Top 15 Creative Business Tools I Use as an Infopreneur

Top Creative Business Tools, both free and inexpensive, to use as an infopreneur

Don’t know about you, but I’m prepared for the day that an evil anti-creative force out for world domination puts into place a policy that all of us creativepreneurs are limited to only 15 tools to run our businesses. Some are calling it the Creative Apocalypse (how original), but no matter what you call it, I want you to be prepared too . . . thus this post.

There’s always hope that Sean Connery or Daniel Craig will come along in a bespoke tux and save us from this Creative Apocalypse put into place by SPECTRE Jr. (007 anyone?—yes, I own every single Bond movie ever, some on VHS, don’t judge), but just in case, I’ve identified 15 categories of creative business tools that I use each week and my top app or item for each. Some of these are free, some of these cost a bit, but all of these are legitimately what I use to run my business (and about two of these categories include affiliate links, so my hope is that you’ll know I truly mean what I’m saying). For your extra info., in each category I list what I’ve tried in the past (if it’s relevant) and what I currently use.

#HeadsUp: The first 11 creative business tools in this list apply to almost all businesses, and the last 4 are more specific to infopreneurs and those making money with their minds.

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1. Editorial + Business Planner
As in >> A space to record your overall vision + plans + content/product ideas.

What I use now: EPICBLOG editorial planner (physical); OneNote (Mac + app version); a Moleskine and a pen
What I’ve used in the past: a traditional planner, Evernote

EPICBLOG: a one-year editorial planner for your blog business

If you’re kind enough to have connected with me on Instagram, then you may already know that I’ve been working on EPICBLOG (an editorial + business planner for your blog). Well, I’ve been putting it to use to make sure it has all the sections necessary for an amazing year worth of strategy, and . . . not just because I made it (pinky swear) . . . it’s been super helpful. Honestly, it just works around the way I think and I created it for those of you who may think the same way and want the same type of organization.

The sections are as follows >> blog defining statements // mini blog business plan // ideal reader survey // custom blog post process checklist // blog post categories // space to plan blog post image styles // monthly theme planning // monthly goal planning // monthly calendars // monthly progress tracking // running blog post ideas list // running series + theme ideas list // running product ideas list // yearly blog accomplishment tracking // affiliate + blog account logins

P.S. If you want to check it out, EPICBLOG is for sale on

Why OneNote?
My friend Bunny (@BunnyWanderland) introduced me to this concept. OneNote is basically a digital canvas where you can record and organize multiple projects, ideas, lists, calendars, and more. I love opening it up and seeing all my digital product ideas for the year, current content ideas, and more. Bunny uses it more to its potential, but I love it for what I use it for. I’m a person who needs to write things down, by hand, but I love backing up that information digitally.

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2. Computer (or Tablet)
As in >> Tech for content creation + whatnot. I know, this is a “duh” category.
I use and love my MacBook Pro from 2011, though, I shant lie to you >> @BunnyWanderland and I just got twinsies iPads, and after a few days of use, I’m pretty convinced it’s the only tool one needs (more on that in another post). I snuck a picture while Bunny was geeking out about using Canva and many other apps on her iPad.

iPads all the way for business success

I think we all feel that a computer of some sort is necessary, so I’ll just note the document storage apps I like to use to backup files and transfer items between laptop >> tablet >> phone >> camera: Dropbox and WD’s My Cloud EX2.

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3. Phone w/ Camera (or Tablet or DSLR Camera)
As in >> Something to take your own photos.

What I use now: iPhone 5, Canon T5i + this one lens I’m in love with

Confession. I used to think all bloggers and product sellers who took their own photos were a bit nuts. I mean, is it really necessary? People would say things like, “You’ll eventually want to take pictures that other people can’t copy,” and “You’ll eventually want the ease/quickness of grabbing your own shots when you’re working with a tight deadline.” Okay, fanatics. Whatever.

But then, a crazy thing happened. I eventually wanted to take completely original images to complement my posts and products. I eventually wanted to quickly get the exact shot I needed instead of searching through stock photography for three hours. Taking your own photos (for your website, products, blog posts, or just to record ideas/inspiration) may be something you want to do eventually too, if you aren’t already.

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4. Graphic Design Software
As in >> Software that helps you create the images that help you stand out online.

