How to Start a Profitable Online Business for $50 in 3 Months or Less

How to start an online business for $50, in 3 months or less. Want to start freelancing, coaching, or selling infoproducts online? This is your guide.

This post is for your eyes only if you are currently trying to start an online business (a profitable one) from scratch . . . and you want to do it in three months or less . . . oh, and you only want to spend about $50.

Whereas this post (originally published in April of 2015) used to link to a podcast episode on this topic, I decided to completely revamp the post. Why? I think the first chapter of my newest book (which you can find out more about at the bottom of this post) might inspire you and help you to create an amazing online business this year. Ready?

Let’s only assume 3 things as you start your business:

  1. You have access to a computer and the Internet a few times per week.
  2. You have access to a smart phone (yours or a friend’s) that can take pictures and connect with social media.
  3. You either have your closest friends’ and family’s email addresses, or you’re connected with them on Facebook, or through some other electronic means. As in: You can get in contact with your people—whether that be 10 people or 1000, for me, it was more like 10 when I first started. Or, if you’re not connected with friends and family, you’re okay with building a presence online and engaging with strangers (who will totally become your friends, don’t worry).

Now, let’s get into the first chapter.

Chapter 1 of Build Your Freedom Business for $50 in 3 Months or Less: How to Start Coaching, Freelancing, or Selling Information Products Online

“What have I gotten myself into?” you may be asking. A lot of things. But the main one is discovering a new system for starting a business you love. Really, a way of thinking and moving through the very involved, and intricate, and amazing world of creating a profitable online brand or empire.

After years of creating various businesses, years of creating websites for clients and personal projects, and most recently, years of creating and running online businesses full time, I can without doubt tell you I’ve failed a lot.

Wait, what?

Yes. I’ve failed miserably, I’ve failed publicly, and I’ve failed my way to success. Let me explain. Because I believe the lessons learned can help you create your own business online with less stress, fewer headaches, fewer sleepless nights, fewer mistakes, and less time. It will still be a lot of work, but man will it be worth it.

Let’s explore.

The Internet created a whole new world of possibility and completely changed the way we (1) get information, (2) make purchasing decisions, and (3) operate businesses . . . among other things.

The online space as it is today makes it possible for people like my friend Erika, a mother of three adorable kids, to make a living online training people how to provide better customer service. The Internet allows my friend Mike to provide coaching for mind, body, and emotional health. It allowed my friend Kelsey to create and sell planning templates to busy women for a full-time income until she decided to also show people how to design their own (which gave her another full-time income). My friend Ivan sells design and brand strategy work online. My friend Aislinn markets and sells her freelance writing skills online for a living. And I could go on . . .

I have friends doing everything from teaching yoga, and selling interior design or architecture services, to creating fabric patterns and selling cookbooks online. I myself write and publish books on business and marketing, plus create courses on starting and running a business, getting better at conversations as an introvert, and using yoga and movement to increase your flexibility, durability, and range of motion as an athlete or gym rat.

How is it possible to make and sell the types of products and services all of these people are creating? How can you really create significant extra income each month or perhaps even work for yourself full time online?

There is more than just one way to accomplish this goal, and in this book, you and I are going to explore the “system” I’ve used to create a full-time income online in the following ways: through freelancing, through online coaching, through self-published books, and through online courses.

Please be mentally prepared that this process is not easy and will require consistency from you, and that the “system” I’m showing you is a solid framework that you can modify and mold to fit you.

Here’s an overview of the system that we will dive into deeply within this book:

Step 1: Start with PASSION.

As cliché as it sounds, I think that the passion you feel for a hobby, a cause, a people group, a certain subject, or a specific skill will be a key driver of creating something meaningful and awesome.

In this book, we will get into a questionnaire to help you discover some of your true passions plus a list of 1001+ niche topics to help you pinpoint what interests you, what you want to talk about and create content on, and what you love.

