What to send out to your email list and how to create wow with opt-in gifts.

What to Send to Your Email List and How to Create the Wow Factor


If you’re like any business Internet human ever, you’ve probably wondered about what to send to your email list. (Wait, you do have an email list, don’t you?)

Email has a much higher engagement rate than social media and can be easily personalized. So let’s explore what you can send to your email list, how and why to “up your email game” and create wow, the types of things you can send out as free email gifts, encouraging email list signups, building a coming soon page, and more.

Our emails aren’t quick notes we’ve dashed off in Mailchimp, MailerLite, or ConvertKit, we use them strategically to nurture our audience and make them not only want to stay on our list, but to forward those emails to their friends.

What if you received replies to your emails like these? (Actual responses we’ve received, by the way.)

“I just wanted to let you know that I have learned so much from you over the past few years and appreciate all of your clear and no-nonsense teaching. When your emails pop into my box – I immediately open them because I know they’ll be filled with amazing goodness!”

“Thank you for this most excellent email. One of the best I’ve ever read! Full of great information.”

“This is pretty much my favorite email you’ve sent yet.  Well, since I’ve been receiving your emails, I mean. I haven’t seen EVERY email you’ve ever sent in your life, but of the ones I have seen, this is definitely my favorite so far.”

Is our audience the greatest of all time? Yes. Do we work behind the scenes to create the best emails possible for them? Yes. And we want to show you how you can also woo and wow your email list.

5 things you can send to your email list:

  1. Blog to Email Method. This is a basic method where you set up an RSS feed to send your blog posts automatically to your list or even better, to a segmented part of your list that has specifically requested blog post notifications. You can use your email provider’s scheduling features to send it out the next day or at any specified time. But…this definitely shouldn’t be the only thing you send out as you can create much more excitement and value for your audience with these other methods.
  2. Newsletter Method. You can create a weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletter that includes your latest posts/podcast episodes, your favorite resources/books/Ted Talks or a roundup of events happening in your business. While you can of course invite your list to your upcoming online events, masterclasses and workshops, it’s so important to do so in an educational and value added way, rather than a salesy way with fake urgency. We’ll talk more about this below.
  3. Extra Post Method. If blogging is a part of your business, you can create an extra blog post each week (or each month) to provide one additional post to send out exclusively to your email list. Eventually you can incorporate this special content into your site or other content, but at least for a period of time, it should remain exclusive to your email list. #SuperBonus
  4. Expanded Post Method. There are three ways that you can approach the Expanded Post Method. a) Most popular. Look back through your most popular content and create a second part of one of your most popular posts just for your email list. You can expand it by elaborating through a story, an extra case study or a video tutorial. b) Save the end for the email. While you’re writing a post and realize that the content just seems to write itself or it’s going to be a much more thorough post than you expected, you can save some of that content for the email c) Create an epic intro in the email. As with b above, when you’ve created a longer or particularly epic post, you can create an irresistible lead in via email. Make sure that the email itself is always valuable (read: they can still get value from it without having to click through to your blog.)
  5. Opposite Post Method. Send out something via email that’s DIFFERENT than your usual content. If your content is usually practical, provide something inspiring, motivational or personal. If you normally provide uplifting and motivational content, provide pragmatic tutorials or steps to accomplish something. Your audience may appreciate the change up.

Here’s what not to do…send sales emails. If the only time you find yourself sending emails to your list is when you’re selling something, they’ll unsubscribe. So when you write, think to yourself, “How can I help my audience?” not “How can I sell to my audience?”

Bonus tips

  1. Treat your emails like blog posts. They need to be on brand, well planned out, thoughtfully written, and…dare I say it? Epic.
  2. Edit the heck out of your emails. With blog posts, we can go back and edit them (and often do) but with emails, once you hit send, that typo lives out there in Inbox Land forever.
  3. Watch your language! Check your wording for heavy handed salesy or promotional language that may turn off your reader.

