You want your business to help people. But, here’s the test: Can you craft what you know into a useful intro course or starter course?

If not, you might not have as helpful/profitable of a business idea as you think.

Since starter courses have worked for our clients who sell in-person beauty services, freelance web design, personal development coaching, helpful physical products like all-natural soaps, and high-end consulting packages, we know that they are a good way to attract and serve your future clients, even if your end goal is to sell a high-ticket service or premium course.


Because in order to craft a powerful starter course (think: workshop or mini-course), you have to be clear on the value and transformation you offer others, you have to be able to communicate your value, and you have to be clear on who you serve so that you create a course that provides them meaningful momentum.

You have options when you develop a compelling starter course:

Your starter course can be the main incentive to sign up for your email list.

Your starter course can be used as your on-boarding process or bonus offer for your service business.

Your starter course can be used as an epic stream of passive income in your business.

The possibilities with starter courses are practically endless, but the (sometimes) uncomfortable truth remains . . . any truly helpful business (whether you make non-toxic yoga mats or sell copywriting services) can be complemented and enhanced by a well-designed starter course.

We’d love to help you launch a starter course in under 3 weeks. 

To get started, download our list of 27 ways you can use starter courses to grow your business and income ðŸ‘‰ðŸ½.



Whether you’re a consultant, blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, coach, freelancer, software seller, author, speaker, membership host, or physical product seller (of helpful products), you can use starter courses to grow your business and your income.

Our digital worksheet set (that you can edit from your computer) will take you through 27 smart ways to start using starter courses inside your business.

Get our worksheet set immediately, and we'll also send you some mind-blowing guidance over the next few weeks:

1. launch

First up, we'll help you launch your starter course in the next 3 weeks, and we'll even give you a discount on our 20-day guided process.

2. co-create

After you launch your course, it's all about co-creating the content with your first few students. We'll tell you what we mean inside 👇🏽.

3. scale

So, now that you have a starter course, how can you scale it, or use it to scale your business and the number of people you're able to help?

If you want to help people, build community, and/or change the world in significant ways, join our email list and we'll not only send you the epic 27 Ways to Use Starter Courses worksheet, but we'll also send you guided emails on creating and scaling starter courses.


    At beta & beyond our sole mission is to make it simple for you to create educational products and events that your customers hashtag home to mom about. We're taking our years of experience creating online programs, publishing share-worthy content, building large online communities, and selling out in-person and virtual events . . . and putting it into our email list and other offerings. We're glad you're joining us.

    Meet the beta and beyond team:


    Hey there. Regina here.

    🙋🏽‍♀️ 1/2 of beta and beyond, founder

    I have been writing, growing online communities, teaching, and selling products and services online since 2008. Everything from freelance writing full time and designing event invitations to teaching graphic design (plus 100 other courses, literally) and publishing my own books.

    I have written for, or been featured in, places such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur and events such as Teachable's annual online summit and ConvertKit's IRL (in real life) yearly conference.

    Some quick stats:
    ✔️ I studied business in college and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then.
    ✔️ I have built an email list of about 50,000 people, two online schools (one with 14,000 and one with 10,000 students), and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans.
    ✔️ When I'm not teaching/writing for beta & beyond, I'm chronicling my business journeys on Instagram, pretending to work out at a local NYC gym, searching for vegan food in some random city in the world, or watching action flicks.


    Allie here.

    💃🏼 the other 1/2 of beta and beyond
    I am a writer and educator . . . and I love using my people-person superpowers to humanize online business. In my past life, I used to run the entire backend of multiple six-figure businesses, and in my current life, I'm managing multiple brands across the food, wellness, travel, and business industries.

    Quick stats:
    ✔️ I have a BA in Literature and Writing Studies (and have written in diverse niches from magazine and food writing to technical writing in the software industry and medical industry).
    ✔️ I received the Outstanding Graduate award 🎉 with my MS in Instructional and Performance Technology (think of this as organizational and workplace learning; I love teaching and helping fellow adults).
    ✔️ I have built multiple influential Instagram accounts in a wide variety of niches--and have consulted with entrepreneurs on their copywriting, messaging, and visuals for the last 5 years.
    ✔️ Before all this, I worked with Hewlett Packard’s Global Content/Product Data Management as an image specialist.
    ✔️ When I'm not teaching/writing for beta & beyond, I'm hanging out on Instagram (here or here usually), getting my passport stamped somewhere in the world, or helping spread the word about brands that create impact and social good in the world. Life is epic when I'm doing all three at the same time.

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