you.

    #6 is also a big one. So many of us (myself included) treat a potential business like a hobby. I think often it’s more like we are testing the waters, to make sure this is the right path, but there’s comes a point where keeping it a hobby isn’t enough for anybody. Also, it makes me think of another lyric, though this one is from Rascal Flatts:

    “You treat life like a picture, but it’s not a moment that’s frozen in time. It’s not gonna wait ’til you make up your mind…”

    So the two together are quite the reminder that we only have so much time, so let’s not waste it. Test the waters, sure, but don’t wait there forever. Also, you may miss the people you needed to help if you don’t go forward.

    Thank you Regina. You never cease to amaze me and make me think.


    Sorry, I’m yelling. I’m about to make you some wall prints of this ish and mail it to you. I can’t deal.

    – Kaitlyn

  20. Love this post! Thank you for creating and sharing. Im in the midst of LAUNCHING my style coaching business and THIS help to clear some of the clutter in my brain – and overthinking!

  21. Great Post Regina! I love how you related the different lyrics by pulling out the vital points and relating it to how we run our businesses.

    You make me want to buy and listen to drake’s albums now…:D

  22. Hello Regina!

    Who knew you could learn so much from Drake? Thank you so much for sharing this insightful post. I’m working on creating my blog and this has inspired me to stay on track, and most importantly -stay true to myself.

    Thanks again Regina!

  23. Yo Regina!
    You da best, that eva did it !!!
    (either I made that up or I’ve consumed too many DJ Khalid’s Snaps)
    Love your work!! this blog feels like home!! call me on ma cell phone, k?


    P.S love your scopes too
    P.P.S Raving fan?? I think so
    P.P.P.S. Half way thru this post I hear the Rocky anthem – js


  24. This post is filled with wayyyy to much epic-ness! I’m loving this Drake quote it particular: “What am I doing? What am I doing? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m doing me.”

    Side story: I once met Drake and didn’t know it. It was my birthday and my friends told me he was famous… so I went up and talked to him. LOL Now I know.

    Back to the main point, it doesn’t matter who others say are “famous” because sometimes that hinders who you are. If I met Drake today, I’d be 10,000 more nervous about talking to him now that I know who he is.

    Just over her doing me. Trying not to worry about everyone else 🙂

  25. Hey Regina!

    I think it’s so awesome you’ve incorporated rap lyrics into your business examples because it’s so relevant! I’m a big Pac fan, so I’ll probably be drawing from some of his philosophies to use for my posts coming soon.

    Great post. Love it!

  26. Awesome post, Regina! I’ve often found Drake’s lyrics to be motivational but it’s great to see the really good ones all in one post.

  27. Drake is…well… Drake but shout out to the snow patrol fans though did not see that coming Haha. Really awesome post Regina, crushed it!

  28. Regina,

    Thank you so much for posting this awesome collection of Drake lyrics & how it relates business. It’s funny to me that this entire time I’ve been a fan, I’ve never considered applying these quotes to blogging and how I view content creation. It’s relatable and inspiring! Quotes such as “What am I’m doing? That’s right I’m doing me” and “I live for this, this isn’t just a hobby…” resonate with me so much. I love this! Thank you for breaking it down for those of us who are also who walking contradictions. You are amazing!

  29. Entire Life: Gotten.
    And I don’t even know Drake songs besides the cell phone one.

  30. Awesome! I just recently started following you and have already bought a couple of your amazing guides as well as your Epic Blog content planner. Fantastic post and I love Drake! He’s a hometown boy and also attended my high school, albeit many many *cough* years after me …

  31. Totally bounced a little in my seat! I was waiting for #13…one of my fav lines and something to keep with you always. Plus, its a perfect workout song too! Contradictory tastes make for a creative mind. Frank Sinatra, yes! Astrud Gilberto, yes! Pink, wait what? Yup, throw her in there too! Love. it. !!!

  32. OMGosh I love this! I have eclectic music tastes too (it’s one of my quirks, you should see my spinning playlists!)! Couldn’t love you more for it, because it makes you like me. Those of us that can go from drake, to disturbed, to pink, disney to vivaldi, then some broadway tunes before finishing off with the Smiths. Seriously LOVE !

    And the quotes/message – HELL YES! I needed this, Been a total funk with stuff and needed a pick me up! Kick in the pants received, planning mode engaged!

  33. Don’t even get me started on my mad respect for Toronto’s own poster boy! My hometown.

    Loved this post. Just discovered you today…and am totally digging your vibe.

    From the 6
    (416…is Toronto’s area code…and D abbreviated it…’cuz he’s Drake–and he can)

  34. Hi Regina,
    I always enjoy your posts and mails – but this one was just really meant for me today.
    Also I totally underestimated Drake – did not know he was so deep.