What I use now: Photoshop, Canva
What I’ve used in the past and recommend in a pinch:

When I started taking design seriously, in terms of my blog posts and products, I saw 10,000 times more traffic (I’m being literal) from Pinterest and other sources, but mainly Pinterest. Not only were wonderful people coming to my site to read my free blog posts, but these spectacular individuals were also coming to buy stuff. Say, what? It was awesome. And the reason I started making a full-time income from blogging (here’s my income report).

When I’m designing my everyday blog graphics, I’m typically using Photoshop (because I slowly learned how to use it over time), but I’ve also been learning Canva (which takes a whole lot less time to learn and is freaking amazing). Whenever I’m creating something like a media kit, my first choice is Canva.

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5. Task Management

What I use now: #EPICDAYnotepad (below)
What I’ve used in the past: Wunderlist (I still use this for my grocery list), Evernote, TeuxDeux, Asana, Workflowy

#EPICDAY: the daily notepad to help you plan an epic day of creative work

Honestly, I’ve tried so many freaking apps and systems, I couldn’t even remember or list them all. Anytime a new app comes out that helps with task management, I geek out and think it’s the answer to everything. Until I stop using it three weeks later.

What I’ve found works best for me is having a central place to store information on all my ongoing projects, products, and content ideas (OneNote and EPICBLOG), and then having a simple, physical space where I can record and focus on my daily efforts.

The #EPICDAYnotepad (available on Etsy, but pictured above left—my brother’s; above right—mine) has a section for a daily quote or driving thought, space to write the three things you will fight to accomplish that day, a place for business management notes/tasks as well as ongoing projects/products notes, and the very bottom has a place where you can check off your social media and blog activity for the day (you can see this on my recent Instagram picture).

It’s a tearaway notepad so that you can tear off each day and start fresh. A huge part of being a successful creative business owner is forgiving yourself and moving on if you don’t get everything done each day. This is the major lesson I’ve learned, and one of the top things I would tell anyone about running a rewarding, peaceful, meaningful business.

P.S. If you manage a number of clients for your freelance busines, I do think Asana, Basecamp, and even Workflowy are worth a look for you.

P.P.S. I’m giving away one #EPICDAYnotepad and a free 30-minute planning/idea session with me (via Skype) . . . all you have to do (to enter to win) is comment on this post and include the magic password: #EPICDAYnotepad. I’ll be selecting a winner on Monday, November 24 and notifying you in the comments. UPDATE: Winner has been selected. Thank you for entering, my friends.

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6. Social Media Management

What I use now: Buffer
What I used to use: Hootsuite (okay, I still use this during Twitter chats and other events)

Why Buffer?
Wouldn’t it be neat if you were browsing the web and found a great article and could just press one button to bring up a screen that allows you to tweet the web page out (or share it on Facebook) at any time in the future you wish? Or wouldn’t it be awesome to read a tweet in your Twitter timeline/notifications and be able to press one button to retweet or quote that tweet in the future (image below)? Or, or, (here’s a good one) wouldn’t you love to read blog posts from your phone (on let’s say Feedly) and be able to easily add content to your queue of tweets set to go out? Buffer, for the win, yo.

A huge part of being effective online is being present. But, you can’t actually always be present. A tool like Buffer allows you to schedule out content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more in a few simple clicks. And the extension for your browser—amazing.

My favorite feature, though, is pictured below. I love being able to easily retweet something in the future, because the moment a cool tweet pops up, or the moment you notice a tweet, is not necessarily the best time to retweet it (it may be too late, you may have just tweeted 3 other things, etc.).

Buffer from within Twitter

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7. Email (List) Management

What I use now: MailChimp
What I’ve used for clients in the past: AWeber

Wrote a whole post on my favorite 11 features of MailChimp and their multiple benefits. Le check it out, please, if you’re interested.

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8. Payments

What I use now: Gumroad + PayPal (online); Square + PayPal Here (in real life)
What I’ve used in the past: WooCommerce (with WordPress), Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace

How to accept payments for your freelance business or creative business: the tools you need

Why Gumroad?
I plan to write a whole post about it, but I use Gumroad because it allows me to sell my digital products quite easily. There’s “pay what you want” pricing that allows customers to set the price, there are recurring/subscription sales, and there are awesome bi-weekly payments via PayPal that help me feel like a normal person.