As an example, for the purposes of this overview, let’s take a woman named Frankie who is a yoga + fitness instructor, a woman named Ingrid who is passionate about the uniqueness and strength of introverts, and a man named Paul who has transformed his health and body by becoming vegan and eating an amazing plant-based diet.

Meet Frankie, Ingrid, and Paul. Your friendly avatars will help us process all this epic information on starting an online business coming at you.

Frankie identifies her passion as helping people get fit.

Ingrid identifies her passion as helping introverts embrace + use their personality traits and succeed in life.

Paul identifies his passion as the power of veganism to transform your internal health and your body.

Step 2: After identifying your passion, identify your PEOPLE.

Part one. When you have a specific topic/niche in mind, it’s time to start imagining the basic details and habits of the type of person who will be interested in your topic or who needs help with what you provide content on.

Paul might assume that women (and a few men), between the ages of 24 and 50, who have had digestion issues or who are having a hard time losing weight or staying energetic throughout their day might be in need of his information.

Frankie might start to realize she really wants to work with martial artists and other athletes in need of strength and agility. She might then assume most of her clients or audience will be between the ages of 20 – 40, and she might also assume that many of her clients will be men.

Ingrid might realize that most of the people she’s ever talked to about extreme introversion are women, between the ages of 25 – 50 who are tired of being made to feel like their personalities are weird or bad.

Part two. Once you have the basic details of your people in mind, you can head to the Internet (and to in-person events, hangouts, or organizations) to actually find these people and engage with them. In fact, you may already be involved in groups either online or in real life that hold your ideal audience members.

Part of creating a successful online business is narrowing down and/or deeply understanding your audience--the people you want to help.

Ingrid might find a Facebook group or another type of online community for introverts and join it. She might also start reading the comments on top blogs about being an introvert.

Paul might find a Facebook group for people trying to lose weight or struggling with digestion issues (there are groups online for all types of needs, people, and interests).

Frankie might connect with people in her gym or people who regularly comment on a popular MMA Instagram account or a men’s health magazine’s Instagram account.

Part three. After you’ve engaged with your people a bit, it’s time to learn more specifically how to help them. This may include working with them pro bono, providing free content to them, or even creating some low-priced services or products to test the waters.

Paul might offer to coach one of the women in an “Overcome IBS” group online through a plant-based diet for 30 days. He might also create some free meal plans and share them with his friends on Facebook.

Frankie may decide to offer a few free sessions to a martial artist at her gym who she has seen lifting in such a way that will slow his progress towards becoming more quick and agile. She might also decide to do a “10 Days of Basics” series, where she covers some foundational lifts, exercises, and principles for people who want more speed and agility—then she might share her videos or pictures with an online group she is a part of and invite people to ask any questions they may have.

Ingrid may start asking questions in the “Introvert Power” Facebook group she found about what people’s biggest struggles are or where they feel most misunderstood. She might then create and share several new blog posts that address the topics the other women have brought up.

Part four. Once you’ve worked with your people a bit, it’s time to go back to that basic description you created of your ideal audience, and truly take time to expand it. Understand your people fully, ask them questions, draw from your experience of working with them for a while, and confidently move into the next stage of your business with the knowledge that you can really help the people you want to.

Ingrid may figure out that the majority of people’s issues (at least, the people she’s connected with) stem from their discomfort in social situations. As a fellow introvert, she knows the value that introverts present to friendships, organizations, and the world in general, so she wants to help introverts function better socially—and be able to get more and give more in their time around “strangers.”

Frankie may come to realize that she’s most passionate about working with mixed martial artists and basketball players. She might decide to start pitching freelance content to elite gyms, sports magazines, or popular Instagram accounts in her niche. She might continue to work with athletes and listen to their questions and frustrations intently.

Paul may start to realize he really wants to work with people who are having troubling stomach issues and not people who are only interested in weight loss. He can start to engage even more with people who fit this description, he can take notes and learn from the questions and ideas of the few people he worked with for free, and he can ask lots of questions of the people he’s finding.