    Keep being awesome!

    Marlene B

  35. Regina I like the way you think, you are awesome and I am so inspired. I recently quit my job of almost 20 years to blog full-time, I stepped out on faith. I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t give my blog the attention it deserved. After only a month of being full-time my monthly numbers have tripled. I still a long way to go but I believe in myself and the power of God. I ask to be led to content that would help me build my legacy and I found you yesterday. Thanks for all your awesome content.

    • Wow, Celeste. What a great story and move you made. Congratulations on your boldness! Thank you so much for sharing this, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment so sweetly.

  36. Hi Regina,

    I just found you virtually only an hour ago and I’ve been plowing through your content non-stop. I’m so impressed by your keen sense of entrepreneurship and creative passion. I love this post along with so many others.

    I feel compelled to tell you that today I had an interview with a production company to come onboard as a creative director and it went really well! But after finding you I remembered that one of my goals this year was to focus on ME and my creative voice. I feel that I may pass on the opportunity and pursue my own dreams instead. You reminded me of the value of my ideas and how playing it safe doesn’t get you anywhere in life. To be GREAT you gotta take risks! I appreciate you for taking your own 🙂


    • Shannon, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share this comment. I hope that whatever decision you made is serving you well right now. It’s exciting that both you and other people (at this production company) see the value of what you do.

      Thank you for your sweet comment!

  37. This post is genius! And probably the most inspiring connections between music and a successful entrepreneurial life I’ve read online. Thank you Regina!

    • Thank you so much for this comment, Carolyn. I truly appreciate that you took the time to leave it!

  38. I never comment on blog posts, but this was awesome. Well written and very inspiring.


  39. Thank you Regina for this post I just found your site and I’m loving what I see so far ?

  40. Love this!! Thank you.

    One more- “if I believe in somethin, I stand for it.”
    -Drake’s verse in Only
    with Nicki and Weezy.

    Conviction in your individual perspective is essential. Playing the game of life is only successful when done with integrity. Integrity is when your beliefs and your actions coincide with one another in compliment. Counterfeits are always exposed and are never valued As high as authenticity.

  41. This is truly an awesome post!

    I have wondered if a post like this would translate well in an online business community (and Im not sure how its working for you). Still, its exactly how I think as a hip hop fan and businessman.

    Thanks for posting. It shows that you are living what you wrote.


    • RJ, thank you for reading this post. And for taking time out to comment. I’m with you 100%. I like hip hop and business, so this is how I think. I’m glad there are at least two of us!

  42. Great read. Thanks for filling my jar of selfs esteem and focus! Thanks for breaking down every bar and making it relevant to I’m doing. I appreciate you, Regina.

  43. Surfing the web and I run into this. Seems like it was just for me. Funny the way the universe works. I’m like decades late, but I wanted to tell you how very relevant this currently is (for myself and others who may stumble upon this greatness!). Thanks for sharing.

  44. Love your post! I know I’m late to the party (better late than never, huh?) but I have to add one to the list.

    “I had someone tell me I fell off–oooh, I needed that…(and they wanna see me pick back up, well where’d I leave it at).”

    This quote/song helped me through a rough patch at work. I was going through the motions, and for a moment my heart wasn’t in it like it once was. Then someone called me out on it, and it woke me up. It made me re-evaluate my actions, my attitude, and made me ask my self “what happened?!?!” It also led me to getting my butt back in gear and working hard. Whenever I’m having a “blah” day, I just put that song on and get my act together. (Helps for workouts, too!)

  45. BEST POST EVER! I listen to Drake a lot and I love when he talks about his life, business, and success. He does have some nice lyrics that many of us entrepreneurs can relate too!

    As a fellow “6ixer” aka “Torontonian” aka Toronto resident (lol), anything Drake, especially on this awesome blog—is amazing in my books.

  46. Love this post.. Drake says alot and his says are deep.. Weak minds don’t see what he spits.. Nice explanation on these points dear.. Thank you

  47. This is the most original and brilliant article I’ve read from a business coach. God has truly blessed you! Thank you for the very helpful information. I wish you much continued success and look forward to reading more of your work. Lots love to ya!! 😀

  48. Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding something entirely, but this post provides good understanding even.

  49. I love rap song advice! I have been writing about rap song advice for a while and just adore this post <3 Drake is life! Rap is life! But so is Backstreet Boys and Metallica… yes… haha

  50. Hi Regina! I’m new here, and actually stumbled onto this post while trying to research using lyrics in your blog. Did you have to deal with any licensing for this or is it considered fair use?

    Also, just have to say, I love how your personality shines through every post. Like I said, I’m new here, and I already have a solid feel for who you are as a person. That’s pretty cool, and something I am aiming for as I find my online voice.

    Thanks for the great info, advice, and inspiration!

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