Why Square + PayPal Here?
Both PayPal Here and Square (pictured above) offer small devices that plug into your touch screen phone or tablet and allow you to sell products or services by taking in-person credit card payments. That cute little device is a card swipey. I use these apps because I often sell books and other materials at workshops. I like the fact that PayPal Here is directly linked to my PayPal account (funds available immediately), but I also like the fact that Square has an offline mode that allows you to take payment info. with no Internet connection, then process the payments afterward.

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9. Hosting

What I use now: WPEngine, Bluehost
What I’ve used in the past: GoDaddy, 1and1, Dreamhost, A Small Orange, + so many others I can’t remember

Why WPEngine?
WPEngine is a WordPress host that offers nightly backups, automatic updates, extra speed, a lot of security (they’ll fix your site if something gets past all their hack/malware measures), and my favorite feature ever . . . a staging area. You can copy your live site to a staging area, test out a new theme and new plugins, fix any kinks in your new design, and then with one click, you can make your staging site your live site. This is a super way to roll out rebrands. WPEngine can handle lots of web traffic, so if you have a large or growing site, it’s worth a look. P.S. The support is amazing and their whole team seems to be exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.

Why Bluehost?
I’ve been with Bluehost for around six years and I host 90% of my sites with them. My absolute favorite feature is the amazing support. Over the last several years, I’ve had countless excellent calls with Bluehost. Everyone is ready to help, is knowledgeable, and seems truly concerned with all of your problems or needs. Bluehost is also extremely affordable and incredibly easy to use. I’d easily recommend their platform to any small business owner or blogger. This is not just because I have an affiliate link; I’m speaking from actual years of experience with them.

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10. Accounting

What I use now: Wave
What I’ve used in the past: Outright

Why Wave?
Wave is not only free, but it includes invoicing, an app that lets you take pictures of receipts (and have the relevant info. automatically pulled off of them), and much more. Wave is very simple to use as a way to record your expenses and income. Wave also has the ability to take credit card payments (for a small fee similar to PayPal’s) and has a paid add-on to help you manage employee or subcontractor payroll and employment reports and taxes.

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11. Web Analytics

What I use now: Google Analytics, Alexa

Why Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is free software the allows you to see your total pageviews, number of visitors, most popular pages/posts/products, best web traffic sources, and even search terms people use to get to your site.

Why Alexa?
I pay attention to Alexa because it is a free tool that others can use to see how your website is performing. Why does this matter? Recently I had a company contact me (through which I earn affiliate commission), and based on my Alexa stats and other factors, they wanted to partner up on some future projects and increase my affiliate commission per signup. I’m saying this to make the point that Alexa matters, not only because it’s a useful tool, but because other people can’t log in to your Google Analytics (only you can see that), so Alexa is their way of finding out how your site ranks and how it performs overall (of course, this matters more for bloggers than other types of business owners, but still).

Alexa free site statistics

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12. Online Courses

What I use now: MemberPress (WordPress plugin), Fedora
Other cool tools: MailChimp (courses by email delivery), Gumroad (courses by subscription delivery)

Why MemberPress?
If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, I think that with a small learning curve, MemberPress is one of the best plugins to offer “members only” content or host courses on your site. I don’t even use it to it’s full potential, but, it allows students to register and pay for a course, receive a login, then log in on your site and see pages that others can’t see, etc.

Why Fedora?
If you want to set up a simple, attractive, multimedia course (hosted on a separate site), Fedora is definitely worth your time. When I started using it, the things that stood out the most were how cool the landing pages looked and how intuitive the entire platform was for the course designer (you) and the students to use.

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13. Scheduling (for Client Sessions/Meetings)

What I use now: Calendly
What I’ve used in the past: every app ever, back and forth emails

Why Calendly?
It works the way people think. Your clients can land on your Calendly page (with a custom username in the URL) and see what types of appointments you’re available for, choose the one that applies to them, choose a good time (based on the schedule you set), enter a few details, and be done. Calendly has a free plan that integrates with Google Calendar and allows you to create one meeting/event type, and Calendly also has an affordable paid plan that I’m about to upgrade to with unlimited event types and automated reminders.

Calendly scheduling is simple

Calendly makes it easy to book appointments

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14. Videos

What I use now: Camtasia (to record my computer screen and/or myself as well as to edit videos)
Other tools to check out: iMovie, Screenflow, Screenr (free + web-based)

Why Camtasia?
If you want to be able to record your computer screen (for video tutorials) while also recording yourself (check out my Pinterest tutorial that I uploaded to YouTube as an example—screenshot below), then Camtasia is for you. Also, it is super duper ridiculously easy to edit from. You can totally record just you or just your screen, but I love it for the fact that you can do both at the same time.