Intermission—It’s time to figure out which product(s) will get the information or help you offer (from your passion you identified in the first step) to the people you came to understand in the second step.

At this point, you will likely have some idea of how to best help your people. Is your topic/expertise something you need to walk people through step by step? Maybe a coaching program is best for you.

Is what you do so specialized and fun for you that you want to just create it for your client instead of helping them create it? Perhaps freelancing (graphic design, copywriting, interior design, etc.) is best.

Do you want to take all your knowledge and package it up as videos, audio, or even text and images that people can access anytime, anywhere to help them accomplish a goal? Perhaps creating an online course will help you reach the most people.

Or, would you like to find ways to communicate through text and images and create a low-cost product with zero to no ongoing maintenance? Perhaps writing and publishing your own book is your best bet.

When you create a profitable online business, you must decide what types of products best deliver your information or assistance to your ideal audience members.

Paul might decide that the hand-holding and emotional support of a coaching package is the best way to serve his clients during such a sensitive time in their lives. He wants to offer 1-on-1 options (for those who want privacy) and group coaching options (for those who want to meet and learn from others going through similar issues).

Ingrid may decide that a book (a very non-invasive learning tool for introverts) on better conversations and socializing will serve her audience best.

Frankie may come to discover that one-on-one coaching is super effective but that an online “Need for Speed” course is a great way to transform athletes from a distance who desperately need her knowledge.

Step 3: Now. Once you have a grasp of your passion and your people, it’s time to create the rough draft version of your PRODUCT.

When I say “rough draft” know that this can actually mean anything from a landing page with information on your service or product plus a place for people to request more information and get a free resource while they wait . . . all the way to a site for a full-blown, fully published book on the topic of your choice.

The great thing about the Internet though . . . is it lets you test out ideas before you sink a ton of time, money, or work into them.

Paul might build a landing page for a new 90-day transition and healing program he’s outlined (but hasn’t finished creating all of the content for yet).

Ingrid might put up a blog post and pre-sales page on her website for her new book. She might even give away the first chapter for free.

Frankie might create a short introduction video series for her “Need for Speed” course that athletes can get for free when they sign up to her email list. She may then email them information on a full-blown course/program and see how many people click a special link to say they’re interested in the program at the price point she’s suggesting.

In this book, I will show you how to set up your minimum viable product (MVP) or rough draft product for four of the things I’ve done online for a full-time income: coaching, freelancing, book publishing, and course creation. Keep in mind though, you can also choose to create physical products out of your passion, or hold in-person workshops, among many other things.

Checkpoint—It’s time to establish an entity, brand identity, and content plan (this is what will consistently show people you know what you’re talking about and attract people to your brand).

Oh, and here’s the good news. In this book I show you a few different models of content creation. There is more than just the strategy of creating tons of blog posts or podcast episodes consistently. I promise. I’ve seen it and I’ve done it multiple ways.

Ingrid might start her business, then brand it with very soft, neutral colors, and start creating a “conversation tips series” as downloadable audio files that her audience can listen to as they commute, work, run errands, or relax.

Paul may decide to form a legitimate business entity, name his business something catchy dealing with gut health or veganism, and start interviewing people on plant-based diets twice a month.

Frankie might start her business, name it after herself, and start recording videos of some of her most fun workouts.

Step 4: After you’ve got your minimum viable product (or idea for it) and your brand in place, it’s time to really focus on creating a powerful PLATFORM for you and your information.

You will want to consider creating “audience magnets” (content to draw the right people to you online), organic search engine traffic to your site (by playing nice with Google and Pinterest), regular social media posts in the right channels, and even online events to drive awareness of your topic and brand.

When you are trying to consistently attract the right audience for you to your online brand, it's important to develop some audience magnets, or content upgrades, that will engage your ideal people.