Increase your Wow Factor

You can delight and wow your audience by paying attention to little details that improve their experience with you and your brand.

Create custom on brand images for your emails that add to their value. Strong branding may remind them to go check out your blog or website, download that free checklist (that leads them to your online event), or sign up for your masterclass.

If you’re teaching something in the email (and we’re big fans of providing epic instructional content in our emails), relevant images that help your reader quickly visualize your content will help them learn faster, as well as make your emails stand out above the crowd.

Do you have a few more ideas of what you can send to your email list? What can you add to those emails to create your own brand’s wow factor? We’d love to hear!
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  1. Once again, you read my mind. I was just sitting here with mailchimp open and was about to write my newsletter for the week. But then I decided to check my email and saw this new post in my bloglovin’ feed. Perfect! Thank you so much for continuously providing awesome and helpful content. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. This is perfect timing! I just signed up for Mail Chimp a few days ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what to send my subscribers (when I get them, I currently have 0).

    Is there any way I can download these podcasts to itunes? I’m able to listen to my ipod at one of my jobs, and podcasts make the time go by so much faster.

    1. Hey there to one of my favorite Internet people. So, I plan to add these to iTunes soon, but for now, they can be downloaded from SoundCloud as an audio file, then uploaded to iTunes like a song–I know that’s a lot of work, so I’m getting back to the plan to add these to iTunes.

      P.S. Thank you for commenting.

      1. Hi Regina, LOVING your podcasts! I get more time to listen to them (or watch your videos) than I do to read your blog posts (which I still love + reference to them regularly!).

        Could you also add your podcasts to Stitcher?? It is my favorite app for Android podcasts 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Ahhh…you’ve done it again. Just when I needed to get my act together with building my list as an expansion of my blog (and struggling over how in the world I would differentiate it from my other content!) I find this post this morning. Thank you for being so intuitive and for giving right-on-time advice 🙂

  4. Yo, Hi Regina. Will the blog to profit or zero to blog class be available as an e-course after the live dates as an e-course? Sort of like the make your info product in three days for the peeps who missed the info mobo. Mad like a Mofo that I missed it. But I’m getting the three day course because 3 days are way better than a month to make something #getHerDone

  5. I’ve had “how to set up an email list” on my list of blog topics for awhile now and I haven’t done anything with it bc I haven’t done it myself! I dont know what to send people and then I got overwhelmed and started working on other things. Thanks for this; I will give it a listen!

  6. You must be stalking my mastermind groups 😉 Every single one of them are talking about how we have no idea what to write in our newsletters right now.

    Can’t wait to give this a listen. And this is another vote for having these available on iTunes! Pretty pretty please? With ice cream and a cherry? And sprinkles?

    Thanks Regina!

  7. Loving these podcast episodes! Just cleaned for an hour WHILE listening, its so nice to be able to do that. Thanks lady! Your website is really helping me get on the ball with promoting my own site.

  8. So excited to listen. I recently moved from mailchimp to mad mimi and just haven’t made myself figure out how and what I want to send my growing list. I actually put it as a to do on my list last night, and voila! Woke up to your post. Perfectly timed! Thanks!

  9. This is a major “WHAAAT? How does she know just what I need when I need it???” Like do you have some major stealthy-like spying skills that you have not yet revealed?…she says to herself as she covers her camera on her computer…;)

    You are spot on girl and so so very generous with your information. You hit it on the head for me when you said in your podcast “You should never get too big to D-I-Y.”
    (image here should be an eye-popping smiling face icon) okay back to task at hand.

    Pod-On girl!!!

    1. Teri, hahahaha, you seriously have me laughing at your spy skills sentence. If there was a 30-day spy school, I would totally enroll. You never know when you might need MacGyver/spy your way out of a situation.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  10. Reg, I was just talking about you last night to someone. I also did a Periscope on blogging and yep, mentioned you again as a recourse. This is borderline stalking and I apologize for that ( actually I don’t haha). And now I see that my fav podcast has another episode!!! Can’t wait to listen to it!

