How to Create a Killer Mini-Course: The Free Class


Hey there, just sign up below and I’ll send the workbook to you via email right away. You can use it to follow along with the videos below.

This FREE course will take you through the process of developing your own mini-course. I created this as a challenge to be done in 12 hours (crazy but fun!), but feel free to work through the materials at your own pace. The workbook above and the videos below are all you need to get going.

P.S. When I refer to the worksheets and downloads in the videos below, you don’t actually have to go download anything else–I compiled them all into the How to Create a Killer Mini-Course in 12 Hours Workbook.

Here is the tripod I use.
Here is the Canon DSLR I use.
Here is the lavalier mic I normally use during recordings.
This is the voice recording app I use on my iPad for sound when I make pro videos.
And here is the exact lens I use.

Hey, friend of mine. If you enjoy your experience of creating a killer mini-course, will you just do one or two things for me, please? Will you consider sharing this with your friends (there’s a suggested tweet below–you can just click to tweet it), and will you also tweet me and let me know what you create? I’d love to hear about it. Thank you.

Take a free class my friends

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