Camtasia screen recording software

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15. Document Design

What I use now: Apple Pages
Other tools: Adobe InDesign, Canva

Why Apple Pages?
I think Pages (I use the’09 version on my desktop and the 2014 app version on my iPad) is like a mix between Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. I’ve often felt limited with Word when it comes to designing worksheets/workbooks or complex documents, but I’ve often suffered under the InDesign learning curve. Apple Pages allows you to easily align elements (with little guided lines so that you know one image is exactly centered/aligned with another), do complex formatting over multiple sections, and more. It’s how I created my digital workbook 3-Day Create—for people who want to create and sell information products. Check out the 3-Day Create post or this pin for several shots of what I created using Pages.

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Sooo, I know that was a long list, but I wanted to answer some of the most common questions I hear, “What do you use for _______?”

Do you have any tools in these categories that you can’t live without? Do you have more questions about any of the creative business tools listed above?

Photo: (c) Mosuno via

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  1. Wow- thanks for this detailed list!! I will definitely be checking some of these out. I just signed up to Basecamp yesterday, and I can tell it is going to make my workflow with clients so much smoother- no more emails! I started using co-schedule for scheduling my social media posts, and I absolutely love it because it also comes with a WordPress plugin, and an editorial calendar that you can schedule everything from blog posts to social media posts. I have been looking for something that will let me record videos of my computer screen for quick tutorials, so def. checking out Camtasia!! You just brought out the inner nerdy blogger girl in me today!

  2. Another great post! Thanks so much for this. I hadn’t heard of Wave, but I will definitely be checking it out.

    • Tanea, thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. Yes, I absolutely love Wave. The “receipts app” is my jam, all the time.

  3. Yay, you gave us more details about the #EPICBLOG calendar, I can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty. And of course the #EPICDAY notepad would complete that beautifully.

    I am really impressed by the Square dongle. I don’t sell anything but if I did, this would definitely go on my to purchase list !

    Oh and thanks for the tip about Pages. I am about to create my first freebie and was not too sure what to go for. I’ll now definitely buy it (as I have a MacBook from 2 years ago so it didn’t come pre-packed with it).

    Like Margo, I also use Co-Schedule. Picmonkey is another good online tool for touching up pictures or doing collages. Otherwise pretty much have the same toolsuite as you !

  4. What amazing round up of tools and tricks, and I’m in love with what I can see of the Epicday notepad, I have to have it! So absoltuely, I hope to win the giveaway for #EPICDAYnotepad . But if not, where can I buy one? Because I’m totally willing to shell out some cash for that, it looks amazing.

    • Hey Julie, thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate the sweet compliment to the post and to the notepad. Laura (below) won the notepad, but it is available on ETSY if you ever want to check it out.

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  8. Whoa! This list is awesome. I’ve been looking to expand out and maybe do an online course and CourseCraft looks perfect! I use a lot of the same tools as you (evernote, wave, square) but you’re using some things I’ve never heard of, i’ll have to test them out.

    Thank you for such a detailed list!

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  15. Fabulous list, thank you! I’ve bookmarked the ones I’m not big enough for yet, and will be checking out the rest. Thank you for more super-helpful content. 🙂

    Oh, and if I don’t win the #EPICDAY notepad, where can I get one for my very own self? Need, and not just because I’m a complete planner nut.

  16. Wow, soo much information – thank you for explaining in detail how and why you use each thing. So helpful! I started using OneNote a few weeks ago and LOVE. IT. The automatic synching between the desktop and iPhone app is great.
    We use Asana at my office and it works really well, very easy interface. Trying to get Buffer going as well!

    I did a post recently on my organization essentials if you want to check it out!

    Also, I’d love to win the #EPICDAYnotepad!


  17. This post was perfection! Tools I use, heard of, or about to download right now lol. Saving this for future reference too. Thank you!

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  19. I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one using Apple Pages haha. I love it. I initially started using it when I first got my MacBook and hadn’t set up Word yet. But now I use it more than Word. You put it perfectly – it’s the perfect combination between Microsoft and Adobe. I am just now finally seeing some really professional progress in my Photoshop skills, but InDesign is still so foreign to me. I usually write everything out in Google Docs first and organizing all my content copy there, then I’ll transfer it to Apple Pages or Canva for any document design.