Frankie might create an eBook called “Speed for Martial Artists” and another one called “The Baller’s Guide to Agility” and release both for free, sharing them consistently. She may release some of her workout videos on Instagram and on YouTube and start hosting regular live informal “workshops” or Q+A sessions online to attract athletes with questions.

Ingrid might create a quiz called “What type of conversation introvert are you?” that helps people identify their major fears or blocks when talking to strangers, networking (psst—as an introvert, this word makes me cringe), or meeting new people.

Paul may decide to create “The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Plant-Based Diet Healing” for free and release his interviews regularly on YouTube and as a podcast on iTunes. Paul might also start creating custom graphics for each episode that he can share on Pinterest.

Psst—you and I, and Frankie, and Ingrid, and Paul, will all probably benefit from creating an actual editorial plan (as in: a super professional, and well-thought-out schedule) for our content so that it all fits together nicely and works toward common brand goals. You don’t want to create individual pieces that don’t fit well together or serve a greater purpose.

Step 5: Now that you have your online platform planned out and rolling, it’s time to discover how (and what types of) PROMOTION can consistently point interested people directly to your epic solutions for their needs.

You may want to set up something like content funnels (ex: a set of automated emails that happen after someone signs up for one of your resources or online events) to consistently create sales of your product or inquiries from interested parties about your service. Or, you may want to master the basics of email marketing, high-energy online events (think: webinars, workshops, summits, or challenges), or sales for sensitive people who don’t want to seem “salesy.”

Paul may decide to host a “Quit Effing Around with Your Gut Health” webinar once a month for people who are in desperate need of change. During and after his webinar he might create some automated pitches of his full coaching services (or a cookbook he’s since developed) to encourage consistent sales.

Frankie might decide to use her eBooks as the start of an automated funnel, but also set up a “Speed Challenge” that starts on the first of every month as a Facebook group for athletes. She can pitch people her course during or after the guided challenge that familiarizes people with her teaching style and effectiveness.

Ingrid may also create a challenge that helps people spark up conversations with strangers. She might design it as five days of unique activities, and each day that an automated email goes out (as in: she can schedule it in her software and doesn’t have to press “send” each time for each person) she might also offer a discount code for her full course.

Ongoing tasks: It’s important to keep accountability partners, and a plan for the organization + auditing of your life (self-care, balance) and business as you go.

If you let things “progress naturally” with no plan of accountability or organization, you may end up as I did . . . with a business that is running you, with tons of stress, and with more work than is reasonable for one person.

Ingrid may join a weekly mastermind group for support and hire a virtual assistant to help with recording expenses and organizing her email inbox.

Paul may look into getting a business coach and joining a few key business support groups on Facebook.

Frankie may set up a plan to do her own home practice of yoga and fitness so that her own body is not neglected while she serves others.

So, what do you think about this framework? Are you willing to try it? Can you see the image of something epic brewing on the horizon? (Way to mix metaphors and sound silly, Regina.)

If you think you’re ready to begin this journey into creating a profitable business online, the next chapters of Build Your Freedom Business await you.

We’ll begin at the beginning. With your passions—the things that you love and live, the things that drive you and make you want to create.

Let’s begin, my ninja friend. Sign up below if you want information (and an offer for an epic price) on my newest book before it’s released in a few days. I’ll send you an email with some goodies soon.

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  1. Hey Regina,

    Looking forward to seeing your strategy; I am a firm believer that anyone can make money with nothing but internet access and determination (both to learn and succeed).

    Have a great week,

    Luke Jordan

    • I agree with you. I always tell people if you don’t have money invest your time. There ARE so many FREE resources & tools today, the barrier to entry is the lowest it has been. No Excuses.

  2. Thanks, thanks and thanks again for this, Regina!

    My goal is to launch my site by May 1st, so this is SO perfectly timed for me. I’m currently in that, “ I’m so excited, I’m so excited…I’m so scared” phase of site/brand development. (Did you just get my Saved By the Bell reference?)