    BTW we need to get some sidebar banners for students of Blog To Profit and Creative Coaching. I so need one for my site..

  11. Hi Regina!

    Where can I find the worksheets? I’ve been following along with your podcast (love it!) but I can’t find the link to download the worksheets this time.

    Thank you

    1. Sarah,

      Glad you found them. Sorry about that confusion. I’ll make them more clear in future posts.

      P.S. Thank you for taking the time out to listen and to comment.

  12. Sometimes I just open Feedly and hope for a post of yours. Today I was thinking, hey it’s Wednesday, so why not?! I opened it and started giggling when I saw your blog in bold!!! Yay to this new article and super yay to the new Independent podcast!!!! Your newsletters are the best. ever. Thank you for teaching your epic tips!!

  13. Hey so glad to see another episode is up. Was wondering if they were going to continue! This is perfect. I recently revamped my email offerings but am still looking for ways to improve it. My monthly goes out soon so nice timing!

  14. I don’t know how you do it! seriously you blog my mind, so much useful content here, am up til 2 am and redid my header, and started my list on mail chimp, now to figure out how to add my automatic download, also changed my sign up image freebie as you said VERY IMPORTANTE to show the mock up, had been gloomy few days but this podcast episode cheered me up and got me moving, heart you

  15. Regina:

    Thank you for another mind-blowing resource! I was able to take advantage of a lot of driving time yesterday and get much more work done than I would have otherwise, AND get lots of great ideas.

    THANK YOU! Can’t wait to start giving my peeps some more email love.

    XO Amy

  16. I just started my blog in May, and my list is still tiny, but these tips really help with what I need to do going forward. Thanks again.. and again! – MJ

    1. Amy, you may need one with the feature of just being able to cover one page. You might check out seedprod.com and see if you think you can make that page look like you want it to. I definitely know you can do the “one page only” thing with it.

      Other people use Lead Pages as well and love it. I try not to recommend too much stuff that’s super expensive, but it might be worth it depending on what you’re doing with the page.

      1. HI Regina and All You Other Wonderful, Knowledgable Bloggers:

        I’ve had ZERO luck with seedprod or anyone else’s free product version giving me an option to do a product release page/coming soon page for just one page on my site. I am publishing a $3 low bar of entry book. I’m trying to “stay scrappy” so should I consider collecting emails simply through a campaign to my email list and announcing that folks can email me about it on SM?



        1. HI Regina and Ya’ll:

          Well, I found a solution! For at least a month, I am seemingly able to use Promojam for free. I can collect emails this way and gather interest in my e-book. It’s not totally without it’s pains because I haven’t been able to figure out how to link directly through mail chimp and use automation, but at least I can generate the interest and send out my email reply to little groups each day or few days.

          Cheers and thanks again for your awesomeness.

  17. Once again, super helpful! Giiiiiirl, you are my online infopreneur crush! (That was all said in an over the top voice, incase you couldn’t tell.)

    I have to admit, I’m still trying to find my groove with the e-mail list. In May I finally started list building and created a free gift for people to receive when they opt-in but … beyond that? I’m still like … I already write blog posts … WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO SEND VIA E-MAIL? Hahahaha. So yeah, this was good. I’ll probably need to listen to it again.


  18. I so need to get started with an email list it’s ridiculous. I will do it at some point, definitely. Also, I had no idea you had a podcast! Is it available on the itunes podcast app thing? 🙂

    1. Hey Harriet Rosie! Great to hear from you. I’m glad you’ll be starting an email list–it’s so useful for sure.

      And I will get the podcast on iTunes soon. Thank you for the reminder; I definitely need to make that happen.

  19. Goodness gracious. I needed this blog post SO BAD! I have Mail Chimp but have yet to use it – yikes! Thanks Regina! I feel all inspired now 😉

  20. This has been sooo helpful! I was wondering if you were still planning to release Episode 4? If it’s already out there, where can I find it?

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