    Calendly sounds really great. Allowing your clients to see what time you have available ad select the appointments that work best for them on their own time v.s. constant emails back and forth – AMAZING! It seems like this would save so much time and help the client take the session more seriously since it was within their power to set up the appointment.

    Creating an online e-course is one of my 2015 business goals! I’m currently working on an e-course syllabus and outline now for small businesses but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to host it. I love that Member Press would allow me to host my classes directly through my self-hosted WordPress site. I am definitely going to check that one out.

    I love your daily planner, too! I am a “pen and paper” kind of girl and sometime the modern paper planners get too fancy for me with all their pretty styling and colors. I am constantly writing all over them with my crazy short hand notes and that it kind of defeats all the fancy printing. Keep it simple and keep it focused! Can’t wait for the EPICBLOG grand release!!! Loving all the sneak peaks you shown us so far! #EPICDAYnotepad

  20. Quick question- the only Apple product I have is an iPad mini. I downloaded Pages months ago but haven’t used it yet. Is it realistic to create an ebook or documents using an iPad mini? Maybe I’m just so used to a PC laptop that it seems intimidating! haha. It just seems like it would be difficult to add that much content using a tablet.

    • Danielle, if you’re creating from scratch, I think shorter documents and a Bluetooth keyboard will do the trick on an iPad mini. A lot of the time, I see people also choose to just make edits from their iPads on docs that already exist. I think it would be intimidating (and perhaps slow) to create a longer book on an iPad, but I won’t say it’s impossible. If you’re working with a PC, I think InDesign or Word might be best.

      I honestly try to stick with what is easiest. Your time is best spent on the content, but since design is important for the user, I’d try to pick one program and really master it or hire a document designer.

      And this ends my long answer to your question. Sorry. And thank you.

      • No, thank you for the care in responding! That’s what I had suspected. I should probably work on learning InDesign and possibly incorporating Canva and test out Pages only if I’m feeling feisty haha. I’ve been wanting to switch to Mac for years but it just hasn’t happened, so I should probably just accept it and master my PC options 🙂

  21. Great list, Regina, and thanks! but you don’t tell us where we can get an #EPICDAYnotepad? It sounds like the kind of pad I’d like to keep handy as I switch between phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. I need a way not to leave tabs open and things unpursued and decided to go back to paper to get that done—unless you or someone else has a better idea. Love the list!

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    • Laura, no, YOU’RE amazing Thank you for the sweet comment. Just wanted to let you know that you won the little giveaway, so I’m hoping you can email me (r e g i n a @ b y r e g i n a . c o m) so we can talk about the details.

      Thank you.

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  29. Hey Regina! Fantastic post as always! Girl I love what you are doing and I am so happy to see how successful you’re becoming. I will definitely check out OneNote( I sill have my MacBook 2011 too!). I’ve been holding off on getting Pages for a while..(.is it free now or do you still have to pay?) but have been looking for a way to create PDFs myself. Thank you for such incredible information as always!

  30. Great Post! I just decided to try Buffer. I was using Hootsuite but I have so many social accounts it wasn’t quite cutting it!

    Tweetdeck is the perfect tool for twitter chats. I have one column that shows all posts in the chat and another that shows me personal notifications so I can keep tabs on everything!

  31. I’ve only been browsing your site for 10 minutes and I’ve already shared 3 pages + sent a link to a friend. I think this is the literal definition of obsessed. Thank you for the great content!

    • Angele right?? The first time I stumbled across Regina’s blog I’m pretty sure I spent at least 3 hours if not more pinning her content and just taking everything in. Everythig on here is Amazeballs!!!

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    PS love your blog…not just because you’re giving away free stuff either…your content is alright too.

  34. Hi Regina, Another amazing post. I know what you’re saying about the Indesign learning curve – making simple things hard. Apple pages sounds amazing. I will definitely give it a try. Thank you again

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    I’ve been disappointed by Alexa. The difference between my estimated numbers and the certified number is ridiculously huge. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I paid for a subscription and got a dose of reality. I’ll work harder and continue to improve but right now, ouch.

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    Also- I tried signing up for the visual artist course but it said it’s not in enrollment now? I would really like to learn how to make my own mock ups and put text across them like many of the images on your sites….thanks!


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