. . . and some of you were wondering where my British accent is . . . I promise to use it next time. Don’t forget to download the worksheet/exercise (two pages), and feel free to check out some notes (below) from the video.
Use Your Voice Worksheet and ExerciseIn this video I discuss three tips + action items for using your voice on your blog:

1. Recognize the importance of your voice.
2. Practice using your voice (through text) more often.
3. Say it again, Sam. << It’ll make sense when you watch the video, or perhaps if you’re obsessed with classic movies like I am. I’ll give you a few tips on how to do each of those, but the exercise (PDF) is a great resource too. In this video, I also draw comparisons between the four types of bloggers and four types of “concert goers,” which is of course accompanied by some of my epic dance moves.

Photos of me: taken from my video, shot by James Smith