    It’s fair to say I’ll be absorbing every little detail of this! And by the way, congrats on bravely venturing out into the podcast world, girl! You.So.Fierce.

    • Where were you three years ago when I first started dabbling on the internet?! You’ve got stuff covered in your one podcast, in a more methodical way, that took me YEARS to figure out!

  3. Regina, will look forward to following along with you. I did pretty much this in 2002 (sold it in 2006). Then again in 2009. Have been derailed somewhat, by personal events, and the landscape has changed so much recently, I’ll be really interested to see what you have to say (and, hopefully, to learn a great deal from you – firstly how on EARTH to listen to a podcast….I’m such an old school technophobe, it’s untrue)…..thank you, as ever, for your amazing generosity and kindness of spirit…..Helen

  4. So fancy! Will this be available to download on my iPhone? I can totally walk and learn instead of walk and stare at people.

    If not I can just come back and listen later. You’re so amazing with how much quality stuff you put out!

    • Erin, thank you for your question. I will make it available on iTunes soon; right now it can only be downloaded through the SoundCloud app.

      I appreciate your sweet comment, and I’ll try to get this up as soon as possible.

  5. So excited for this Regina! I just proclaimed to the Universe that I am going to have a life coaching business that replaces my day job income by June 1st and your outline will match perfectly with my intentions. Plus, I already have some of the things you have on your list accomplished so I definitely feel this is possible!

    • Yay, Gabrielle. I love that this is such an exciting time for you. I’m wishing you all the success with your brand. I can’t wait to release the next episode now.

  6. What you’re doing is so cool, exciting and inspiring!

    I heard somewhere that instead of reading multiple sites and getting overwhelmed by all of the information available over the web that you should find just one that you go to regularly to read, learn from and/or aspire to. Your site has definitely become that one site for me!

    Thanks for all that you share so well and so freely!

    • This is a great approach. I know when I first started I feel into the opt-in rabbit hole. It was information overload. It got so bad that I had to abandon that email because I subscribed to so many newsletters. I now use that account only for opt-ins.

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    Quick question: Will the podcasts only be available here on the website or are you planning to release them on iTunes or Stitcher or whatever else the kids are using these days?


    • Haha, the kids these days. You’re funny Bonnie. Yes, I’ll be releasing this on iTunes very soon. Honestly, I’m really still figuring all this out; I just thought I’d release it instead of waiting for the moment I had it all figured out, because, let’s be honest, that’d be never.

      Thank you for your comment and I’ll try to get out the iTunes situation soon.

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  13. Hi Regina. Great post! I have a question about what you think about naming a brand. I have my brand and website Petite Heartbeat. However on my blog I sell online personal training services with my business name Wellness by Ivanna. What do you think the best way is to handle a situation like this. Thanks in advance and thanks for the great information -Ivanna

    • Ivanna, just to make sure I understand, are you saying you want to combine under one name, or find a way to make it clear that your personal training + wellness services are under a separate name? Or, are you thinking of making a separate site?

      I guess my real question is what is your overall goal with your brand + business? I think that might help me answer you.

      Also, thank you for your comment.

      • Hi There, I’d like to keep my blog name the same, and only have one site the current one. I do not want to combine the names. However I want to let my readers know I offer wellness services, under Wellness by Ivanna. Do you think this is too confusing for people? I currently have a link that says online training on my blog page which takes them to my information concerning Wellness by Ivanna and allows them to buy training packages on my blog site. Hope I didn’t confuse you even more. Thanks so much for responding.

        • I took a look at your site, the one that links to by clicking on your name here and saw it went to then forwarded to

          My first impression regarding is a great one. I know it’s about you and what you are focused on (lifestyle, fitness, and wellness). It seems like you figured this question out.

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          In addition, the Work with me page also clearly separates your offer to collaborate from your wellness services you mentioned.

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    Can’t wait for the next podcast in this series, Regina! Keep up the amazing work. Your readers are loving it!

