As I’ve been creating some new secret brands and helping both clients and friends build more clarity and profitability into their businesses and websites, I’ve noticed something major. It’s HARD to find good WordPress themes for infopreneurs.

As someone creating valuable content and selling your knowledge as information products, it’s extremely important to have a website that is attractive, functional, and organized in a way that helps direct your audience to what you need. And if you’re like me, in love with WordPress and all its capabilities (not that I don’t frequently build Squarespace sites too), then you may be lost on what themes best suit your needs.

And I wouldn’t be a proper co-host of #InfopreneurMonth (P.S. it’s free; check it out and register here) without putting together a list of amazing themes that you can use for your information business.

Hey, did I mention that it’s #InfopreneurMonth?

Infopreneur Month is a set of free workshops, lessons, and resources all about creating content that you can monetize ethically.

Okay, now that we know all about the exciting content of this month, let me introduce you to my 10 favorite themes for infopreneurs . . . all available for under $50 from Creative Market . . . one of my favorite sites to get business goods from.

A great WordPress theme for infopreneurs

1. Wildfire

I love the intelligent design of Wildfire. It brings in the popular trend to highlight one main call to action (CTA) at the top of your site with a large hero image, but it also allows you to highlight other content and resources quite nicely on the home page (in the 3 boxes below the hero image).

As an infopreneur, you could use the top CTA to direct people to your newest, best free resource that serves as an opt-in for your email list. Perhaps it could be something like:

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

2. Maryanne

The Maryanne theme is perfect for infopreneurs who want to highlight both key blog posts and an email signup area. This is a great theme for when you’re first building up the amount of content you’re creating as an infopreneur. Perhaps you don’t have a major opt-in you want to highlight, or perhaps you don’t have amazing photos other than stock photography yet and thus don’t want a huge hero image of yourself at the top of your site . . . perhaps you only have a handful of blog posts and want them to be the center of attention. This theme is great for that.

Another thing I love about Maryanne is the fact that the author realized the value of multiple page templates. There are tons of way to style your home page, landing pages, and even your primary blog page. Go check out Maryanne’s preview site and click around to all the pages in the top menu to see what I’m talking about.

P.S. This theme also adds an extra layer of epic for those of you who really want to highlight the different categories of information/posts on your site, because it has the second menu where you can help your audience navigate only to the topics they want (ex: beginner’s yoga sequences, advanced yoga sequences, yoga for your back, etc.).

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

3. Boss Lady

The Boss Lady theme does an amazing job of highlighting your email list signup box well, while still allowing for a separate call to action with the very top bar, an optional compelling message in your hero image, and a blogroll loaded underneath with an attractive sidebar.

This theme definitely strikes me as something you can both start with AND grow with as your information product business expands.

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

4. Lucie Grasso

The Lucie Grasso theme is beautiful, clean, and helps you get straight to the point. Not only can you epically highlight your blog posts at the top of your site, but you can also develop three attractive info boxes to draw people towards your most important resources, events, or products.

The Lucie Grasso sidebar is very attractive, but the theme author also fives you a full-width home page option without the sidebar. This theme is definitely worth exploring, especially if it already fits with the aesthetic you’re going for.

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

5. Penryn

I love the Penryn theme for almost all the same reasons I love the Lucie Grasso above. Penryn gives you the unique space to highlight recent blog posts up top, but it also has many options for how you can display blog posts on the rest of your main page.


The Sophie WordPress theme for infoprenurs

6. Sophie

The Sophie theme has so many amazing options.

  • You can style your home page with or without a slider.
  • You can highlight blog posts or you can highlight resources and a primary call to action.
  • It looks great with a shop (where you can sell your infoproducts) integrated in.

Check out the Sophie demo for a better idea of all you can do to highlight your information, content, and passions.

The Fowey WordPress theme for infopreneurs and bloggers

7. Fowey

The Fowey theme is most ideal for an infopreneur who is focused heavily on epic, free content and who desires to get amazing photos to accompany each resource. The unique design of this site will help your content stand out–and the highlighting of the social links up top makes this theme great for infopreneurs who plan to have other platforms be major parts of their brand (ex: a vegan blogger + infopreneur who is mainly building his audience on Instagram but needs a great website to back it up).

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

8. Monsterra

Monsterra is one of my favorite themes on earth right now. There is a lot to love about this theme as someone who is monetizing information (and the presentation of that information) for a living.

  • The archive page is a beautiful beast of a page. Check it out on the Monsterra demo site.
  • The home page is super smart. You can highlight key blog posts, then include three info boxes that take your audience wherever you first need them to go, but then you can also include a simple, clean message about who you are as a brand or what you provide, followed by more blog posts and a beautiful footer. #WINNING.
  • It’s simple to integrate a beautiful shop–for all your eBooks and email courses.
  • The prominent social media menu up top is killer, but you can also switch out those links for something else.

Bam. That’s a powerful theme.

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

9. Minimal Chic

Minimal Chic can work well as your infopreneur theme because of its clean layout, simple yet attractive sidebar, and its great use of space (the menu and logo don’t take up a lot of room so it allows you to get directly into your content).

If you like a black + white aesthetic and want to build simple pages that allow your content to take center stage, this could be a great them to check out.

Great WordPress themes for infopreneurs

10. Chanel

The Chanel theme has multiple options for how to use your home page, but I’ve chosen to display one of my favorite (in the image above) with the three promo boxes that you can use. If you are an infopreneur with multiple free courses and resources, you might want to consider a theme that allows you to highlight your options clearly so first-time visitors know where to go and can get obsessed with your brand, fast.

I love that the Chanel theme not only has a very attractive sidebar, but that it also presents your blog posts in a great way underneath the top content on the home page.

Soooo, any other great themes for infopreneurs you’d like to suggest? What did you think about some of the ones above? And hey, don’t forget to join us for all the free workshops and resources happening during #InfopreneurMonth.

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P.S. I am a Creative Market “partner” who makes commission if you buy something from one of my links. Just thought I’d let you know. Oh, and no, you don’t pay any extra for using these links. These are the same low prices you’ll find on their site regularly.