    • Yay, Chelsea. Thank you so much for your comment. That means a lot to me. I was nervous to release this . . . but that goes for just about everything, so I did it anyway.

      Thanks again.

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    • Ebony,

      Thank you for your comment. You are so sweet, and I appreciate the support.

      In answer, I’d check to see if the name is trademarked, and if it’s not, I would highly consider going with a different extension of the name you love. If it is trademarked or if that other site is high in search engine results and is about the exact same thing, I’d take the time now to rename your brand, even though it would suck.

      Thank you again for the comment.

  34. Hi there!

    We were extremely excited to discovered your blog this week! Can’t wait to get involved with this project. The timescale is fast pace yet realistic! It’s worked out to be perfect timing for our business. Going to start with the first checklist this weekend. Would love the know when to expect the next one.


  35. Hey Regina –

    I’ve been stalking you online for a while.

    No need for a restraining order.


    This post and podcast is great. I just wanted to touch on the email aspect for a min.

    When you are first getting started it can be hard to gauge how well your email list is growing.

    Only seeing 1 or 2 signs up every few days can be depressing.

    But what if that is the exact amount of email subscribers you should be getting?

    I published a short post on my site that breaks down the formula if you want more details:

    Basically though, the math is quite simple.

    The short of it is that you should be converting 2% of your traffic into email subscribers.

    Here is an example:

    100 visitors a day = 2 new email sign ups a day
    5,000 visitors a day = 100 new email sign ups a day

    I hope that helps.

    Also, to your point on creating your first products or services…

    I find it strange how many people struggle with this.

    There are a number of services that every business can and should have up on their website when they start out.

    A few examples:

    Training Session
    It goes without saying that all of your products should come well documented on how to use them. Just because you have included this documentation doesn’t mean you cant take it a step further and charge money for it.

    Add On Services
    This one won’t apply to everyone. But, if you can find a way to offer in some sort of similar service I suggest you do. Many of the people who sell on Etsy have this one nailed. Almost every shop has add-on service for their products.

    Consulting / Review / Feedback
    This is probably the most hands on product in the list. I think its a great product for new and established shops. This is especially helpful for new shops for a couple reasons. One being that it is an easy way to increase your bottom line. You can charge a decent amount for this and the only cost is your time.

    Now that I have written a blog post within your blog comments I’ll stop.

    Cant wait for the next podcast.

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  37. Hi Regina,
    You are amazing! I have been reading your post and implementing these tools and resources. Simply thank you, if I amin Austin to visit we must sip some wine and create. XOXO

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  39. You are heaven sent. Great post as always. Thank you, thank you. You’ve helped me a lot if you would want to know. 🙂

  40. First of all, really helpful podcast! Secondly, I’ve been making a logo with canva but they just sent me an email saying you can’t use any of their text holders. Also, you can’t set a transparent background. I moved everything to a different website so I’m on track to get this whole thing launched, but I wanted to point that out because it cost me some time and I wanted to make sure others knew.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Yeah, I think or Photoshop might be best for the logo. Canva for inspiration and for blog images and social media images, etc.

      Thank you for sharing Sarah.

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  42. Wow….Just when I think you couldn’t get any more awesome-er! I cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful content and direction you provide. You are truly a gem!

  43. Oh, Regina, you never fail to deliver EXACTLY what I need. I cannot wait to see this! I’m also planning to purchase the INFOBOMO next week. I’m excited, but at the same time don’t know where to start!

  44. OMG, I really need to learn to listen in English , I read because I learned alone , but always lose those contents that attracted my attention because my ear is terrible for English: /

    • Hey Larissa. Listening to and understanding English tough! Your ears are fine. I think it’s great that you’re commenting on and reading blogs in English – it’s much more than what most people do.

      If you want some help with your listening, then you can take a look at my website. I help non-native speakers who prefer reading to listening understand fast, informal spoken English. I love working with fellow entrepreneurs too.

      Thanks to Regina’s blog for brining us together!

  45. Thank you so much Regina! I just found this post today, and it’s EXACTLY what I needed. Yesterday I purchased a domain name and hosting (although I might have to purchase another domain name after listening to your podcast), and today I was going to work on branding. I am so glad you decided to get into podcasting because I love podcasts and I learn well with audio. So thanks for taking the leap into the podcasting world. As for frequency, I might binge listen if you had all the podcasts finished already. If you put them out as often as you can, that would be fine by me!

  46. Hi Regina,

    Sensational breakdown at the end 😉 Name your brand. Work off of this key element, this foundation, to grow your business. I built my current brand, then, built a blog, and eBooks, and all that good stuff. I did it in reverse, old skool me did, and my business lacked the mojo that a brand lends to a biz.

    Thanks Regina, fab blog!

    Tweeting and Pinning from Bali.


  47. This is great, I took lots of notes! When will the next segment be available? Thanks!

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  52. Hi Regina,

    You are living my dream. For the longest time I have been looking for something/one that will take me through a simple step-by-step process to build an information based online business . I am very excited to be able to listen to this and the following podcast and in 3 months time, the idea is to have a thriving coaching business (well, at least, one that’s on its way to thriving). Thank you

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  54. Ugh! Regina. If only I’d found you sooner!!

    Thanks for putting out this kind of resource. I took a leave of absence from my corporate gig to focus on my own venture (3 months) and all small-minded people kept telling me is that “you’ll never be profitable in that amount of time.” To be honest, I internalized some of that negativity and just felt lost and confused (even though I knew in my heart of hearts that it was possible!). Still working on my dream. Thanks for putting all this valuable and positive information on the web. So glad that I found your website!

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  56. You know, I’ve been working really hard these last six months researching and preparing for my blog launch next month and I have to say that nothing has helped me more in regards to this than you and your blog. I have to say I am eternally grateful for the amount of heart and reliability I sense in each post.

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  59. What an awesome post! I wish had seen this when I was first getting started with my online business. This is a very interesting concept that I am going to definitely try… especially if it only costs me $50 in three months. It seems reasonable enough to me.

    Thanks for sharing,

    PS- I will definitely be checking out the podcasts

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  61. Regina, I’ve been following you for a while now… I’m really happy you made this post, I’m going to follow the blueprint… And the branding/development ( totally scared to death, But i’m all in)

    Thanks, thanks, and more thanks

  62. I am full time online marketer and I don’t click on Highly appealing titles such as “earn xxx Dollars in 10 days” etc I saw you post link twitter and I had to click on that link.

    I would like to appreciate you for writing such a wonderful post, is there any way to sign up for email newsletter for your upcoming audios ?


  63. Its Bit Different than the other posts i found on the web on this topic! and I think this post is brilliant. I am SEO Marketer, and as per my habit, I use to research on business ideas to understand every market. to polish my marketing Skills, I really like your way of describing! Gonna Bookmark this blog!

  64. There’s good info here but if anyone follows it they will be breaking the law… probably several of them. Why is the legal side of starting a business never discussed or mapped out?

  65. You cannot start any profitable business as easy as that, first you have to know the business you want to put up. second is research and know your market 3. Study 4. is analize then apply. By putting up a business you have to have the knowledge and the strong will to do it.

  66. I read this post completely on the topic of the resemblance of
    hottest and preceding technologies, it’s awesome article.

  67. You have no idea how grateful I am for this post. Thank you thank you! Have my sheets printed out and I’m ready to start <3 .

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  70. Omg Regina your name is so apropos because you have set yourself up as THE QUEEN with this awesome series on starting a biz. I am super enjoying these tips, your fun vocabulary, and how you have presented all these amazing and actionable steps in a way that gets me super motivated and pumped up to work on my website.
    At the end of the second episode, instead of mindless let’s think of it as “intuitive” navigation that you’re achieving in website design and how your audience goes through it 😀 can you tell I’m an editor? Lol
    Anyway, just wanted to throw a word change and pay you the compliment you definitely deserve for this. I have been following your site for a couple months now and you are one of the people online whose content I ALWAYS find useful and download.

    Lots of love and light,

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  73. This is great! It is really helpful to see the progression each of your characters make in refining their target market.

  74. Regina! You are the real MVP! I haven’t even finished reading but I had to pop down here and say THANK YOU so much for everything you give us…for free! There is so much valuable info here that I’m absorbing like a sponge! You are #goals for me right now!

  75. Hey Regina,

    I have only just “found” you like last week and am so freakin pleased I did.

    I have blogged into the past (like 3 years ago) when we travelled for 6 months and go so many positive comments from it, people who told me to keep writing. But….. we got home and I stopped.

    So much has changed in 3 years and honestly the idea of monetizing anything I did on my blog would have seemed like a crazy idea then.

    I have purchased my domain and have been working through all your amazing free info. I am just stoked at how much information you give away for free.

    You have a loyal fan and I’ll be buying whatever you have to sell. Once I get cash of course.

    Love ya work

    New Zelanad

  76. I love this Regina. I have started interviewing some of my Twitter followers/ entrepreneurs to help me get an idea of what type of content I can create that could be useful to them.
    Working pro bono is tough – I gave it a first shot but the lady was not so nice to me, so I gave up. I learned some lessons though.
    It helps to research – your article confirms this. Thank you.

  77. Thank for your awesome article. It may seem overwhelming to get so much done but if you keep at it then you can see great results.

    Rohit I Lifeselfmastery

  78. Hi Regina!

    Just found your blog last night when I was doing research for my own blog. I wish I had found it a month ago because I am already using a self-hosted WordPress site, but I am learning how to navigate so far. I also podcast and want incorporate that with my blogging like you have done, having an companion podcast to your blog posts. The 3 month plan is what I need also because I have been working to get my blog up and running but didn’t really have a good overall strategy, but now I do!

    Thanks so much and look forward to reading (and listening) to you more as I progress!


  79. Hey Regina, I know content is the best part for Online Business but i don’t have time to write content myself. Is there any way that i can get content from real experts for my own website.

    Waiting to listen from you.


  80. This is absolutely awesome Regina! You briefly mentioned the getting your brand identity setup, and I feel that making sure you’re clear about your brand in general is pretty much essential moving forward. I believe that know how you will be positioning yourself and figuring out the best way to get your business forward — as in, pitching it, is really REALLY big! And then, making sure your brand voice and design delivers. Love this post Regina!!

  81. You always share such great information in each of your posts. I am so glad you revamped this post! I remember listening to a few of the old podcasts when I was starting my first blog ever! I wanted desperately to make money online. I wanted to be free. Today, I am a few steps closer to that goal but, not quite there yet. Hopefully, by this time next year, I can say I have accomplished my goals!

  82. You’ve given me lots to think about Regina.

    I could do lots of those things and I’m envying Frankie, Ingrid and Paul for their ease of decision making and ability to settle on one thing.

    But they are fictional and I’m real, so I have that over them, right. OK so I need to emulate them and figure out what one thing I should direct energy and creativity towards.

    So I’m going to do some better planning. If those 3 can do it…

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  84. Great article,very informative,I am into Digital Marketing and was researching on which niches to venture into, your article was very helpful, now I have an idea on which sector to give my attention to. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Wow – what a detailed post. I really like this that I will have to read it over and over again to start implementing the plan. Thank you.
    You are so talented to write so much. I am trying to strengthen my writing muscles.

  86. This is the what I am searching for. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. It’s a great help. You are great.

  87. I want you to thank for your time of this wonderful read!!! I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read a blog!

  88. Great post. It helps me a lot to motivate me on the idea of my own startup.
    I am thinking of starting a business of ERP Solution.
    Thanks for the great post

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